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March to the Marketplace

Yes indeed, you should. *Connors* is having a massive 50% off sale on its Marketplace store for 2 days only so you should march and march double-time.

*Connors* has a tremendous range of clothing for both guys and girls, there are many different styles to choose from and at half-price, you’re guaranteed to come away with a steal or two. The long-sleeved V neck I’m wearing above is just one example of the gear they have on offer and it’s only L$105! It has great crease and shading work all over and comes with a sculpted bottom for the sweater and cuffs that hang down over your hands nicely. It also comes on multiple layers so you can mix and match away.

With such amazing clothes at even more amazing prices, how can you not check this sale out. You need to be quick though because this sale ends on the 18th.

Get the gear here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/34180

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Love is Going Around

I’m sure you all noticed the awesome gear from the With Love Again Hunt Faith showed earlier for the ladies, well guys, there’s some for you as well and I’ve got ’em for you to take a look.

Above is part of the hunt gift *Connors* has put out for us, the simply sensational ‘long sweater’. This is already one of my favourite sweaters with its gorgeous texture, fresh white colour and easily worn attachments, it has got it all. I’d be quite satisfied if this was all you got but no, there’s even more such as a pair of tweed short pants that come with sculpted cuffs and knit leggings. Definitely an awesomely wintery gift worth finding.

The next gift I picked up was from Shiki. When Shiki is in a hunt I always have to stop by and grab it and they’ve outdone themselves this time. The Chairo Jacket Outfit is brilliant. Aside from my shoes, it comes with all you see here: jacket, turtleneck and jeans. The texturing on every piece is wonderful, especially the jacket, I love the tartan pattern. The jacket comes with sculpted lower part, lapels and collar as well as cuffs. The  Pumpkin turtleneck comes with the neck attachment as well as a sculpted bottom so it can be worn easily on its own and the orange colour looks fantastic with the jacket and jeans.

The items for the With Love Hunt will cost you L$10 once you have found them but as you can see, whether you’re a guy or a girl, it is most definitely worth it.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1 – Sweater: *Connors*
Picture #2 – Chairo Outfit: Shiki

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Big Red

*Connors* have recently put out a brand new group gift which is always super news. It gets even better when you see what it is: a pair of their fabulous ‘Buckle Back Jeans’ in red.

I can’t say that I have many colour options when it comes to jeans, most of mine are either black or different shades of blue with maybe a smattering of grey thrown in but these red jeans are awesome. The denim texture looks awesome and they also come in two different versions in the gift – boot-cut or the rolled up ones that I am wearing above. Sculpted cuffs are included for each version that fit perfectly and you also get a cool little double-buckle for the back of the jeans which is a great touch.

If you’re not already a member of the *Connors* group then this is the perfect time to join. They have a great selection of clothes for guys and girls and their group gifts are always top-notch. Once you join, you can find this gift on the second floor near the new jeans.

Get the gear here: *Connors*

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At the Showcase

I have found yet another excuse to visit KMADD and do some shopping! Every month the Designer Showcase will be featuring one awesome designer and this month it is one of my favourites: *Connors*. Not only can you pick up some of their brilliant gear here but they also have two gifts for you.

These gifts are the surf shorts you can see in the above pictures and they look fantastic. You can’t find these in the *Connors* mainstore as they were limited editions which is even more reason to run down and pick them up. They come with cool-looking, well fitted cuffs and an excellent little tied string to hold it all up.

I think the Designer Showcase is a fabulous idea and you should definitely head on down to KMADD and check it out as well as the rest of the awesomeness they have to offer.

Get the gear here: KMadd Designer Showcase

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More MENstuff

I told you all I’d be back with more gear from the MENstuff Hunt and here I be. I managed to track down a few more items from some awesome stores to show you today and first on the list is the gift from Alphamale.

Their entry into the hunt is the ‘Preppy V-neck’ which features the super-awesome sweater and shirt combo you can see above. It comes with sculpted sleeves and collar with the tie built-in, they fit me perfect but they are resizeable via script should you need it.

Second on the list was this outfit from Connors, featuring two of their new releases: the Polo Shirt and Summer Pants. I must admit to being a little bit worried when I saw it was the polo because I’d not long bought one but thankfully not in this brilliant summer yellow colour. It comes with the sculpted sleeves, collar and the bottom to the shirt which are all really well made and fit easily. The Summer Pants are denim and fantastic with coloured stripes along the waistband and bottom of the sculpted cuffs. Both the polo shirt and pants come on multiple layers so you can play with this and it each piece works just as well individually as when you put it all together.

The above sneakers are Adjunct’s gift and they are awesome. Called the Night Walkers, they are beautifully made in their purple, white and black glory. I’m not normally a big sneaker wearer but these I like! They are resizeable via a script and you can also change the texture on the laces and there are a huge number to choose from, you gotta love options.

NSD are giving away this wicked ‘Devils Eye’ top for the MENstuff Hunt. Featuring a deep scooped neck and pitchfork design, I’m a big fan of this. It also comes on every layer you could possible think of plus a white version of the shirt to boot! Simple but fabulous and versatile, this top has such a cool look to it.

I’ve mentioned before in these pages how much I love Shiki’s hawaiian shirts so imagine my happiness when I opened my MENstuff gift from there to find another. This one is called Oahu Tropics. Just take a look at the colours and the design on this, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It comes on all top layers and you also get the collar and buttoned and strapped sleeves that fit wonderfully and make this shirt just perfect.

With the exception of the Shiki picture, all the poses I’ve used are part of the hunt gift from Stakey, which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite pose stores, called the ‘Swag’ set. The hair I’m wearing in these pictures is the second style you get from MADesigns, the sweet shaggy mohawk ‘do I mentioned the other day: Gili.

This is looking like one of the best hunts I’ve ever  taken part in. As you can see,the quality of the gifts are amazing and I’m definitely not done with it yet.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Alphamale (hint: Got my boardies on, hangin’ with the my corner boys)
Picture #2: Connors (hint: Under the SAHARA)
Picture #3: Adjunct (hint: course-wise and wale-wise direction)
Picture #4: NSD (hint: behind the bosses seat)
Picture #5: Shiki (hint: VIPs just wanna have fun!)
Hair: MADesigns (hint: One of the models wears it)
Poses: Stakey (hint: Hey you got more of that, how you call it…shy swag?)


Fifty is Nifty

Once again one of my favourite stores is having a huge sale. *Connors* has taken 50% off of their menswear from March 16 to March 19. This means you can pick up brilliant items like the Mods Style ‘Classy’ suit I’m wearing in the picture above.

This tremendous suit comes with the shirt, pants and shirt. The jacket has a beautiful looking design and texture to it. This suit comes along with attachments for the jacket and shirt collar, jacket sleeves (with an option to wear them with either the shirt cuffs showing or not), pants cuffs and a skirt for the jacket. All the attachments are really well made and look great, they fit well too.

As you can see you can also wear just the shirt and that’s great because the shirt is absolutely gorgeous, I love the pattern on it. It also comes with its own cuff and collar attachments. The cuffs, just like the jacket cuffs, have resizer scripts in them for easy fitting if need be.

During the sale this beautiful suit will only cost you L$255 and, of course, is only one item out of many that will be reduced by 50% until March 19. Take a trip on down and pick up some bargains while  it lasts.

Get the gear here: *Connors*


MENstuff from Connors ( but girls can steal it too yay!)


I was able to kill two very cool looking birds with one stone tonight. I was over at *Connors* to find their MENstuff Hunt gift but that wasn’t the only prize I was able to come away with. Before I get to that though, let me tell you a bit about their hunt gift.

Connors Menstuff hunt gift

It’s called the Denim Vest in red and is possibly one of the best vests I’ve seen. The pattern on it is amazing, it reminds me a little of some Navajo designs (I could be mistaken though). This vest comes with two sets of prim buttons, upper and lower, that look great. They’re little leather eyelets that hook over the buttons themselves and there’s also a back belt attachment for the rear of the vest that’s a nice little touch as well. Both of these attachments come in two different versions: one with resizer scripts in them and one without. The even better news is..its pretty unisex..so Faith had to get in on the act too!

Connors denim vest in red

The second item I picked up was *Connors* latest group gift, this funky pink and grey hoodie in the picture below. It’s a very bright top, you’ll stand out in the crowd wearing this one. The sculpted hood and cuffs are a bright yellow and look good with the rest of the top, they also fit well which is awesome because I always have trouble fitting hoods.

You will have to be in the *Connors* group to snag the hoodie but there’s no group fee so hooray!

Go get vested: Connors (hint for the hunt item: The T-shirt hangs from the T-shirt corner.)