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$2L Complete outfit !

BRII has a hunt going on at the moment – every prize is just $2L and boy-oh-boy  when I say complete outfits – I REALLY mean complete ! The dress above came with shoes, jewellery even the sunnies – brilliant. The gifts are super easy to find – big silver statues – even I couldn’t miss them – you can also grab a helpful list of hints. There is a picture of all the outfits up for grabs right inside the main entrance. Totally loved this dress but I also found some shorts and shirts sets that were fab.


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Late home

LUXE Paris Soie outfit NEW

Just before I sail away to France I just had to show you a couple of the many new releases from Luxe Paris. Absolutely love the “SOIE” set above, liquid shiny pants, that quite literally sliiiiiide over your body. I’m wearing the standard sizes over my Slink mesh body, ad I have to say its a perfect fit. You also get the jauntily knotted tee, which has a sweet pattern on (which you can’t see because I stupidly wore long hair – DUH!)

LUXE Paris complete outfit NEW!

My second favourite had to be this natty little set. Just perfect for the rush to spring! This is “Fleur”, you get the skirt, shirt & jacket plusssss a pair of dead cute ankle boots. Really flexible pieces that you could use with your existing wardrobe. Maitreya, Belleza & Slink sizes, plus fitmesh and standard included in the box. I noticed that there is a gift at the store for both guys and gals, of course plenty of other new releases to see.

Luxe Paris store

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Glamour never cost so little

Glam of my most favourite places to go and cheer myself up when I’m broke – has new items!! I always dash straight over there to take a gawp…this time I avoided the elbowing going down by the skin dept. and scooted over to the clothes…snapped up this ensemble called Bologna. Great satin shine flared skirt & double layered tee…naturally, just 10L (everrrrything is 10L)

Then I spied this outfit called Oslo…fantastic denim one piece (it also has a purple sort of shrug thing with it, but I didn’t much like it) You get two types of pants,one wearable with prim cuffs,the other just straight with no cuffs required..Ive teamed up with a denim jacket from Poison and some black flats from In Her shoes (freeee-all shoes are free there woot) only 10L. The hair I’m wearing above is also from Glam affair,it’s called Katy, various shades available, a pack of 3 tones is only..youve guessed it..10L ! There is oceans of gear in this place..evening wear,casual,skins,hair and yes guys a whole dept.just for you.

Go get glam: Glam affair

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Urban Girl

Happy Monday everyone! To get your week off right..Ive found a new store with some lush gear for very little Linden pennies yay! Its called Urban Girl..and everything in it is just 10L..we like that right?! Above Im posing with new sooper cool bicycle that’s in the Seasons Hunt from {what next} and wearing a long shorts & plaid blouse outfit …cost 10L

I fell in love with the style of the long shorts…big ole chunky cuffs…great colours ! This pair comes with a shorty sweater that skims your boobs…and a lovely floppy collar…again just 10L

I thought Id better snap up an outfit without shorts also to show you,and saw this black & white combo of sleeveless skinny fit top and flowing two tiered skirt…also comes with the gorgeous wide suede belt…and youve guessed it…10L for the complete thing…

Ohhhhh so ok…just one more shorts set ! Tartan black and white..great belt..and a pure jet black vee neck sweater,..whats not to love?!

Take a look around..theres also skins for 10L, shoooooz…and a group members lucky board…

Go get Urbanised: Urban Girl


Peppermint Flavour

The other day I was looking for my uber cool & simple dimple pose HUD for outdoors pics..I had got in a free pack of clothing from peppermintblue..then Steve wanted we popped over as it wasnt transferable…and wow…the store is just crammed with goodies…and its ALL free ! I collected up a few packs and the photos are from what I found in them..

Each pack contains ooodles of gear, from lingerie as above,skins,eyes,shapes,sometimes even  hair & hats. Usually there’s a face light..and a pose hud…dont stress about inventory overload! Sort through and choose what you want to keep,delete the rest!

Also you might find jewelry,belts and other accessories in your outfits…I’ve got sooo many bits and pieces of these packs that Ive held onto over the years and still use today…the workmanship of these collections is really nice…theres also a small section for the guys hurrah! Take a wander around, you’ll find dresses,coats,casual jeans & tee’s,shorts,shoes,boots  and and and HEAPS more! Wont cost you a single penny but if you’re so inclined,drop a few Lindens in the pot on your way out…

Go get minty: Peppermintblue


EluZion Specials!

EluZion: Fiorenza - 10L

Sooo I was in the mood to search out some bargains on this lovely Sunday afternoon….and boyyyy did I find some great ones!!  EluZion has 2 outfits on promo for only 10L!! ::squeeee::  Fiorenza has some awesome sparkly detailing, with a high collar, flutter sleeves, and either this petal skirt I’m wearing, or a mini prim skirt!  Aaaand to top it off….it comes with the fabulous matching boots and tummy piercing!!!  So go strut around and shine like the star that you are 😉

EluZion: Katixa - 10L

And for those of you lookin’ for something new to wear out dancing with that special someone….Katixa is the perfect blend between elegant and sexy.  For only 10L, you get the dress (also comes with a shorter dress option), bracelets, earrings, and necklace!  Both of these outfits are definitely worth more than 10L so go scoop them up while they’re still on promo!  Don’t forget to take a walk around the shop for some other awesome outfits to add to your growing wardrobe!

Taxi for EluZion


Poised for success

CoLoRize Silver pants & Smooth top in white

yumyumyum I got goodies from Poised..and I’m lurving the new CoLoRize pants..two cuff versions, hippychick flares & boot cut, slung good and lowww..matched up with one of the new Smooth tops in white (cause Im boring that way ) The pants & tops come in a gazillion freshhh springy shades..seriously check these babies out *gasp*…

CoLoRize Pink pants & smooth black tee

Oh oh oh pinkness…you can grab up the smooth Tee’s in packs of 4 for just 100L,they have that fab poised sheen to them so you can really dress them up or down..the pants are 200L per shade..well worth the cash as you get two different styles with the cuff versions.

Spring Pressie from Poised !

Saved the terrrrific news till last..the ever generous Poise Collins has set out a gifty for all the girls! Its FUN…three colours of shorttttt shorts and 3 different cropped tanks..omg the pink dinosaur one is SO cute ! Fell in love with the “be original” tee & charcoal shorts..

Go get pritty: Poised