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ND MD Malkia White Lioness complete Avatar - NEW!

It’s either purrrr or rawrrrrrr ! These complete avatars are from ND/MD, and are called  “Malkia”. I’m not a great one to try these sort of looks, but when I saw how well made and detailed they were I SO had to try them out. Above I’m wearing the White Lioness Avatar, in the box you get a huge amount of items , including the skin, shape,two sets of eyes,two sets of whiskers , the mesh skirt, bra top and mesh turban wrap plus the ears ! Oh…and bracelets & two versions of the tail ! I’m sure ive forgotten something but you get my drift…its a FULL avatar ! I was really taken with the white Lioness but I also tried…


…the black  Lioness…pretty stunning huh?! I didn’t use the whiskers with this one , so you could see the beauty of the skin. It’s so so SO is the spine…have to say the nipples are very well done. There is another in this set called KiKibi…which is a young Lioness….sooper cute looking but I’ve run out of time to try it booooo. Head over to the store and take a peek….bring out your inner kitty ! Thank you alea ❤

* ND/MD Skins & Shapes

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Ally meets voxxi

I’ve always looked at those “complete avatars” you see around and wondered what they are like…you too huh? Well I was a lucky girly and got my paws on some just released from Stars Fashion….one in particular caught my eye “Ally”. A fresh-faced young lady…with a sweet and not overly trout pout shape to her mouth. I like a pout..but you know…those down turned mouths just make me sad !  Anyyyyywayyy Ally is lovely…in the pack you get four makeups, the body shape, the skin, eyebrow shape and lashes. I’m wearing my own lashes & eyebrow shape…purely beacuse Im attached to them…the ones in the pack were good. The whole Ally pack is just 345L, amazing value. I decided to try on a few more items from voxxi, thanks to Junetta Hurricane ❤ Totally love the zebra striped denim shorts…and the black mesh shirt is casual enough to slip on with them…if you havent popped over there yet..go visit and collect your darrrrling opening gift. The prices are sooper reasonable so have a wander ! (YES, the new boots from ArisAris are welded onto my legs)

Heres the other three makeups you receive with the Ally avatar…adorbs ! You can just see a sneaky peek of the opening gift sweater dress from voxxi…its SO pretty I havent taken it off  for twentyfour hours yay!

Stars Fashion Ally Avatar


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Doll Face

I have a promotion from Bubblez for youuu..and boy-oh-boy its MASSIVE! The “Ori” complete avatar in a box…the only bits I’m not wearing are the lashes & face light (cause nothing will separate me from my Glitterati lashes nu uh) I’ve not worn this type of shape or skin before so I was curious..have to say I felt like a sweet dolly ! The look is well proportioned and dainty…and the skin is deeeliciously sweet..rosebud shaped mouth…and dramatically coloured eyemake…its stunning…lovely blush of colour across the cheeks also. Of course…youre also getting the hair and the outfit..for the promotional price of 99L the hair colour is blonde..maybe its available in other colours later..Im not sure.

Sooo onto the outfit…in the package you will find..this pure white vest with adorable details..pockets & buckles…arm warmers..a bright pink skirt and a lushhh greeny blue shirt with turtle neck…also a scarf to top it all off…plusssss leg warmer boots !…steal deal and only available until the 10th December for the intro price of 99L. Dassssh across and pick up yours asap..and dont forget to join the group and stalk those lucky boards..there are simply heaps there with some greaaaat outfits ! Thanks Milo xx

Ori complete avatar: Bubblez