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Spam, but no freebies here.

Poor Faith gets a daily “spam” note off me I even label it “spam” so she knows it’s gonna be full of rambling nonsense however if it was labelled “OMG WHAT THE F*CK HAS HAPPENED?” she knows to open that quickly and read it.

So no freebies as such just a bit of “spam” cos today I am winning both in RL and SL.  Ever Wonder who has a shop called “More Than Ever” sent me a gift.  She knows I just do the free stuff so when she sends me something it’s not to blog, unless I want to and I sure as Hell wanted to. As it happens I had spotted this cardigan already in a notice she had sent out and I had debated either spending Lindens or dropping her a note so I could get my greasy paws on it so to find it in my inbox this morning was a lovely surprise.


Just looking at the picture of this cardie it sang to me.


That lacing and the off the shoulder look in a way this cardigan reminds me of upcycling projects on Pinterest.  I then logged off washed my bin out, put a clean quilt cover on my duvet, made an appointment to meet up with a friend for lunch and even binned some old Tupperware and then it hit me! I missed the skirt! and I just had to log back in and pull a quick pose.  Obviously, tops/skirts are separate and both stand up so well on their own, this top will go with so many things and the skirt is a beautiful fit and colour.


So basically for your 199Lds you get 2 shades of top and 2 shade skirt and ALL of the mesh bod fits.  I’ve shown you the 2 tops but only the 1 skirt from the “Turquoise” pack.

I have to admit it’s been a while since I was last in her shop so I TPed over, yes there is a free Group Gift which I’ve shown you before a simple denim dress but there is now Lucky Boards! and they change and they’re shop quality items and they change quickly so all of the 3 things I love in lucky chairs LOL.  I don’t know how long Ever Wonder had had her shop open when I got my first gift off her but it’s nice to see she’s finally expanded her shop as over the years she’s just got more and more quality goods.  Right next to this new outfit is a simple short n top set which is one of my all time faves.

Then I popped over to Collab88 event which has now calmed down enough for me to spend a nice unlaggy time wandering around.  There seemed to be a nice selection of gym sports decor and clothing and as soon as I TPed up to the demo platform I found the studio of my dreams.


I’m not going to show you much more of it but it’s basically a large dance/studio room and a smaller dance/studio room with an entrance hall,  in a concrete industrial build for land not sky.  If you want a much posher fancier ballet school build there is one there as well but again this Soy one “sang” to me.  Only 288Lds and it is rather primmy at 150(ish with certain accessories) but I’ll give you the Collab88 LM and you can go check both of them out for yourself. OH and yes I have bought it and I’m not just posing on the Collab88 sim lol.

This new studio/dance/ballet build leads me on neatly to my next RL win, I started to do Yoga last year and OMG I love it! No I’m not slim, lithe or in touch with my inner soul! no one in the class is LOL.  Were just a bunch of ordinary shaped women/men of all ages who push our bodies in ways our bodies have never been pushed before.  Because Yoga makes you use muscles other forms of exercises don’t make you use when you finished a session you feel as though you’ve had a deep massage, you’ve stretched the kinks out of muscles you didn’t even know were kinked!  The long and short of this is TRY it or something, anything to make yourself fitter and healthier in both mind and body.  If you’ve been putting off going to the gym or the pool but because you’re not “Instagram” perfect sod that NO ONE IS! and no one gives a SH*T! or if they do then you’re in the wrong gym.  I’ve been going for 6+ months now and no one looks at you no one cares.  Sometimes when you go in and you see a larger person sweating and pounding away on a piece of equipment people’s first thought it “good for them” and they then just get on with their own stuff.  When I go to the pool my pale, flabby, dimply thighs are no worse than anyone else’s and no one looks.  So skinny minnie, or large lady/man do not put off going to might be surprised at what you find that you can do and love to do.

PS don’t panic the Cheap B*tch will be back tomorrow.

More than Ever


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First the freebie. a simple LBD (little black dress) with that light sheen, double layered skirts and the folds a really lovely freebie from  Orquidea.  You will find this hidden under the Christmas tree.  Since the group was only a token 10Lds to join so I figured for that small amount it will be interesting to see what else gets sent out.  I did manage to actually get some mooching time around the shop and there is some really nice items here but upstairs is a lovely set.  A matching set of wellies, scarf and brolley but each does have to be bought separately but at 50Lds each if you can afford it I would go for all 3 items as they look really good together.  There is also a discounted section upstairs and old Group Gifts but they seem to be non mesh so I didn’t really look at them too much.


The latest Mina hair which at this moment is only available at the FamESHed event.  I’ve used my Nams setting because I wanted to show you off the colours.  Of course Mina hair comes in colour packs so you get more than the 1 shade in each pack.  At this moment this hair is at full price, and well worth it, but Mina Nakamura is one of those SLers who frequently offers special discount at special events and if you want to snag a brilliant bargain then have a think about joining her group.  It does cost but with your initial one-off fee of 200Lds you get it back with the first freebie.  It’s in the bag on the counter.

Slight suggestion here because FaMESHed is packed at the moment but Mina is handily placed just near the entrance on the right hand side wall.  If you can’t wait just cam in and snag it, once the place has rezzed lol.  It will get quieter as time passes and if you can wait then I’d recommend it as it means you can try the demo on and check the colour packs out at your leisure.



Mina Mainshop

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I told you! (Freeness).

I told you I actually own more than just Mina hair (t’s just that I hardly wear anything else) however check out this new hair from Argrace.


Hair with hats are hard to get and it’s even  harder to get such an amazingly good fits as this one.  Even though this is the standard 250Lds you get not just a colour shade pack, I picked dark brown and I forgot to count how many shades of brown you get but it’s probably the usual 5 or 6 shades, but you also get a Hud.  This Hud gives you 4 hat shades,  4 lariat(?) shades, 5 different types of hat bands.  As you can see in the picture the texturing is excellent.

I’ve just remembered that you can get this hat for male and female plus if you don’t like this plait then you can have the same hat with a cute cropped hair do or it all lose and hanging down.


And then of course I checked for any freebies and found some real goodies.  There are 2 freebies, although they’re marked as Group Gifts I clicked on them and didn’t have to join.  The hair is the same but if you look closely you will see that in the top picture are 2 subtle slides and in the bottom picture the slides are missing.


A cute, simple, sexy and unisexed hair with a MASSIVE colour selection! I gave up counting but there is every shade from the lightest of blondes to the blackest of blacks and everything in between.  There is also a flower hair accessory and a longer hair with ear muffs but my invent ate them!  Yes it does happen.  This great freebie is on the desk in the entrance and I’ll be sending Baylen in to grab them for himself.

I like a lot of bloggers bought Argrace’s brilliant “wet look hair” and I had a bit of a glance around and she definately seems to have cornered the market on hair with hats and the wet hair look.  I can’t wait till I have some more free Lindens to treat myself to more.



Argrace Marketplace