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Red or Pink – and 50% discount!


I hate making decisions, so imagine my dilemma when its a colour choice – red or pink? Oh gawd! Circa has this gorgeous “Love notes” collection out at the moment at the Colour me Project. Did you know that amaranth is a pink shade? I didn’t, and it made it sooooo hard to decide what to show. I eventually plumped for the red set after all my pontificating, shown above. All the set is transfer, so great for gifts on V day. Now the seriously good bit of news is – if you buy these sets at The Colour me Project – you get a mahoosive 50% discount !


Lovely little details all over this collection, the drawers on the love box actually open and close and check out the old-fashioned love letter. The chair has male and female poses, plenty of both.


There are plenty of sweet decor pieces to keep you and your room happy, sideboard, wall art and rugs and even drapes. You can buy as much or as little as you want , so head over and take a gander while that discount applies – thee event closes on the 3rd Feb. Thanks Cherelle ❤

Colour me project

Circa store

Circa marketplace

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Colour me Gold (Freebie).

TBH I have no idea of when the latest round of the “Colour Me Project” will be finished so if you want these strappy towering heels it might be a good idea to rush rather than saunter over.


You’ll find them just where you rezz and you will have to join the Group but the invite is right next to the shoes.


From the same event but not free, you will find these lights on the IOS Decor stall.   90Lds and you get a pack of different sizes, sorry not had the time to unpack and check the rest but this first size turned out to be perfect in this narrow long space.  The top picture was taken in my Nams setting and this bottom one in a standard SL midnight setting so you can see the glow.  Going to be dropping these all over my home because each one is only a single prim and copyable and I do believe editable.

PS As I was LM grabbing I picked up another Gift from one of the stalls, it looks like gold make up, so if you have more time than me you might just find a few more freebies scattered around.

Colour Me Project

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Colour me Surprised

Colour Me Project - SCD Bikini,glasses,bag & flipflops 130L !

The Colour me project has a new round and I was blown away by the low prices on most of the items. Stormcrow Designs have this sizzling set out for just $130L. Actually there is one piece I forgot to put on and thats the little wrap (doh), but you get the bikini – with various appliers included, the sweet sunnies, beach bag with animated hold and the flip-flops ! I’m wearing the flip-flops with my Slink flat feet and they work really well. Superb beach gear for not a lotta cash .

Colour me Project

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All things new

CIRCA coldLogic NEW

Still in catching up mode here – and if you want to grab this stunning vanity set by CIRCA at 50% discount you’re going to have to dash over there today ! If you miss it, don’t fret – it should be out at the store after the event. The vanity seat has 30 high quality animations in all with 14 beauty and 16 sits with all the hand props to match.  So feminine and spring feeling with the floral fabrics, pinky wood, and flower accents. I was stunned at the amount of animations in the sweet little stool, tried them and I have to say – really unique and totally fabulous. If you’re a girly girl like moi – you SO need this set ! (the poodle isn’t part of it btw – that’s nina my poodle!) There are other parts of this vanity set that you can also purchase, blanket boxes, make up purse etc – gorgeousness! My dress is a new release by coldLogic called “dame” – I’m showing it off in the creamy tone, other colours available instore or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team & Cherelle ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

colour me project

Circa store



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Cowgirl to Beach Babe (inc Freebies).

I was so busy I missed the first “Colour Me Project Event” which is basically is for a short time in this case from the 10th to the 21st of this month a whole load of designers put out clothes, poses, props, home decor items and the only thing in common they have is a colour.  Last one was white and this one the colour theme is Blue.  I almost didn’t go because tbh blue is one of my least fav colours but knowing that Margaritta  has a small shop there I decided to pop over and I ended up treating myself.


A simple and cute shirt.  I’ve gone with a Cowgirl look because I simply like to dress in a character.  Before I settled on my shorts I tried on many other pairs, even Mag<3.B ones and they all looked great but yet again used my good reliable pair.  The thing that makes this shirt different is yet again with a lot of Mag items it comes with a colour changing Hud so in this case you get 2 choices of colours for the main body and I’m wearing the paler blue, and a choice of, ops I’ve forgotten but I’m pretty sure it’s at least 6, patterns for the pockets and cuffs.


A lot of the stalls at this event have certain items with a sale sign on them and the Mag<3.B stall seems to have a lot of sale signs out.  Happily for me because this Bikin which I already had but I went and binned it in my latest round of invent cleaning is now only 20Lds so I quickly snagged it.  It’s just a cute, Kawaii, mesh bikini that I just like esp when I wear it with my coloured hair.

PS thats some bubble gum I’m blowing up and not some weird lip colour/shape LOL.


Since you can’t wear heels to the beach even in a SL world, I TPed home and threw up my pose cube and took a quick snap.  You will need SLink High Feet for these . A real nice gift from the Mag<3.B stall@The Colour Me Project Event.

Special mention to the clogs she has out there as well. I have them all inc the free pair from her main shop and I’m keeping them.  They’re just such a good pair of shoes and go with so many items I have.  They’ve turned out to be worth every penny and at the moment the Spring pair are at a reduced price of 30Lds and you even get a choice of clog and sock colours.  BEst of all you don’t even need SLink feet for them even though they look SLink like in quality.

OOOO I’m stood here in her mainshop and the Wall Of Freeness has just gotten bigger with the addition of some Dollarbies, 2Lds and a 10Lds item.  A lovely variety here, dresses, shoes, skirts, hair etc and I have almost all of them.

Mag<3.B@The Colour Me Project

Mag<3.B Mainshop