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Crystal Drops & DM

“CD” stands for Crystal Drops but I’m not sure what the DM stands for but they’re 2 shops sharing the same platform.  The 2 items I’m showing you aren’t freebies but there are freebies to be had but check out the end of this post.

This skirt is only 25Lds and comes with a colour Hud.  Check out the amazing detailing on it.  Drat sorry I can’t remember now if the colour Hud had 4 or 6 colour/pattern options but it does state it clearly on the board how many are inc.  To find this you have to go into the CD shop and it’s on the back wall.


But this 5Ld excellent basic top is to be found in the small corridor between the 2 shops.  Again comes with a texture changing Hud, 4 options I do believe, and all the standard sizes.


There actually are freebies in both shops but I didn’t spot them till I TPed back to LM grab and by that time I was outta time lol.

It does looks like that to grab the other Gifts you will have to join different groups which isn’t actually as complicated as you think as each gift has the matching group joining sign next to it.  My only word of caution is make sure this is a Free Group before you click to join as I believe one of them does cost but of course you may like that Group Gift and feel that the joining fee is more than reasonable.

There is also 3 LB’s there but I’m not sure which group you have to be a member of to be able to click that if your initial comes up.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Ooodles of Options.



This is the post I pushed to one side to do the Follow Us bargain but this is also such an AMAZING offer that it’s not often I get Gob Smacked but I was with this.  So it’s a basic and excellent SL cropped, tied shirt, exc texturing, great fit, button details at the cuffs etc and at 70Lds a damned good price but check out the hud that comes with it because you get a MASSIVE 55 colour options!!! I have to say some great shades as well everything from zingy lime to pastels, pure white to darkest black and even some patterned options.

topsuseThis top and many other great discount items can be found at The Cosmopolitan sales room it’s really worth a visit as I ended up with yet more poses and SLink shoes at such great prices I couldn’t not treat myself

Now that I’m in Alyce’s main shop it’s obvious that I’m not the only one who is so impressed with Alyce’s Cosmo offer because this shop is packed with other AVs checking out her stuff.  Like me they will probably be buying a lot and the reason is she, Alyce offers fat packed colour huds with ALL of her clothes, shoes and nail packs.  A simple skater skirts with a colour hud of 40 colours for only 90Lds, a whole outfit of jeans, jumper and snugs with yet again a 45 colour packed hud for only 75Lds a pantie set for only 90Lds and an even FATTER  fat pack of 120 colours. I didn’t pick anything up this visit because it was so busy but I’m heading back there next time I’m in world and getting myself that panties fat pack all I need to do now is remember to wear them.

Alyce@ Cosmopolitan sales room

Alyce Main Shop