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I knew it!(Freebie).

I knew I would find a freebie and I did.

OK, first I wasn’t actually going to show this one, nothing wrong with the quality etc but a cutsie wootsie sexy Santa outfit is two a penny at the moment but I still tried it on because I’ve not shown something like this as yet and when I spotted the  Hud I was pleased I had.  Some pretty standard Christmas colouring ie reds, greens but the white and black options really do make this stand out a bit more.


You get the dress, which you can wear with or without the picture on the front, choker, antlers and nose and all can be coloured differently or in this case I’ve chosen the all white options.  So you get a colour hud, mesh bod fits and standard fits.

There are 3 gifts on the table and this was one of the other gifts.


Just the dress, not the crown which is a shame as this “levitating” crown finishes this dress off perfectly and I think the shop it came from has gone.

Yup, I admit it, this is if not identical then almost identical to a dress I’ve just shown you a couple of posts ago and yes this also comes with a Hud.  From what I can remember 5 tex options, mesh bod and non mesh bod options all good but this last texturing is the winner for me. Although I’ve had fun with the picture the texturing is of tarnished, brushed, antique gold and really good, they’re all good but this is just em gooder LOL.  I didn’t have time but this dress is begging for bright in your face jewelry, something blood red at the neck and dangling from your ears to contrast with the dull of the dress.

And time has run out…have a great day and I will see ya’s all tomorrow..or maybe later.


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Judgmental cat, super bargain and a freebie.

Found this free GG just yesterday but I’ve been holding on to the jewelry set for weeks because I was just waiting for a freebie of bargain priced item to match up.

The dress comes from emilyC’s and all mesh sizes and some mesh bod sizing plus a colour sliding Hud which means you can colour this dress in Zillion ways…ok maybe not a Zillion but you know what I mean.


I have, to be honest, and say that not only the shoes but my SLink feet were a bad choice so I’d highly recommend you don’t bother with them and a nice pair of flatties/ballet pumps etc will look much nicer as it allows the gown to be draped on the ground.

The dress is free but the necklace, and what you can’t really see is the earrings, bracelets, and ring isn’t but at only 10Ld for the set a bargain.


The jewelry is lovely, small brightly coloured pebbles and it’s going to be moved from my “blogg” folder to my “Jewelry” folder.  This jewelry set comes from Celestinas Wedding shop.  I do believe that to join the Group is 50Lds or you can buy the Group Gifts for 10Lds each.  There is a couple of outfits and a tray and each item is 10Lds.

PS I get the same damned look of my own cat!


Celestinas Weddings

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Sack me! (Freebie).

Just as I had binned my last “nope” freebie and I was about to start some serious SL home decorating I spotted a bright light but unfortunately I must have binned my Mojo with all the other stuff and I just took some really bad piccies so in the end my trusty pose cube came in handy.


Let me just say it’s the top only! but these great pants and shoes are old gifts which are now long gone but it just goes to show that you can find some absolutely great stuff to wear even if you don’t have the Lindens to spare however if I did have Lindens to spare Blueberry is one of the shops I would just go APESH*TE and buy buy buy. Just really good stuff with such attention to fit and details and not even unreasonably priced I’m just poor even in SL I’m a pauper LOL.

So here is a close-up of the top.


I’m pulling these odd poses because I’m trying to show off the lacing which is on the sides.  As usual even with the Freebie you get a great colour Hud choice for both the top and laces 13 colour options.


The only wrinkles I like are the ones which make your clothes look so real.  You can’t really see it in any of my pictures but you can even see fine seams which again add to the realism of this outfit.  The only downside, sorta, is that it’s mesh body only BUT still try it even if you don’t have a mesh bod because you might just have the Alpha you need to be able to wear this.

I don’t think the LM takes you direct to the Group Gift so when you land walk forward a little bit and this gift is in the shop to your left.  I’m not sure if the other older GG’s are still out if they are then they’re probably going to be in the main shop straight ahead of you and if you haven’t gotten them yet make sure you do.  This top for me is a “keeper” which basically means that no matter how bloated my invent is I’m not trashing this.

PS and yes yet again PumeC, sorry I don’t mean to be a pain in an AV’s ass about it but thanks to Faith spotting it on the floor next to the reception desk is a small pile of gift boxes and in them is a small selection of old PumeC Group Gifts, if she hadn’t spotted them I wouldn’t have even seen them.  The reason PumeC is so busy is that on either side of the New Group Gift, which is I believe an Albino skin so most unique, is 2 Lucky Boards.  Sadly though it means that a lot of people are loitering and it’s creating a bit of lag but then again next time I’m sorting out my notes you might just find me stood there waiting for my initial to pop up.


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Free for a while. (Freebie’s).

KoKoLoReS is a paid for Group which I’ve been a member of for a while but way too lazy to go pick up the regular GG’s that are set out on a monthly basis BUT for the next 2 weeks, YOU can save on the 100Ld joining fee because it’s FREE for the moment.  So you have from now till the if I remember correctly the 15th to go click the join and this hair is this month’s Freebie.


This hair actually comes with a pretty good sized colour Hud.

PS if you like the pants I found them on the MP as well so I will add the link for those and that blouse is a lovely 5Ld giftie from Mag<3.B and it’s on the wall with lots of free and cheapies so well worth a visit.




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I told you so! (Freebie).

I not only told you to go grab the No Cabide giftie but also to stay in the group because if you did then just like me when this notice was sent out about yet ANOTHER Gift for us lucky members I was off like a shot.


It really looks like a brill Group Gift is put out not just every month but every week and that means you have to the 6th to pick up this sweet and simple summery dress.  Honestly so pleased with it and it has a lovely draped back and as a super generous bonus a massive 15 colour Hud!

The other thing I noticed about the No Cabide group is that not just notices about whats new in the shop or special offers, gifts etc is sent out but group members post about freebies, special offers from other places. A nice non chatty but at the same time friendly group so I for one will be staying put for a lot longer than a lot of my groups.

No Cabide

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Easing back in (freebie n NEW Mina hair).

Woo Hoo the Biatch is back and I have to say that as much as I love my short breaks I miss my cats, my shower, my bed and my husband (yes in that order lol).

I only logged in to grab all of the notes and stuff and see how Faith’s Dad is doing…no news off Faith as yet but hopefully that’s because her Dad is home and in between running around after her wrinklies and her work the poor thing just hasn’t had any time to SL.

However as I was checking the notes I got not just 1 but 3 EXCELLENT Mina hairs sent to me and it was just too tempting not to throw something on and pull a few poses so what a way to return after a break.

I sometimes keep my RL and SL fingers crossed when getting a new hair that it has something which makes it stand out and so to get 3 of them each unique in their own way was such a boost.


I LOVE flying hair, I love hair that has life to it and this hair called Neah has it all.  Just check out that colour as well but I will also mention that if you too love hair that has some movement in it then check out Mina’s mainshop as she has some of the best windblown looks from very subtle to dramatic.

Special mention to the dress because it’s the Freebie and it comes from Hilly Halaan and it’s a gift to celebrate reaching a massive 13,000 group members and comes with an equally massive 20 colour/texture Hud.  Actually when I TPed over to grab, it’s next to where you TP in, I noticed some equally as gorgeous bargain priced Summery dresses and from what I saw even for the small price tag, 99Lds, they also come with big colour Hud options so go on treat yourself or at least grab the demos like I did before you TP back out.

OK more hair.


This is just the hair I needed in my invent, check out those “bangs” or as we Brits say “fringe”.  I couldn’t help but notice, because I think fringes are one of the hardest things with SL hair to make as natural as possible but Mina has managed it. This is a mid hair called Odyle.


This is the last hair is called Pippa and I think the picture is showing it so well I don’t really need to describe it.

I’ve deliberately taken the pictures in nothing but my Nams setting to show you as I see the hairs inworld but never ever buy a hair till you’ve tried the Demo because as good as a hair can look in a picture it can look completely different on your AV but with these 3 new Mina’s you’re gonna find at least 1 which will make you go “oooo”

PS The Hair Fair sims are PACKED so I’d give it a little while for it to calm down but 2 of these new hairs have the demo’s in the mainshop for you to try out in lag free hair heaven and as I’ve said if you want windblown hair then you need to check her main shop out for sure.

PPS I promise to tear down my backdrop LOL.  I do have an excuse of an incredibly busy 2 weeks it’s been rush, rush and rush some more but I think the rush is finally over…for the moment and I’m looking forward to some quality relaxing in RL and SL of course.

Hilly Halaan

Mina@The Hair Fair

Mina Mainshop

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Purple! I picked purple?(Freebie).

Out of ALL of the colours in the Hud I picked PURPLE! my least fav colour lol.  Fortunately for me this is one heck of a good gift from Moda, it’s to celebrate their 3000 likes on Facebook.  They come with a massive colour packed hud which not only allows you to change the main body of the shoe but also the insole and heel.  Every shade from this purple to muted tones and bright bolds.


Only for Belleza and SLink feet.

These are FREE for ALL so you don’t even have to join the Moda Group to grab which is lucky because I checked and OHMAI it cost 1500Ld to join the group.  Not that I don’t think that joining fee is worth it but I’m a meanie lol.  These are on the wall with the paid for group gifts but when you click on these all you have to pay is 0Lds.  This is only for a limited time but since that runs out on the 9th I believe so that gives you plenty of time to book mark this for when you are next able to SL.