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3rd post lazy post!

It’s raining so I quickly dragged all my lovely items under the cover of a tree which I’m hoping will keep them dry, honestly only in the UK! So as I am waiting for it to stop raining I thought I would pop indoors and add an extra lazy cheating quickie post.


You may remember this dress from a previous post and it comes from Apple May Design (AMD).  At that time this particular colour was on a special discount offer of 50Lds but now thats over however if you love Purple then you’re going to love this as this weeks 25Ld offer is the exact same dress but in the Purple colour!  Although the main bodice of the dress remains the same colour you do get a colour hud which allows you to change the colour of the rose as well as the underskirt.

Because this offer will be pulled in a week I thought I would take shelter from the rain and do a quick post because I’d hate for you to miss it and even though Purple is my least fav colour I’m tempted to pop over and grab it.

PS the offers and new items are in the room behind the reception desk but if you check the desk out there is a pretty free hair ribbon to be picked up and I’m pretty sure that one also came with a colour changing Hud.

The rain has stopped and as soon as I click “Publish” I’m back off out!

Apple May Design (AMD)