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Going with a bang and FREEBIES!

As always the notice was sent out through one of my Free groups and I and everyone TPed right over to KC Couture because apart from the Group Gifts I’m sure the notice said that the Group was free to join but this was only for a limited time so I’m not sure how much it usually costs but again it’s FREE for now.

So I unashamedly grabbed everything I saw because I have neither Lindens or shame LOL and when they’re shop quality like these who cares.


Simple exc and as I always say “shop quality” which means this isn’t cheap n nasty.  You get a massive colour changing Hud which not only allows you to change the colour of the shoes but also the heels and metal bits.  Everything from Barbie pink to elegant brown.

XXXShoesrelaThen I spotted a little tab that has written on it something like 2+ and of course I clicked on it and Voila the whole heel disappears leaving you with the same shoes and the same massive colour Hud but without the backs so basically 2+ is 2 shoes in one pair.  OH! I’ve just notice that in the picture of these shoes in the KC Couture they seem to come in 3 styles the 2 I’ve shown you and the 3rd is with an ankle strap.  Not sure how to get the 3rd option but will be trying when I’m back home.


Every woman has or should have basic heels in her wardrobe, those which will take you from a funeral to a job interview and every occasion in-between and these with yet another extensive colour Hud will be perfect for any invent.

So far the shoes I’ve shown you have been for Mesh Feet and I will if I have time to log back inworld give you the list BUT from what I remember they have a pair for ALL mesh feet so SLink, high for the top one and mid for the middle ones, Maiteya and some other Mesh Feet so if in doubt since the Group if free to join pop over and check them out you maybe surprised.

I also have to go back because in my excited clicking I managed to miss the Flip Flops and since were well into Spring and Summer is around the corner I can see myself using them a lot.


These last boots I’m going to show you again come with the extensive Hud but also you don’t need Mesh feet.  I have to admit I almost bought a boots yesterday just like these, without the menu, and I would have been SMF(slapping my forehead) if I had because these are not only so much better but again yadda yadda yadda…colour Hud LOL.

OK This is Mondays post but I’m posting it now on Sunday as I don’t know how long the group will be free to join so I’d hate you to have missed it.

HOORAY HOORAY I’m off on a Holiday.  OK just a short 2 day break, just me and a GF and we’re slumming it in the posh hotel in the centre of town with pampering sessions booked, afternoon tea, cinema tickets and a whole list of eateries that we’re going to pig out at because we bloody deserve it.  So no waffling posts off me for the next 2 days.  Remember ladies n gents to treat yourselves because no one else will and you deserve to take a break from RL tedium.

UPDATE.  Shoes to fit, SLink, Maitreya and Belleza

KC Couture

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She’s Let It SNOW!

A couple of nights ago in RL we had SNOW sadly that was at 2.30 am and it lasted for about half an hour but I have hope in my heart it will snow again soon but until then we have finally got around to changing our sim settings and I’m having so much FUN!  Then as I was rezzing winter stuff a  notice came out from !gO and I had to go or should that be “I go” or is that just too bad a pun? right over and grab the discounted one.


I LOVE this style of clothing very Joe Browns/Hobo Chic etc and yes I even own a piece of flannel clothing and I’m sat here snuggled up on my settee wearing my red flannel shirt LOL.  You get 3 parts to this look and a BIG colour option.  You get a coat only, a coat with the skirt attached and the scarf is a separate.  The coat colour can’t be changed and at this moment the green shade is at a discounted price and lucky for me green is one of my fav colours but there is a whole rack of other coat colours and all of them are gorgeous.


The scarf is gorgeous and comes with a colour Hud with 6 natural pastel colour options and so wearable with so many other items.


The skirt comes with a Hud choice of 12 textures and I think they’re all excellent, this bottom one is a dusty pastelly pink with white polka dots.  This outfit called Collette only cost me 165Lds instead of the regular 322.  Gocha Merlin has a whole range of clothing in this style out and so if this outfit doesn’t grab still come over, !gO has some of the most unique,wearable, quality clothing in SL it’s the one shop I have a hard time leaving without buying from.

!gO is the only paid for group that I’ve been a member of for absolutely years and years and it’s one shop I avoid going to because I always end up buying something and still come away wishing I’d bought more!!  The joining price hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve been in this group and for only 50Lds you get the regular shop quality Group Gift.

But remember !gO has quality freebies out, they may be old but damn some of it is still such good quality I still have them in my invent and wear them but this is a LM you may want to keep to hand onto any noobs or bargain hunters you may meet along the way.  The Freebies are on the washing line in the courtyard you rezz in.


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Sale, New & Exclusive.

I’ve been doing a little bit of “The Mix” now that you have a much handier and so easy to use Hud it’s a lovely way to kill some time and find yourself a “sale, new or exclusive” treat.  Simply wear or add the hud and you can see all of the great shops involved in The Mix and you can also see by the colour coding if the item on offer is a sale, new, exclusive item and one click takes you right to the shop you want to visit which brings me to the  Mina’s “sale” item.


I’ve shown you Laila before, if I remember correctly I was dressed as a Mermaid, you’ve got to Love SL LOL.  Laila is a BIG hair which makes you feel super glammed.  Now that it’s at half price it also means it’s a super bargain.  You can still choose from the colour range and the specials which inc the Ombre’s and pastels are only 125 for 5 shades but if you want to keep to the more normal shades then a big pack of 9 “essential” colours so everything from the blondest of blondes to the blackest of black and in between is ONLY 150Lds! but if you want to be greedy and get them all then the really BIG Fatpack of 29 shades is only 375Lds and that’s only 125Lds more than a standard priced hair pack anywhere else for so many amazing shades.  This is really the time to snag a bargain and don’t worry as always a Demo is there for you to try.


The dress is also new and as soon as I put it on I put aside the hunt I was planning on doing because I LOVE it!   Comes from Ever Wonders shop More Than Ever and you get a Hud with the 3 colour choices, the top one which is a reddy red, this one is a brownie red and the bottom one is a pinky peach LOL.  I’m sure Ever Wonder has proper names for these shades but I think I’ve got the colours right.

So for only 99Lds you get a simple sweet, excellent textured dress with colour changing and great fitting dress and just to make sure that this will fit you actually 5 standard mesh sizes, 5 fitmesh sizes and 3 mesh body sizes so basically a fit for any shape.  You will have to go to the Designer Showcase to pick up this lovely offering but I’m pretty sure that the LM will take you right to Ever Wonders stand.  I’ve got to have more of a wander around to see what else is there myself.


Back to more Mina hair, because I wanted to show you more of the dress I swapped my big hair for this lovely light wind-blown Mina hair called Elvira.  Even a hardened RL Brunette like me cannot help but think this whole look is so subtly summery and sexy.


Elvira isn’t on offer at the moment but at 250Lds for a 5 shade pack the pricing is pretty standard,unlike the hair.

PS I’ve forgotten to add the LM for the More Than Ever mainshop which is worth while to pop into as there is still Group Gifts set out so when I get a chance to get back inworld I’ll try to pop it onto this post.


More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

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Fancy Pants.

OH Lord I’ve burned my hand but fortunately the pain killers have started to kick in and I am finally able to show you this.

As much as I love to show off the Freebies sometimes you have to spend a few Lindens and to make me spend my Lindens it must be something really worth it and that’s my exact thought when I tried on this “Fancy Pants” outfit from Entice.


How gorgeous is this whole look.  Comes as a one piece but the addition of a Hud which allows you 3 texture options for the jacket, shirt and shorts means you can chop and change.


Going to confuse you now.  You will find this discounted item under the 55Lds Thursday sign, turn to your right and go in that way, but in fact it cost me 100Lds however the full priced options are 300Lds so this is a definite bargain.  There was another discounted pack which had more glittery/disco textures which sounds awful but I loved that one as much as this and it was a struggle which to get. The demos for all of the colour packs are there and you do have to pay a Linden for it but it gets paid right back to you.

Special mention to the hair and skin because in my previous post I only mentioned them in passing.  The hair is one I’ve previously blogged but it’s now available at the latest round of Kustom9 but in the whole colour colour palette range inc Ombres.  While you’re waiting for that event to calm down then this skin is one of the old Lara Hurley Group Gifts which I mentioned and this one does come with the Appliers.  Again I adored the New Free to Join GG’s skin and if you do have a few Lindens then 150 to buy the Applier Pack is not unreasonable at all.

OOKKAAYY pain killers have definitely kicked in so I think I’m having an attack of the munchies!


Lara Hurley


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Never Fear the Cheap Biatch Is Here! (Freebies).

It’s rare to get me spending big Lindens so when I do I hope you know it’s because I think it’s worth it but my heart still sings when I find great freebies/cheapies.


Moon Armour on the Nouveaux sim has some great Free Group Gifts out and I do know I’ve shown you a couple of them, shorts, top etc but this dress somehow looks new to me.  Yes I’ve allowed my creative side to go overboard with the editing but the fact that this dress isn’t only free but comes with a colour changing Hud mean you can change it.  They’re all pastels colours but have a little sparkle/dotty look to it.

Like everyone at this moment I too have been trying to get in to not only The Arcade but also the latest round of FaMESHed where Mina has a new hair and they’re PACKED! but never fear I managed to get over to The Wash and grabbed a whole load of SLink Shoes for just the token price of 10Lds each.  Will try to get them posted next but until then if you have time to kill I’ll put the link down below for you to go check out the Wash for yourself.

Moon Amore

The Wash

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She Bangs.

I honestly I only own so many hairs I could wear a new hair everyday for 6 Months(if you inc shades then a year)  and I also love so many other hair makers such as D!va, Dura, Argrace and on and on and I even wear them inworld and in my pictures but yet again I’m completely won over by a New Mina hair.  This one is called is Aranka, as you can see she has adorable “Bangs” or as we call them in the UK a fringe.


There is now an extra sizing to this hair, you have the normal choices for normal boobs to Gazunga’s and now a new “Slim” size which is perfect for those who prefer a much more natural boob size or even down to a boyish sizing but with all the femininity you can want.

At the moment this hair is at the Fameshed event which opens today so don’t bother going, yet that is LOL.  It’s going to be PACKED so give it a little while or check on your map as to how busy it is because this is a really good event and it’s usually packed with new and fresh designs.

she bangs 3

I had to do a quick change of hair, yes it’s a Mina’s LOL called Lena,  I wanted to show you the top half of this dress.  The lovely low cups and strappiness is cute and it’s not only 50Lds but you get a colour changing Hud, with this Hud you get 4 dress colour options and belt colour options.  You will find this in the shopping trolley outside of the G&D The Italian Style shop which is on the Cosmopolitan Shopping Sim.  If you have a wander around you will see quite a lot of the shops have a shopping trolley outside and inside is a much discounted item.  I didn’t get a chance to pop into the main Cosmopolitan shop as yet but there is usually a Group gift set out.  The discounts are only available for a week because they change every Tuesday and if you want to keep up with whats on offer slap the Cosmopolitan Sub board and each week you will get sent such a handy notice which inc pictures so you can even see whats on offer before you TP over.

she bangs 2

I’m just pulling a cheeky pose because…I can LOL.


Cosmopolitan Shopping Sim


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Marketplace again (Dollarbies, freebies).

So whilst I was looking at the Marketplace I decided to see what else I could find.  Normally I end up bining about 90% of what I find because it looks good in the picture and then you get to try it on inworld and it’s a case of WTF but today I was on a bit of a roll.


For some reason these photos ended up so dull I had to do a little bit of picture editing but just in this and the second photo as the rest turned out fine, so I left them alone so you can get a good idea of the texturing.

The dress from Pekoe’s Marketshop is so sweet and I was slightly intrigued because on the Marketplace it’s marked “our demos are wearable” and since it only cost 1Ld and I have known that sometimes demos can actually come unmarked and therefore are “wearables”  and it turns out that this is the case here.  The dress is only 1Ld and if you want those matching boots and socks, again marked as “our demos are wearable” and can be worn without the socks,  you can add another 2Lds to it.  I’m not wearing the cream leggings which come with this outfit I thought a little bit of contrast would be good.  So basically a whole outfit for only 3Lds.


Fiddled photo but I had to show you Selenia.  I’ve just mentioned this hair in a previous post but since it suited the look I was aiming for I would show you it again.  Cost only 75Lds  but you will have to take your chances as this was an Arcade Gacha win but not only are all the shades so lovely so it doesn’t matter which colour you win you get a colour pack and not just the 1 colour!  Thats so generous as most hairs are a single colour.  The Gacha in in the entrance of Mina’s shop.

Guess what else was marked as a wearable demo, these Bell Bottom Jeans.  You’re going to see these flares reblogged in the Summertime becaus any floppy hat and floaty top teamed with these pants will make such a great summer look.  Again another “wearable” demo from Pekoe and a token price of a 1Ld. This photo turned out much lighter than the ones I had to edit somewhat so the colours are more natural inworld ones.


With these next 2 items I maybe repeating myself but I don’t remember ever blogging this particular !gO dress and as for the skirt I know I have blogged this style before but I can’t remember the one I showed had a colour changing Hud.  I could be wrong but no loss in showing you it again.


I’ve got every !go freebie, or I thought I had, and in this case a Dollarbie.  I have a feeling that this dress like the others cost a Linden on !gO’s marketplace shop but inworld they’re freebies.  If it’s available inworld as a Freebie then it’s outside of the shop on the washing line.


I know that this style of skirt is now a much appreciated Freebie in SL and I know I’ve blogged it before but I can’t remember it having a colour changing Hud.  So I figured what the heck and took a quick snap.  I think there are 4 colours in total, blue, pink, white and black.

PS I also snagged some nails which fit not just SLink but also Omega and Belleza hands, 10 shades in all and very pretty.

Pekoe Marketplace

!gO Tunic

Mina Mainshop

10 Pack Nails Polish