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Fun stuff (Retro Freebies)


More goodies.  The dress, hair and sideboard are the freebies but also check out the wonderful heart shaped light behind me.

The dress is a The Retro Hunt item from Soulglitter a classic SL design with a classic retro texture.  I actually loved the bow so much I made a copy and used it as a hair decoration.  Sorry I haven’t really took a good picture of the hair, again a TRH item but you get 4 high gloss colours with fat curls and a scrunchy holding it all together.  A perfect compliment to a retro look.


I decided to take a different snap of the the sideboard and lamp which come from Axo’s.  The sideboard is the hunt item and you get 3 sizes, large, medium and small so one for every home or every AV size.  However when I was in Axolotl Icthan shop picking up the prize I couldn’t help but notice how CHEAP her stuff is.  Some lovely trays for only 5Lds, posters, Shabby Chicness and the heart shaped lamp in the picture which lights up a room beautifully and is only 15Lds and 2 prims.  You really need to see her in world shop because then you can not only grab the free posters but also see the (I promise this will be the last time I say “retro”) retro stacked  tables and the shabby chic shelves that have a colour menu inc and everything is a such bargain prices.

Soulglitter (dress)

Alli&Alli (Hair)


Axo’s Marketplace