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Wanda & Buffy(& small cute freebie).

Holy Moley I checked my bank account and I have money! so time for treats.

Treat timeIn RL I can’t get away with shoulder less tops, I have a tendency to look as though I’m a rugby player with my shoulders and as for mini skirts! so basically SL allows me to dress in ways that RL won’t (yes that also included walking around with coochie cutters and nip flashing).  I got the skirt first and my first thought is damn it’s so summery and I don’t feel summery then my second thought was ooo look at that pattern and I was determined to find a top to match or in this case a contrast.  The mix of coloured dots on the (cowl)?) neck and the brown body means that this top can be worn with many colours, shorts or trousers.  The top is called Wanda and comes from Leri Miles Design which is a shop I’ve been popping into on a daily basis to see what the newest Advent Calender is. It’s nice to see that if you’ve missed a day you can still pick it up not free but she had items priced from a 1Ld to a 100Ld and the more expensive items come with demos.  Everything is very Christmassy themed.

The skirt is called Buffy and comes from Misteria which is a small shop but it has a bit of this and a bit of that which sometimes means you end up buying more than you planned for.  So there is some SLink nails, a little bit of furniture, some crying tattoo layers (bought them), bags and Gachas, some clothes and some poses one of which I’m actually using in my picture.  The lovely hair bow is also a Miseria Gacha item but the cute freebie is the arrow through the head.



The cheat is because I’ve just used this picture previously but it was the wreath I was blogging  but because I loved everything about this picture from the colour to the clothes I snapped off a couple more photos of the new Noor hair from Mina’s.


Each hair colour pack comes with an easy to use hud and those hairs which come with accessories (not this hair) usually can be changed with the hud as well as the sizing.  Thinking about it my head must be the perfect size for Mina hair because I’ve never had to adjust the sizing.

Hair 22

AARRGGHH How did I miss this it’s SALE TIME at Mina’s hair a massive 50% off so time to start clicking and grab those bargains!  Mens hair and petites also so something for everyone.

Leri Miles Design (LMD)

miseria(Skirt and Freebie)

Mina Hair