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Useless blogger! but I still come with FREEBIES!

I put this skin on added all of the Freckles and then checked to make sure I didn’t already have a copy in my invent and woo hoo I didn’t…..execpt I did I just didn’t spot it but by then it was too late and I had taken this picture so I thought “what the heck, just do it” and here she is.


Eirtae comes from Lumae…that rhymes lol.  You get all the Appliers you need and even better FRECKLES,  not only system layer freckles but also freckles in an applier and I love freckles I even love the word freckles, freckles and even FRECKLES…is that word now stuck in you head?

There are other gifts set out a box of lipstick and a whole big box of body shapes from curvey to femboy, using my own shape here.

To redeem myself here is a TRUE NEW FREEBIE.


This top comes with a Hud and in that Hud you have 8 Texture options, this polka dots, stripeds, plain, lace bottom, etc BUT you will see that there is not just a massive colour option hud but also sliders so you can colour this top anywhich way you want.


This is just one shade I selected but you have every shade you could possibly want.  I also just wanted to show off the great details in the zip etc.

I’ve just remembered that one of these groups/gifts costs 1 Linden but thats also returned to you.  I just can’t remember which shop or gift it was.

Wispers, freckles.


KOM (Kiara Origional Mesh)