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Cold comfort

coldlogic coat berner sage

Hello – yes I’m alive ! I’ve been well & truly pole axed by various real life things this last few days, but hey-ho – here I’m back with some new lovelies from coldLogic. It’s certainly getting crisper here in the U.K and this new range of Autumn / Winter coats are just right for the season. It’s a funny old sort of time of year really – we are in limbo with the temperatures. This “berner” with  beautiful plaid lapels and thick fabric covered buttons, glamorous yet also wearable when you’re out & about mooching.

coldLogic NEW!

The intriguing thing with these new coats is that they come with under “bits”, mmhmm, so you can wear your coat alone, or with the use of a different alpha layer, wear it with a shirt or skirt or both. Its sooper cute how they poke out and give the impression you’re wearing a full outfit underneath ! This heavier weight coat is called “tilton”, it SO reminds me of a coat I had a coupla years ago – man, I wore that thing out – smart and warm, went with everything. Btw, the above photo was taken at the Old London Docks..and ohmaii! I came across this well dodgy uhm “newspaper” stand – shocking !

coldLogic golding - mesa NEW!

Last from me today (but there are more colours and style instore) is this lighter weight coat called “golding”, I just adore the brick tone, the terrific detailing on the zippered pockets & cuffs…its awfully hard to not zoom perv myself when something is this deeelicious! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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