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Got Boobs? (Freebie).

Be kind to me I have a double whammy of a cold and toothache! RL is sucking badly at the moment.

I’ve been tottering around in SL with this very night clubbing, date night, stylised outfit from Braham Design or the past 2 days but I’ve only had the nounce to finally be able to show it to you today.


OK I did have fun with editing but this outfit didn’t need it.  Obviously the main body of this mesh dress is a matt black and that exaggerated red fold is very dramatic, you can also see that even the lining of the dress is the bright red which is a nice finishing touch but not as nice as the bows on the back.


I don’t do nightclubs, dancing or dating in SL but I do know of people who love to take their AV dancing and do a bit of inworld flirting as well and this dramatically coloured dress will get you noticed for sure.

OK a maybe a bit of a downside.  Boobies, this dress comes with a very generous boobie cup size so even though I’m wearing the XS size my little pimple sized boobies don’t fill the cups BUT I do keep my boobie slider in the pretty small setting.  Although I love to wear my Tangoes on the whole I keep my boobies petite but if you’re the sort of girl or even boy who loves a pneumatic cleavage then perfect for you or of course with a simple slide you could make yourself a busty AV.

Going to be honest my brain is moosh so I can’t really remember much about the Braham shop so I can’t tell you much about it but once I’ve got my sh*t together, in other words the pain killers I’ve taken have kicked in, I’m going to have a wander around.

DOH I’ve just realised, red n black perfect Valentines outfit! So grab it now as it may not be there next month and hide it away till the big day (all rhyming is completely unintentional)

UPDATE, This Freebie/GG is on the wall just outside of the entrance to the shop and I highly recommend you GO INSIDE!  I’ve just spent a very pleasant half an hour trying on quite a few demos as there is some really lovely items here, even the simple knitted off the shoulder dress impressed me with the crispness of the texture but there seems to be a bit of everything from casual summer to cold wintry wear and it’s the same with the pricing.  Lots of things are just 55Lds but even at the higher prices of 99-150+LDs if I had a unlimied budget I would have bought at least 2 things and thats only what I spotted on the ground floor and there is even more upstairs and I believe across the way is the mens dept as well.  I did also notice with the demos I picked up they came with not just the standard mesh sizing but also mesh body sizes and fitmesh so this is definately a place to check out properly.

Braham Design


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Spank me (naughty).


I snuck up on Faith as she was taking a picture and I took one of my own.  She will definitely spank me when she sees my next post but I was so impressed not only with the club but also the woman who owns/runs and indulges in it, Ally Southpaw.  She is a long time SLer but this is her first club and I for one says she’s off to a roaring start.


Now normally because I’m such a Vanilla Girl you couldn’t drag me to a club but since I am also a very nosy blogger I decided to TP over and check it out and what CLASS!  In all of my pictures I’ve just used the sims windlight setting and I’ve not touched up the pictures in any shape or form so you can see the muted soft colours of chocolate, coffee and cream.


The whole club is based in a single large skyroom. Although there are plenty of the more adult fun decor items set out for the members to use there is also socialising areas so people can just chat and maybe enjoy the view.


Because everything is out and open to view means it that if you want privacy then why are you here?  This is a place to show off your loves.


Last piccie and I’ve still not shown all that is here such as the businessman’s desk and the piano which you can sit and play or “sit on” and play!


I’ve even delayed posting about my new PumeC skin for this which just shows you how impressed I was.

I did hop on a few menu driven items and yup the kink is definitely there but thats not just what this club is about.  It’s a meeting place for the like-minded, those who just want to socialise with others who understand what rocks their world with others who do not judge.  Maybe have a hook up or two or just enjoy the performance of others.  Sadly SL which is supposed to allow people the freedom of their fantasy seems to have become prudish.  I remember a time when a Master/Mistress could walk their pet without bother but now sadly there is always someone who objects but that won’t happen in this place.

This is what Ally says about her club in her profile “I have recently opened an invite-only Clubhouse for the LGBT and BDSM communities. Mostly for shemles, femboys and futanaris, but all are welcome to apply for membership” and I for one will be applying.  I have nooo kinks but I might just use this club if Ally doesn’t mind, as a backdrop.

OMGoodness Ally Southpaw is a woman after my heart. She too has come to understand that the greatest of skins can look naff (slang for not nice) in some Windlight settings and so in her Profile she actually inc the settings you should use to allow her to glow.  I’m going to put something in my picks about skin and windlight.  You can TP in for a looksee but if you want to stay and play then drop Ally Southpaw a note and she will be happy to reply.

Ally’s Clubhouse

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Old Bag(s)

ParaPopped over to one of my favorite shops, Paradisis, to snag the Cold Winters Nights Hunt gift which I know is there and I came across all these lovely old shabby chic bags which are stuffed with Free Goodies. As you see there are so many I just didn’t have the time to unpack and try them on so you will have to settle for a picture of my Happy Dance and go check them out for yourself.

Antoinio pinstripeI went for the Freebie and got tempted by this great discount.  My Sweetheart is a bumper pack of this saucy bikini.  3 colours, red, black and bubblegum for 99Lds.  The wrists, neck and the bikini bottoms all have ruffles and sweet sculpted bows.  They have a room of discounted stuff, including The Student which is another of my constant goto tops to wear so make sure you pop in there.

BobI’m so impressed with this top.  My heart did sink a bit when I realised it came with sculpted arms and bottom and yet it’s SEAMLESS! I wish more items that had sculpted bits to them were as flawless as this but you can also wear this top without the Sculpties if you want it works just as well but they are definitely add that extra touch to this knitted top and of course so does the sneaky nip flash.  Thats what Paradisis is good at, a bit of cheekyness. Lazy is it’s name and it’s only 95Lds.  A reasonable colour selection is available.

Para boobs

A Lola Tango Freebie, music to my ears.  This is so similar to my Paradisis Cold Comfort jumper worn in the first photo, which I am guilty of wearing so much so that if it was real I would have worn a hole in it.  A simple light knitted jumper but for boob but I must stress that this is equally as wearable for those who don’t wear Lola Tangos.    I did miss that little gap on the sleeve edge prim but it is mod so I know next time I wear it I can just give it a little tweak and it will be gone. A hint for this item because you might just miss it and since it’s not a hunt item I don’t think they will mind, it one of the shabby chic bags but on the coffee table next to the fire not with all the others on the shelves.

ParI’m on a RL diet so the only chocolate I’m allowed is this scrummy saucy undies set.  Brin De Foile is it’s name and 80Lds is it’s price and at that price you could treat yourself to a few of the 8 colour choices you have.  Comes with all the layer options inc most importantly the option to wear the bra without the lace insert so yet again you can be even saucier with both nips flashing. The one thing I’ve noticed about their lingerie and bikini section is that these are made to make small boobs look great.  “Gazungas” are fun and I am addicted to my Lolas but I also love my “flatties”.

TopI literally have just thrown out all those old and free wet tee shirts that we all seem to pick up in SL Land and then I found this.  A proper “wet look” and at 50Lds you could get each of the 7 colours on offer.  Comes in all layers.


OMG I got so carried away with my bargains I completely forgot about the Cold Winters night Hunt item so I had to quicky rezz inworld unpack it draw the curtains and a quick snap. This costs you only 10Lds and it’s another Lola Tango goodie.  Please remember though an item may have the Lola  Tango Applier in it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great item for all.  So small or big this is completely wearable.  A knitted dress with pink accents and grey matching knitted stockings.  Shop quality and if this doesn’t get you shopping in Paradisis then nothing will.