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Nine Stars (promotion !)


Stars Fashion - complete mesh outfit with Slink shoes for High feet !

Stars Fashion has nine new releases for you – yes NINE ! The smashing news is not only are these outfits on promotion at 119L each – they also have shoes for Slink feet – yippeee! I’ve chosen two of them to share with you, it was a tough choice to be honest. This is Aurora, nifty little modesty layer shirt and a mesh button up vest. Also a teeny weeny short denim skirt in a lovely shade of pinky peach.

Stars Fashion - outfit and shoes for Slink High feet

Also included are *drum rolllll* these darling shoes for the Slink high feet. Sooooo glad that Stars have started using the Slink system, I really loathe taking mine off – ya ya ya I knowwww I’m SO lazy !

Stars Fashion complete outfit with shoes for SLink Medium feet - clawtooth hair @ collabor88

My second outfit is called “sea flowers”, sweet short dress that has a plain shirt style top and a floral skirt. It has a real vintage appeal. You also get a pair of shoes for your SLink medium feet in this outfit, lovely chunky sandals with an ankle strap. I teamed it all up with my new hat & hair combo from Clawtooth, it’s on sale at Collabor88 at the moment. The hat is colour change btw.



Stars Fashion Mall

Stars Fashion market place store

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More pictures less prattling.

I finally managed to squeeze myself into the latest Collab88 event, giving up on The Arcade one but thank goodness for the yard sales, and I had saved some Lindens for this brilliant bargain from Scarlet Creative.

From the outside an unprepossessing sky house/shop/workroom so basically whatever you need it for it will work perfectly for you. All photos have been taken in Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim setting (try it in windlight for perfect all round lighting) as the texturing is so damned good it doesn’t need any tweaked lighting to make it look great.


A simple(ish) square structure with an inner courtyard.


The glass to the left is the door and opens automatically when you walk up to it.  You can just about make me out in this picture.  I’m stood there so you can see the proportions better.


There I am again.  Just behind me is the stairs to the upper balcony and you can also make out the skylight.  Honestly the texturing, prim count and size are second to none but since this comes from Scarlet Creative you wouldn’t expect much less what you don’t expect is the measly price of 88 LINDENS!  All of this for just 88Lds!  Not that I personally think her full prices are unreasonable especially when you see such wonderful unique builds and quality texturing, everything is worth every linden but a bargain is always most appreciated.

As it happens and as soon as I post this I’ve noticed in Charlotte Bartlett’s profile that they have their old non mesh homes on sale at OMG 50Lds and that includes the furnishings! I’ll be TPing there as soon as I click POST.

HA! I got so excited at the thought of all those discounts I clicked POST before I added the LM’s.

Collab88 (I wish you luck)

Scarlet Creative

Scarlet Creative (discout section)

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.la petite morte. limited bazaar & . ryvolter . Mink Princess Stole

I’ve never been to Limited Bazaar before, dayum I’ve been missing out. There is a small but lovely collection of items out for sale, such as this two piece  from .la petite morte. Such a stylish look, sharp tailored pencil skirt in a bright turquiose blue. Coupled with a sleek simple satin blouse. You can grab this outfit for just 100L, not sure when this round ends, so hurry along if it tickles your fancy. My to-die-for fur stole is by ryvolter, gawd I adore it, you get two versions one has a slightly wider stance/pose…I found it at this months round of colabor88 for 188L, steal! (available in other colours too)

.la petite morte. limited bazaar

I did go a bit mad at collabor88 this month, but its a birthday edition so there were oooodles of things to seeee ! I also snapped up this hair-do from lamb (plus a couple of other and a whole new home !)

Limited Bazaar


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Essential element

I’ve got a “keeper” for your wardrobe girls..a real essential piece of kit that you will wear and wear…the chic black roll neck sweater . When Swaffette Firefly told me about her Monday Mania item for this week, I did a quick check of my invent and was shocked to find I owned just one roll neck real life I’ve got heaps! They are just sooper versatile, and effortlessly stylish…toss them on with jeans, leggings, a short winter skirt and you’re good to go. I generally wear mine always with a long necklace or chain, sometimes a scarf, if its chilly maybe a sleeveless jacket and snuggly ankle boots with jeans…Swaffette said shed been wearing her roll neck with one of the natty tartan skirts released hmm just last week I think…and this look stuck..add in a dash of SF Design bright red ballet pumps,  a pair of leggings…voila! (I am so going to have to find a body warmer /vest now in red or black to go with this look.) Thanks Swaffette xx .

Dont forget the offer for this sweater is only for Monday and only at the reduced price of 25L from the Monday Mania board in the ladies department !

Roll neck,ballet pumps & tartan skirt: SF Design

Hair by [e] 88L : Collabor88

Leggings : ohmaigosh I don’t know circa 2008 ?!