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Damned Right!(Freebie).

The freebie is the top only but it’s not just an “only” because it’s a real quality gift.

All the sized, great texturing and a KEEPER so a great start to a super lazy Good Fri.

If you don’t like this, what is wrong with you!, still go over to the Egoxentrikax shop because there is an old GG out which I do remember blogging and I may even still have it in my invent but dayumn my laptop battery is as flat as my singing voice so I have to shut up and plug it in so I will see ya all later.


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Grab your coffee & Fill your face

Its Friiiiday and I have new things from Lunar Seasonal Designs ! This is the “Coffee Nook” – I love that word “nook”, it makes me feel all snuggly and relaxed – anyhoooo its gorgeous and I love it and I am going to find a place for it in my SL home. It’s all separate pieces so if you don’t want two benches you can split it up. Soooo many texture changes on every item – fabrics, woods, andddd drum roll please – something new! (well to me anyway) With the eating and drinking animations, each food or drink has a little extra. You can choose to sit and look at it (omg who does that with CAKE!) orrr you can actually animate to be eating or drinking said item orrrrrr you can sit back all stuffed! Go and try it out – you will love it.

Also while you’re at the event in Sunset Mist Park don’t forget to join the free group and snap up a load of gifts – Lunar has the sweet little lantern out as a gift – heaps of colours & patterns in the menu , so it will fit in with anywhere! Thanks Lunar ❤

Sunset Mist Park (walk up the hill to your right)

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Coffee Lover

Aphrodite NEW!

Aphrodite has released a new gem for all of us coffee addicts. It’s really plush and fancy- smancy ! This is the “Nexpresso” coffee machine. The detail is amazing, each tiny button has a type of coffee written on it, you see the lit red button? Well that turns on and off too. The machine really makes your chosen brew and ohmai – there are TWELVE types ! (expresso, latte, capypso, mocha, cappuccino, cafe with cream, whipped vegan cafe, decaf, three mousses cafe, iced, Irish & Frappuccino) During the making phase, the machine hisses and clouds of steam appear as it froths up your milk – I love it ! When your drink is ready, it appears in your object folder, all ready to wear and enjoy.

Aphrodite coffee NEW!

Along with the machine, you also get the twelve coffee’s as deco items, they are so so pretty and beautifully made. My favourite two are above, check out the intricate detail on the spoon – just lovely. You can also buy this in a silver colour, so chose whatever compliments your home the best. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place



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Tom’s Diner

Aphrodite - Coffee Tray NEW!

one of my all time fav songs inspired this blog post (Toms Diner here), when I’m in London there are a few American styled diners I frequent and adore. So here we go, enough rambling about me me me, and onto the gear. I have the Aphrodite special blends coffee tray balanced niftily on my hand. This is a new item and is sooper fancy especially if you’re big into entertaining. You can wear it as it has a waiter animation built inside, and if your friends click the tray they get offered one of nine specially blended coffee’s ! You can also rez the tray on a  table , bar etc, it’s not terribly prim heavily and is ever so pretty. The drinking animation is lovely and for added realism in main chat it even tells you how your chosen blend is made .

Aphrodite - Tea Tray

Another version is also available the “exclusive blends” tea-tray. Who drinks tea in a diner? Well ME ! This has a staggering fifteen blend options ! As with the coffee tray, you can also rez this on a  table if you wish or wear it with the waiter animation (just use ADD). My dress is from the new round of collabor88 from katatOnik. Such a brilliant repro of a waitress retro frock and loads of colours to choose from. My hair is by Truth, also at collabor88 anddddd last but VERY not least, if you’ve always wanted to try a Curio skin by Gala Phoenix, get one in this round. I couldn’t believe the price ! just 388L a pack, which includes ALL skin tones (no appliers), bloody marvellous !

Aphrodite main store

Aphrodite blog

Aphrodite market place store


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Shhhh…The Mens Dept…its not just for men

Soooo, like any chick worth her salts..I gate crashed the Mens Dept October Collection…why should the guys get all the glamour huh?! Anyyyywayyy…one of my all time fave interior design stores is in I HAD to go peek…kusshon always makes such FUN stuff…modern…retro…relevant …and this set was right up my alley. The “coffee time” set is just perfect…it comes with all you see above, stools,bench,decor pieces. The poses used are superb (as always) some for guys , some for chicks..wearables also !

Love the little touches like the iPad for the table and pizza. There is the option to change the wood shades  which makes it such a flexible item, especially if like moi, you change homes frequently. I think what really makes it a winner for me is it’s so versatile…and easy to “fit in” …sure its good for a kitchen type space, but also think by a window…even an office area…out on the balcony of a modern appartment…fahhhbulous! All this for 150L…steal deal.

The Mens Dept. October Collection


Donuts, Coffee & Lucky you

Jane *Lucky you" gift & Kusshon "First lunch in spring" bench

Bag full of “awwww” for two such beautiful gifts …I’m wearing the latest gift from Jane, the “lucky you” outfit, comprises of two tee’s (one milk, one powder) neat cut off shorts and a pair of those gorrrrjusss lil piggies darling socks ! (two versions of those also) One pair of socks has teeeeny rainbows on the ankle cuff, the other a little clover…smushyyyyyyy -love clothes thank you Janie! If you’re wondering where the donuts & coffee come into play, it’s the bench! Kusshon has left this out for us all , it’s called *first lunch in spring”. I placed it out in the garden at home, amongst the blooms and right in the fledgling sunbeams…perfect. Stuffed with great animations, touch the food and you receive a wearable munchable donut (with sprinkles yay!) and a coffee ..just right for a break from doing the chores ~strrrrrretch wriggggle~

..Take a good wander around Kusshon sooo much to see !.

Go get the goodies : Jane (group gift)  Kusshon