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For the old and the new.(Freebies).

Just a quickie.

This coffee table is called “Summer Memory Coffee Table” and as you can see it’s stuffed with lots of travel and beachy stuff. Considering how packed it is it’s only 8 prims which is easy on the prim allowance.

BUT check out whats behind it….yup an empty one just waiting for you to fill it with anything you want.  OK I will confess the pictures I took of the empty one was embarrassingly bad I’ve not used them but I think you can see from these 2 pictures that this is a quality piece of furniture and the empty  one is only 3 prims and you can put anything in it you want, leaves, books, gems etc anything that reflects you can the style of your home.

Naturally, I checked and yesssss it’s editable and since its copy as well it means you can have fun picking out the best bits for you OR of course just keeping it as it is because it’s just so well designed and laid out it really is such a super gift.

You will find this and a few other gifties at the “Knot and Co Summer Project”.  You might want to hurry as this event has been on for a while and I have no idea if it will shut down soon or since this is a new gift this is a permanent little shopping event.  Lots of small stands with a lot of tempting items but fortunately for me there still is a big Summer theme to most things and I’m an Autumn girl.

PS if you have some time to kill then go outside, the sim has been Landscaped in a retro and dreamy shop and beachy theme so perfect for piccies or just hanging out.

Knot and Co Summer Project

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A little bit of Decor.(MP Freebies).

Just a quickie for some basic goodies I picked up from the MP(Marketplace).

I slapped em down took a snap.  The table, stool, and book come from an MP shop called [H], yup simple name simple goodies.

The table is labelled as being a coffee table which is why I’m in this picture so you can see the sizing a bit better.  Actually to me it’s a perfect child’s table either for their room or classroom….or you can just use it as a coffee table.  The stool doesn’t have any AO in it and is mod so you can possibly add your own if you wish.  The book on top is another Freebie from this shop and there is also a big bold “Bazinga” sign and a cushion with a dragon fly as gifts.

[H] (Marketplace shop)