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More coco for us.(Freebie).

A couple of posts ago I showed you a fantastic gift from Coco Designs, which is under the Christmas tree at the FaMESHed event,  now Cocoro Lemon who is the Boss of Coco Designs is spoiling us yet again with another superb gift.

I swear I had to fight through so many other Cheap B*s as everyone was at Coco’s grabbing this so be prepared to see it on every blog….cos I know you look at other blogs, and why not lol.

Just a fun shot as I got Faith to remove the waterfall she put out for me next to my home and I was thinking of putting a ski run or something there instead.

Honestly so pleased with the whole look and even though they can all be worn as separates I think the whole look is so bright and warming.  As always just superb quality and although they all come in mesh bod fits you can see that it will be easy to find Alphas to make this fit any mesh and non-mesh bods.

I’ll put the link to the post with the other gift which is at the FaMESHed event under the tree.

Coco Design.

Coco’s Gift @FaMESHed post.

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I went.(Freebies under the Christmas Tree).

I wasn’t going to go to the FaMESHed event because you all will know that it’s on and that chances like all the other events there are GIFTIES under the Christmas Tree so you didn’t need me to tell you about it but when I saw the Coco gift of this sporty/casual set I was off like a scalded cat.

This outfit was worth the lag alone but I’ve seen pictures of what the rest of the gifts are and although this event is calming down I’m going to give it a few more days (doesn’t finish till the 27th) before I head back in and this time I might even BUY something!!! If you’re wondering it’s the Trompe Loeil Sleigh, the PG version of course.

Till then check out the Seraphim blog because not only is there a link to the event but pictures of whats for sale, not the gifts though.



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Old Bag!(Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to use “old bag” in my title lol.  As you will all know I don’t do many bags, jewelry etc and it’s not because there aren’t some amazing designers out there but I just don’t have the time to showcase or even wear these sorts of accessories but check this out.

It’s a butt ugly old bag from Coco Designs and we all know Coco Designs really well because everyone at some stage will have not only grabbed the Group gifts but also still have them because the quality has lasted.  This bag is one of the two new gifts but since I’d already changed into my outfit I didn’t want to change out of it and so the other new GG will be a nice surprise for you but of course as always there is a wall of old and not so old Group Gifts inc some Halloween themed goodies if you need a last minute outfit.

A nice touch is that you get 3 fits inc SLink so this bag is a nice snug fit.

Coco Design If you TP over and are facepalming a wall don’t panic you’re just in the Discount area, just walk outside and into next door.

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Pose with me.(Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I was over at IM’s (Image Essentials) and I was so pleased that apart from the large shop filled with poses n props Kay Weston still has her part of the world set out with so many scenes and settings free for all to use.

This rainy maze is one of them and it’s not just a backdrop you can actually walk into it.

There are easy to use TP’s you simply sit on and they will take you anywhere from the beach to shops to Alice in Wonderland and many more and each scene has lots of props and poses for you to use.

The IM group is free to join and I don’t know if there are free poses in the mainshop for us because basically, I didn’t dare go inside the shop as the last thing I need is to be tempted to buy MORE poses! However, there just might be some free poses.  What I did do as a Thank You to Kay Weston for all the time, effort and cost that goes into putting all of these things out for people to use is put some money into one of the Tip Jars that are next to the TPs.  Money raised this way never really cover a tier fee but it’s just a nice way to say Thank You to the person who has done all of this for us.

Now for a Freebie and it’s the New one from Coco Design.

Just the dress and just 3 main mesh bod sizes.

I’m not really sure what to say about it except, as usual, damned fine quality.  The Coco group is free to join and of course, everyone will know that there is a whole wall of the old GG’s which most people at some stage have owned or even still own as they’re standing the test of time.

PS Be warned that the GG’s are also in the same area as the Discounted dept! Sooooooo tempting!

Coco Design

IM (Image Essentials)

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Coco for breakfast.(Freebie(s)).

An easy start to a Monday morning but I have to confess that by just using 1 picture I’m also being lazy because there is more to this new outfit from Coco Design.

The pant legs are nice n baggy, cropped at the ankles, the back is open and strappy and you see none of this in my picture because the doorbell went, an email I’ve been waiting for finally turned up, my cats were going crazy and I needed my porridge.  So basically once I’d taken this picture I logged off and sorted my RL out.

We all should by now know Coco Designs pretty darn well as they have a wall of GG’s set out and of course a lot of them are oldies, yet still, goodies so if you’ve not got em time to get em and of course now this new one.  I have to say that there is a bright red dress on the wall and I simply cannot remember if I’ve blogged it or not as I can’t work out if that’s also a new one but if you need a nice new party dress it’s pretty perfect.

PS The clogs which are a Coco Gift will go with this outfit perfectly.

Coco Designs

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It’s a shocker, I spent money!

I decided to pop over to cocoro Lemon’s shop Coco Designs to check out if there is any new gift/freebie’s but I didn’t even get past the entrance!  The reason being is this top, in the entrance of her shop is the demo, Link & LM for it and once I’d tried on the demo, read the link and followed the LM it turned into a costly but rewarding visit.

The top is amazing, it makes me HUM, I rarely buy clothes esp at full price because I spend my Lindens mainly on home and garden stuff but it hurts sometimes to try on something so good and have to debate “Tier fee & plants” or a kick ass bit of clothing and in this case the kick ass clothing won esp when you know that 100% of the proceeds goes towards charity.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a mad cat woman but I actually LIKE Pitbulls I think that when they’re raised by good and loving people in a responsible way you get a 4 legged friend who will act as companion and protector.  When raised by assholes you get assholes.  When you read of any dog that has gone wild you almost always find that there has been a history of neglect and or abuse by the owners…nope don’t even get me started or this will end up being a real downer of a post.

So all of the 250lds this top costs will go towards the charity.  TBH It’s a fair price for both a Coco Design top and a donation.  Another shocker is I actually donate to charity or sims which are open for all to use, obviously not a fortune but when I have some lindens spare I donate it makes me feel good but when you can donate, feel good and get a corker of a whatever then it’s a win-win.  I say “whatever” because there is more than just this top at this event.  It’s not a massive event just the right size to have a nice mix of clothes, hair, decor (and I’m eyeing up a Victorian fence gate set for I believe 175Lds) some cute stuff and some edgy stuff, scraped knee’s tattoos etc.

One thing to note is that this top only comes in 3 mesh bod sizes,Hourglass, Maitreya & SLink and no alpha, so if you don’t use a mesh bod try the demo first and chances are you will have plenty of alphas already in your invent to be able to utilise this top for your own bod.

PS, Of course, I had to go get that Lemonade trolly Faith has just done a post about and of course I had to rezz it and rezzed rather than worn as it should be it’s only 5 prims.  Plus I’m going to put the link to C…shop as I’m heading back there to see if I can redeem my CH label and find a new freebie.

PPS the raggy bits are the shorts I’m wearing under it and not the top plus I’m at Coco’s now and if you really love the design but not the colours then she does have this top in her “New” section in other colours, obviously the money you pay for those won’t be donated and I have to say there is a pale blue one which ARGH I would have loved but I would still have bought this blue one in anycase.

Rally to the Rescue (1st-20th)

Coco Designs

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OH Dear! (Cute Freebie).

So I unpacked and tried on all my new found freebies and cheapies and “Oh Dear” ended up binning the lot of em BUT although I didn’t feel they were good enough to show you I grabbed a few of the LM’s for shops new to me and you never know I might find something that has a Woo factor.


Just chillin with my friend here.  Not sure why it should have such a grumpy face for such a cute rabbit.  You have 2 shade options, brown and light grey and a choice of heads, eyes blinking not blinking etc and I’m wearing a blinking version.  This is such an easy AV to wear because although you do have to detatch any mesh bits like hands and feet the Rabbit is just an Alpha, shape, mesh body and then you can choose which head to wear.  Although he/she comes nekkid! this time you can opt to buy some clothes and I personally was so tempted by the Christmas sweater and bag, adorable and I think the price for the clothes is 99Lds so not unreasonable at all and if they’re standard Coco quality then they will be good.

For a lot of us as soon as you see this Rabbit AV you will know exactly where it has come from because it’s now almost a tradition that Cocoro Lemon sets out a Rabbit as a Christmas Gift for all in her shop Coco Designs.  This year it’s set outside of the shop but if you haven’t by now then go inside of the shop and check out the Free GG’s in fact when I return I will just in case there is a new GG set out for us but I doubt it as it wasn’t that long since there was a new one but it’s well worth a check.  Of course to get to the Freebies you have to walk past all the tempting clothes that Cocoro Lemon designs, unique designs with great texturing and so tempting!

Coco Designs Rabbit

Coco Designs Mainshop (if you dare)