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Surprise!!!!! (Freebie AV).

We all know Coco Designs for their adult AV clothing range but did you know that Cocoro Lemon also has a whole department of “Kid Doll and Teen/Adult AV’s”?

This “Kid Doll” AV is absolutely free, free shape, free head and a selection of free clothes which are the exact copies of ones in the main adult shop but have been rescaled to fit the smaller doll shape.

The reason this AV is called “Doll” is that if I was naked or just wearing the underwear you get then you will see all the joints of a doll, on the ankles, wrists, hips etc. She is delicate, childlike, slightly alien.  There is also the matching boy AV.  The heads are not bento so sadly you have to keep this little sad face on but the other heads with smiles, teeth gaps are for sale at I think 99Lds.  As I mentioned there are Group Gifts for this AV and with the sale going on if you like what you see you can pick the freebies up as well as some bargains to dress her/him.

One of the reasons I have the Coco Doll department bookmarked is not for the child AVs but the teen/adult ones.  Sadly there isn’t a freebie AV in that department but there is a sale on.  These teen/adult doll AV’s are so delicate, waif-like with a slightly soft alien look to her face, that’s only my opinion.

I might return at the start of next month and if the sale is still on then treat myself to one of the teen AV’s.  I won’t have to worry too much about clothes as there are more Group Gifts of Coco Design clothes which have been adapted for this shape as well.

Coco Kid Doll

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It’s a “KISS”. (Freebie).

A lovely simple spring/summer dress from Coco Design.

As you can see from the perfect fit it comes in my SLink fit as well as many others.

If you’re still in winter mode then remember one of the other recent Group Gifts is a pretty stunning bright red sweater.

I don’t know why I can’t seem to change my LM to next to the actual Group Gifts but this time I don’t mind as there are some bright red letters which say “under construction” so I wonder if the discount department is getting some new stock in to tempt us with.

Coco Design.

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Creepy AF!(Freebie).

This is the face I pull when I have to return to RL.

“cocoro Lemon” the owner/creator of Coco Designs has yet again given us a stunning freebie.

This is an actual AV but I will admit I’m not actually wearing it as tbh I just don’t have the time but can you imagine gliding along in this creepy/freaky AV?  It’s fab it’s also 80 prims rezzed so sadly not for decor.

If this is a bit OTT then you get included in the pack just the rabbit mask.

Of course we all know about the fab free clothes in Coco’s shop and you will find this with the newer freebies and the older freebies are to be found in the middle building.

Coco Design

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Just Green.(Freebie).

This post is a classic case of why I should never do a post late at night after a massive mug of hot chocolate because I was so dozy I did a mess of a post.  Now it’s morning time and I’ve had coffee it’s time to sort it out lol.


I know there has been a couple of new Freebies at the Coco Design shop but I’ve not been able to find them, it turns out that the new group gifts aren’t with the old group gifts! DOH!

So, these pants are the new Coco design gift and you will find these and the other newer gifts in a separate area to where the old ones are.  You will also notice that on the floor near to the new gifts is a box containing another gift which is a pink pair of cropped pants which have an unusual feature to the trouser cuff.

As for the top, you may recognise it as it’s one of the Blueberry Group Gifts.  That group only costs 5Lds to join and this is the “Jolly Holiday” gift and you get a massive colour hud which makes this such a useful item.  You probably already have it and the rest of the excellent group gifts from Blueberry but now the shop has finally calmed down and you don’t have it it’s time to go grab it.  While I was there I spotted something which I think is a new group gift and I can’t wait to go back and check it out.

I’m off out today, a lot of window shopping (to poor to buy anything) and eat cake because cakes makes everything better.

Coco Design

Blueberry(It’s the “Happy Holiday” gift)

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Be unique.(Freebie and Spendy).

First, the freebie which you’ve probably seen in many a notice/blog/freebie group or just randomly popping into Coco Designs.

The dress comes in many fits and you get this option and on which the frills are all red and it’s Coco quality….now for the SPENDY.

Can you see what is different about these apple trees? If you can’t I will put the answer at the end.

You get 2 versions, 2 with apples falling and 2 without falling apples and no shadow and that basket of apples.  Cost 190Lds and I think 6 prims which is not at all unreasonable esp for such an interesting feature tree.

There are poses, only about 5, this is the lookout pose.  There is an example of the tree both in the shop and also if you want to TP to the garden but I do believe there is only 1 version there as well.

The Chabada shop has an eclectic mix of this n that, I also picked up the old fashioned bathing cap for 30Ld and although it doesn’t come with the hair hanging down is actually pretty good.  There is also some art work etc so overall a very interesting little shop.




PS,  The tree’s are trunkless…go on look again lol.

Coco Design (This and other newer Group Gifts are in a different area to the old ones, so don’t go where the old group gifts are or the way the discount items are it’s the third option and you can actually see them from the LM).


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Just a quickie.(Freebie & Mention of more Freebies).

Coco Designs has a new GG out and it’s this↓↓↓↓.

Top only.  The nice touch is that the choker bit is separate so you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.

As always and I really am sorry because I do repeat things an awful lot but then again any new readers might not know this or people who already do know just need a reminder and in this case on the GG’s wall is a whole load of old GGs.

PS.  If you’re wondering about the background it’s a shop that is “under construction” which means I completely ignored the signs and walked back in and going just by the quality decor I have high hopes when it’s stocked it’s going to be really good.

UPDATE!  Go to Osmia for pants, in many colours as they will match this new top, also the other GG’s are excellent esp the “basic” body suit which is most certainly NOT basic!  Chances are you already have these gifts as I have previously blogged them but I just thought I’d add this bit to the post.

Coco Design


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Testing, Testing, Testing 123….Freebie Reblog.

This is the important part of the post the rest of it is just pure rambling, raving spam so you can read this bit and ignore the rest.

This is an unashamed reblog as I have shown you this top and bottom set before but at that time it was a gift at an event but now Cococoro Lemon the owner/designer behind Coco Designs, now has it in her main shop as the new free group gift.  WOO HOO because this is just such a great gift and a lot of people may have missed it at the event but can now go and grab it from her mainshop.

Oh, man has life been testing me at the moment or what! Everything from a dose of that nasty flu, one minute I’m moaning about my runny hooter the next I’m flat on my back moaning like Zombie out of The Walking Dead, to dealing with work-related idiots and computer and phone issues!  It’s all been thrown at me but I’m back on my feet and feeling much better, sorted out work stuff, managed to work out my computer issues which quite frankly I’d be embarrassed to mention what was causing the problem but trust me it was “human error” and not the computers fault lol.

So hopefully now everything has calmed down I will be back up and running as normal….fingers and toes crossed as I type this.

Coco Designs