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Finally! (freebies).

Honestly we like to mix things up on our blog but lately is seems to have been a little bit of a struggle to find some real quality clothes esp free ones and then VOILA check this out.


A great summer straw hat.  I’ve put the behind picture first because as you will see from the next picture from the front this is a lovely and natural looking straw hat but the back shows off the texturing and attention to detail I just love it and of course it’s FREE, you do have to join the Amiable group and this and another group gift are the small pictures placed on the set of drawers in the shop.


The front brim frames the face really well  and I’m chuffed that this hair from Exile (not free) fits it beautifully because I think it makes a great look.  There is also a Marketplace shop where you can see the same items as her inworld shop and you must check out the A line tutu dress which is adorable! grab the demo because this one costs 250 so try that first which I did and it’s so sweet (but I’m on a budget so I’ve given it a miss, sadly).

nodoka Vella’s shop is set in a shopping sim which has to have existed inworld for a life time.  When I walked out of this shop to check out what else is here it was such a blast from the past.  I have fond memories of loitering around this sim just waiting for one of the many Lucky Boards in the numerous shops to come up with my name.  What little time I’ve spent here grabbing the GG, demos etc I’ve managed a quick look and there is so many low primmed, cheapos, clothes, decor items, transport and on and on.  Not going to say everything is great but a really good place to kill some time have a chuckle and maybe like me when I pop back inworld later to kill some time pick up some fun freebies,

Special mention to the jeans and top because they too are free and top top quality because they come from Cocoa.  Since cocoro Lemon had that massive clear out of all her non mesh clothing so she can devote her whole shop to mesh I’ve not been over.  I just can’t afford to be tempted at the moment so I TPed in grabbed the Free to join GG’s and TPed out with out looking at anything else.  Even if you don’t need another top or jeans she has other GG items out one of which is a simple linen dress which I still have as it’s such an easy to wear item of clothing.


 Amiable Marketplace

Coco Designs

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More coco?

3 posts about the same shop! Sorry but if I haven’t convinced you to pay a visit by now I give in.  What happened was I “hopped” over to pick up the Rabbit AV and to check out properly the discount section, now that SL seems to be working a bit better for me, only to find that a number of outfits that I already own are now in the discount section.

Snapshot_030Nearly everything in the discount section is Sculpted or non mesh but as you can see the texturing and blending is excellent.  Now this comes with the “mutton” sleeves which I don’t like but if I remember they are editable so you can leave them as they are if you like that style, shrink them on in my case get rid of them.  A lovely knitted jumper with a frilled shirt underneath. I’m not wearing a skirt that is how long the undershirt goes.  I’ve had this particular colour for yonks and I will be keeping it as apart from the fact it’s Sculpted and therefore doesn’t flow with your AV this is a great looking jumper and now it’s reduced to only 50Lds! It’s so good that next time I visit I’m picking up more colours.

Have a peek at the doors behind me because that is my new home and I will be showing it off soon.

Colourfin Rude jeans.  They’re called Lose Style in Denim and they are sheer cheekiness. The sculpted belt is yet again almost seamlessly blended into the jeans (non mesh) the zip is unzipped alllllllll the way so panties/thong are a must unless you are an exhibitionist. Find them in the discounted section for only 50Lds now.  Sculpted bottom half to the jeans but they are an option so if you want to wear boots then they work so well.

I’ve mentioned the great group gifts and of course the irresistible Bunny AV and the fresh new designs but I forgot to mention that Cocoro Lemon is big into Mesh and also a more than reasonable amount of mens wear even in the discount section so boys and mesh heads are more than catered for.

Coco Designs

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Well SL is still hating me at the moment, I will resist moaning too much but it was a surprise when I managed to stay in world to be able to grab some shots of these goodies.

IntrepidNot only new shoes but new Donna Flora shoes.  Because I’ve not been able to keep upto date with how the big Donna Flora even that has has been going I decided to blog about these shoes which came from Donna Floras own shop and are a prim example of her craft.  A soft silver  satin sheen, very retro with an easy to use hud.  Can be worn without the bows as well.

RaptureThe soft feminine look is hardened by those wicked spiked heels.

FurI even managed to have time to pop this tippet on.  A fur collar with strands of pearls draped down.  The one shown in the shop is worn over a jacket and looks great.  A handy accessory to tart up a favourite outfit.  This comes from Coco which I know for a fact has some excellent free to join Group Gifts (I have them) and I managed to meander around all the lovely new stuff and checked out the massive discount section before SL kicked me out again.  As soon as I can get back I’m picking up a delightful cropped jumper with a lace collar and  a good look at the new stock.

Donna Flora (shop in the sky)

Squinternet Larnia

Coco Designs

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*Coco* Nutter

So there I was panning and scanning and I still couldn’t find the hunt item I had been looking. However, I did spot a rather large red sign which had two of my favourite words on it “sale, clearance” (my other Fav words are free, quality and gift).  My SL joy was completed when I saw that this sign was slapped on to *Coco* .  I have a number of their clothes and although I can’t remember how much I paid this is the sort of shop you pay for quality so the fact that some items are reduced up to 75% made my day. 

Resisted so much but then I spotted these jeans.  Rude rude and don’t we just love them.  You get two choices: one with underpants one without the underpants ones are a strange shade of grey so I decided to model the pair without them and to save the blushes of the photographer wear my own. It’s not free but at L$100 it’s a great price.  Fitted perfect and you get a choice of leg style but best of all the prim belt is a seamless finish, blends in so well and I didn’t have to do any adjustments at all.

Then I spotted the stairs up to the discount area.  Click click and I’d scored myself some just simply great clothes, one of which is this lovely brown knitted dress.  A whole L$35!  All items in the discounted section have real discounts and not just token ones.  Shoes, tops, jeans and even a couple of mens suits slashed in prices.  Brilliant.

Just to make this a more successful trip than the hunt I gave up on they now have new items added to the group gifts so make your day join the group for free and grab those gifties.  Well worth a visit.

This LM should take you to the discounted area but make sure you go down the stairs to the main shop and happy bargain hunting.



The Dressing Room Celebrates BIG time!

Ahh yes its balloons & cupcakes all round..its The Dressing Room’s first birthday! I was quick off the mark as there were some really amazing birthday bash deals on.. R.icielli has always been a favourite of mine and they had this fantastic special spring set on get allll that you see in the pics for just 70 of your Linden dollars…see below..

R.icielli special spring set petra mini dress (part set total 70L)

One part of the special spring set is this scrummy “Petra” mini dress. Rich burgundy reds and chic biscuity golds..fabulous belt to nip in your waist, could easily also be worn over pants or a really tight pencil skirt..

R.icielli Mattori poncho & Clarissa high waist jeans

Next outta the box was the Mattori poncho & the Clarissa high waist jeans. The poncho looks so soft  like cashmere and is in a very delicate light pink tone. I’ll be honest, if you’re not so good at prim fiddling the poncho might be a stretch for you to fit well, but it IS copiable so make a copy and play around with it, if it goes wrong you’ve got backup! The high waist jeans are just a joy..I love this style, classy yet casual in this fabric. They co-ordinate beautifully with everything in the collection.

R.icielli Marietta mini top and Clarissa high waist jeans

Another top that really goes well with the jeans is the Marietta minitop, it’s that pretty deep plum shade I adore, all prims and fits like a dream. Such a versatile item that would team up with heaps in your wardrobe also.

R.icielli Margot belt and Larissa top

Finally I get to show off the belt of all belts, truly its just heavenly. The detail on it is superb and it has a handy dandy rezier script in for easy fitting. It looks equally good with the Marietta minitop, and I felt it sealed the top of the jeans nicely also. The Larissa Tshirt is fun, cropped short for a great spring summer look. All the above comes in one set for 70L, incredible value !

R.icielli Claudia mini dress and CoCo boots

Each designer this week also has out a 40L item (woohoo!) There was sooo much to show but I plumped for the R.icielli Claudia mini dress and at 40L its a gem. Deep olive green shade, magnificently shaped hem and a sparkly chest section that adds some glitz, topped off with a gentle slouchy neck all in a low key glamorous satin effect fabric…just perfect (I added a pair of Indie rose leggings because the dress is kinda short for me *blush*) . I’m also wearing the CoCo leather & canvas boots that are on sale during this week at TDR, just 50L *faints* pretty dainty shade of beige that will go with oooodles of other colours, comes with an easy to use HUD for resizing. I just fell  in love with them and got grabby hands !

Thanks to all that run & organise the TDR and Happy Birthday!

Go get dressed: The Dressing Room