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Just a quickie.(Freebie & Mention of more Freebies).

Coco Designs has a new GG out and it’s this↓↓↓↓.

Top only.  The nice touch is that the choker bit is separate so you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.

As always and I really am sorry because I do repeat things an awful lot but then again any new readers might not know this or people who already do know just need a reminder and in this case on the GG’s wall is a whole load of old GGs.

PS.  If you’re wondering about the background it’s a shop that is “under construction” which means I completely ignored the signs and walked back in and going just by the quality decor I have high hopes when it’s stocked it’s going to be really good.

UPDATE!  Go to Osmia for pants, in many colours as they will match this new top, also the other GG’s are excellent esp the “basic” body suit which is most certainly NOT basic!  Chances are you already have these gifts as I have previously blogged them but I just thought I’d add this bit to the post.

Coco Design


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Coco for breakfast.(Freebie(s)).

An easy start to a Monday morning but I have to confess that by just using 1 picture I’m also being lazy because there is more to this new outfit from Coco Design.

The pant legs are nice n baggy, cropped at the ankles, the back is open and strappy and you see none of this in my picture because the doorbell went, an email I’ve been waiting for finally turned up, my cats were going crazy and I needed my porridge.  So basically once I’d taken this picture I logged off and sorted my RL out.

We all should by now know Coco Designs pretty darn well as they have a wall of GG’s set out and of course a lot of them are oldies, yet still, goodies so if you’ve not got em time to get em and of course now this new one.  I have to say that there is a bright red dress on the wall and I simply cannot remember if I’ve blogged it or not as I can’t work out if that’s also a new one but if you need a nice new party dress it’s pretty perfect.

PS The clogs which are a Coco Gift will go with this outfit perfectly.

Coco Designs

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Classy B*tch(Freebies).

Did you know there is more than one wall of Freebies in the Coco Design shop?  I’m not sure why but it does mean that maybe there is a whole load of stuff you’ve not even seen before.

Anyhow to me, this is NEW addition to the group gifts.  A classy black dress with a halter neck and ruffle at the hem.  My picture is not the best as it’s not showing the details up as well as I would have wished.  Apart from what I’ve said there is also a very nice textured wrap over look at the waist as well. 100% pure Coco.

There are 2 small issues, though, only the 3 mesh bod fits, but that’s an easily solved issue the other is the mesh ripping of the skirt when you walk. Small things but I for one can’t wait till they have resolved the mesh ripping when walking or that ugly fold you get.  Never mind one day that will happen and when something is as classy as this who cares.

When you land turn to your left and on the wall just inside to the left again is this and all the old Free to join GG’s from shoes, dresses, basics and all at some stage everyone in SL has owned as it’s that good.  To find the rest of the gifts they’re on the same wall but much further along near to the back of the shop.  This stuff is mainly shoes and accessories and this is old stock from when Coco’s changed over to 100% mesh.  I actually owned a few of those strappy shoes which I do believe come with a mesh foot and skin matching hud but there are men and women’s shoes which don’t need any mesh feet.  These I do believe are free for all because they’re set to buy for 0Lds.  I ran out of time to double check all of this and so I’m only going by my memory but one thing for sure grab em all and then spend a lovely afternoon unpacking, trying on, tucking some into your invent and binning what you don’t want.


Now check out Doris.

Obviously, a Mina but I’m not sure I’ve ever shown you Doris before, I could be and often am wrong lol and I have.  The reason I don’t think I’ve shown you it is because I thought I only had the black/gray shades of Doris and I just didn’t like it and Mina Nakamura never pressures me into how much I show, how often etc I’m just damned lucky to be able to get hair I adore…apart from the rare one which makes me go..nope but then when you relook at a hair, shoes whatever, and you change something about it, in this case the colour and the outfit I’ve teamed it up with and it’s gone from a “nope” to “where have you been all my life?”lol.  I’ve had Doris so long now I don’t know the details other than you will be able to find her in Mina’s main shop if you want to try it on.

PS Yes that IS a blingtastic JCNY tiara, I wonder how many of you remember the days of bling.

Coco Designs

Mina Main Shop

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Follow me. (Be Quick).

I swear if a SL or RL man, or woman of course, went to all of this bother to stage a romantic evening he would score BIG with me!


OK my first reaction with the new Follow Us Valentines range was OMG so light and white so I packed it all back up and had a ponder and then it struck me…go with the flow.  So I dug out one of my brightest skyboxes and accentuated the purity even more.


The bed and candles are all mine but if you love the whole look just ask and I’ll be more than happy to let you know where they came from.  The table is of course pure Follow Us.  Gold cutlery, rosé wine and a big menu choice.  A waiting setting of a simple napkin, 6 main meals ranging from steak to Sushi, 2 cheese plate options and of course 5 sweet deserts options to choose from.


The oversized heart-shaped ottoman comes with 2 sets of poses, single and of course couples and rezzabables.  I did have a laugh as one of the single poses was checking your phone and just like RL I’d be a bit narked if my loved one checked his or her phone LOL.  Plenty of couple poses which although I’m a singleton and couldn’t check 100% they did look pretty good and I loved the rezzable Champagne bucket.

Make sure to check out the Follow Us Marketplace shop there is a whole load of goodies starting at only 1Ld and that inc some lovely Valentine pressies.  If you’re a Group Member, and it’s only 40Lds to join and there are oodles of Group Gifts waiting to be grabbed, make sure to wear your tag and you get a massive 20% off your Valentines purchases.  This discount doesn’t inc the mainshop or anything from the Valentines shop thats under 20Lds.  As usual Laurent has popped all of the smoochy stuff into a romantic house and not the Mainshop so when you land inworld just turn to your right and it’s there.  If you’ve not joined the Group as yet then go into the mainshop and turn right and then the GG joiner and all the gifts are in the very dark room…easy to see what I mean when you’re there in person.

I’m not going to show you all I’ve gotten from Follow Us in this post as I’ve got some seriously cute and smaller gifts to share with you.  So all of that comes in the next post but here is a quick bit of freeness if you’re after an outfit for the big day.


I had a little laugh with this one because it really looks like I’m the broken-hearted girl on the other side of the door wanting to get in and be wined and dined.

The dress, shoes and pose are freebies.  I saw the dress in Cocoro Lemons shop’s Coco Designs a while ago but this is the perfect time to wear it.  You will have to join the group but thats free and of course there is a whole line of really exc quality GG’s waiting to be grabbed. Then I went over to lindy Modern and Retro Shoe shop to find the “Add some red hunt 2” item and I failed,I did however find a blue crystal which is part of another hunt and it turned out to be the blood-red and NON SLink shoes I’m wearing.  If you have better luck than me and find both shoes then the “Red” hunt item looks like it’s a pair of SLink shoes so there is a pair of shoes for everyone.

The pose if a freebie from EMMEPOSES it even includes the hammer. Now I’m here LM grabbing I’ve spotted some more freebies on the desk inc a couple of sweet Valentine ones amongst them.

DOH time is running out, one of the things I love about Follow Us is that he caters for the SL men as well as SL women.  Laurent has put out this special offer for all lovers of Coffee, a coffee maker reduced from it’s normal price of 129Lds to 69Lds.  Sadly this was only for a limited time but since it and the other colours you can chose from are still there you still have plenty of time to snag this as a gift and best of all you can send it direct to your loved one, or treat yourself to a model, and as always Laurent delivers his goodies in a well packaged box so people will know they’re being treated.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Coco Design

Add Some Red Hunt (Hints and LMs)


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Coco Wins. (Freebies)

Firstly the Non Freebie.  I read a note that Sid, the punky edgy hair from Mina, was being offered at the latest Kustom 9 event so I popped over but I was wrong,  it was not Sid but Lena and I’m not sure if I’ve blogged this hair before or not.  I’d be shocked if I hadn’t because I love hair that has some movement to it and since it’s on special offer at the Kustom 9 event I thought  I’d let you know so you can pop over and try on the demo for yourself and maybe treat yourself before it ends up in her shop at full price.


Because this is the paid for item I’ve used nothing but the sims Windlight setting, notice how adorable the PumeC skin looks even in a non Nams setting.  Can I brag and say this is how MY RL hair looks on a windy day, all blown over to one side and the randomness of the hair ends adds to the realistic look of this hair.  I only wish my hair had the same sheen as this one does it looks like something from a hair conditioner ad, so lovely.


The Freebies are everything else, the top, jeans and Union Jack boots.  All shop quality on their own and all in standard sizing.


Rotten shot of the dress n boots but since I know you will be going over to grab the jeans, sweater, boots from the top picture you may as well grab this simple black mesh dress.  That simple neckline looks great with a collar, I tried one on from my invent,  and leggings etc or to keep it simple.  As always even with Coco’s freebies this is shop quality so well textured.  I just wanted to show off my baby.

What you can’t see is the boots.  Simple grey strapped unisexed boots and since this and the Union Jack ones come in 3 sizes I’m pretty sure that they will fit a male AV as well.  Since this is a Free to join group it will cost you nothing to try out.

OH! a last shot because I was having fun and so why not:-)


All the Freeness and there is more there,  comes from … … Top quality and unique clothing mainly for women but there is a small mens depo with items that will make you stand out.

Mina@Kustom 9

Coco Designs

Mina Mainshop

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Hot coco (oodles of freebies for men and women).

Good new and even better news, cocoro Lemon is having a massive clear out in her shop, Coco Designs, in preparation for starting the New Year as a shop that sells mesh only.  So the good news is that she’s reduced the price of all her Sculpted items to ZERO (the even better news is I can hardly wait to see what new stock she comes up with).


So in a rush I pulled a few poses and snapped away because I would hate for anyone to miss this golden opportunity to restock their whole wardrobe for nothing for example the coat, jeans and boots are all free from Coco (the hair is a lovely new Mina hair with gorgeous Ombre shading but since I can’t do it justice at the moment I’ll do that later).  In her Sculpted section she has everything from pretty feminine dresses, coats, tops, shirts, jeans, boots which are uni sexed.

I unashamedly grabbed ALL of the strappy heels which although I can’t remember how much I paid for the pair I already had I know they weren’t cheapos.  I also grabbed all the petal hats but resisted the belts and bags because honestly by this time I was clicked out.  I’ve also sent Baylen the LM because those boots are definitely uni sexed and there are mens shoes and I’m pretty sure the jeans are also uni sexed so even the man in your life can splash out and stock up on the goodies.


Again the coat, jeans and boots all free.  This maybe Sculpted and yes it does have it’s flaws such as when you sit down or try to pose but this is the best of the best in sculpties in SL.  The blending is second to none the texturing top class and good enough even for mesh heads to love.

OK going to be lazy here but I just don’t know when this sale is going to be over and of course with Christmas fast approaching people’s time in SL maybe limited so thats my excuse for posting the links to some previously blogged items.

Over sized frilly blouse

Sexy Unzipped Pants

cocoro Lemon has also always been pretty generous with her (free to join) group Gifts so make sure to join her group and keep an eye out for future Group Gifts.

COCO Designs

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Delicious Coco.

Thought it was time to go back to a great shop I know, Coco, and Woo Hoo lots of Group Freebies (group is even free to join) and some new ones to me.  However sorry this lovely oversized scrunchy  jumper with a ruffled undershirt is not one of them, someone has just walked past me wearing the red coloured one and now I wish I had bought that one! I usually don’t wear it with the mutton sleeve because that’s not my taste but it looks great with or without this prim.  A bargain 100Lds.  Non mesh and in fact lots of their clothes and shoes and absolutely gorgeous bags are non mesh so available to all.

This is FREE and MESH.  The same pose is deliberate because I realised something that’s rather nice about this lovely simple mesh linen style dress with a shirt collar and that’s when you sit down there isn’t a vast amount of invisibility up your skirt.  Just so simple, plain, sweet, wearable and free so it’s perfect.

Lovely ruffled shoes…FREE!

Rock chick look.  Semi free as well.  These jeans, Loose Style Denim, are so rude! and yet so fun to wear. It’s a shame you can’t get non mesh clothes in demo mode often because you will be able to see how well the prim opened zip and belt look.  Not free but at 100Lds for sheer cheekiness they’re cheap.   The jacket is the freeness and non mesh although you just wouldn’t think so.  I grabbed all the freebies and trust me there is some great quality items on offer ven though I have several outfits from this shop from drapey dresses to flowing linen shirts.  They have stylised but so wearable quality and affordable clothes. So check out the small discount section upstairs then join the Group grab the goodies and then still have Lindens left to do a bit of guilt free shopping.  OH and remember a small and fleding mesh selection but mainly non mesh so good for everyone.

OK popped back and STILL got temped by the most divine pair of strappy heels.  Time to TP out of here I think.

Coco Designs