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Rich & Sparkly – that’s Barbara

Brillancia Barbara Dress with or without sparkle!

New release from Brillancia girls! This is Barbara , it comes in several different colours and in a sumptuous brocade style fabric. Above I am showing it with the add on sparkly lights Oo!

Brillancia Barbara dress - no sparkle

Above is in the beautiful dark plum tone – no sparkles just the gold bobbles. It comes with a separate pair of panties with their own colour Hud. Sizes are: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Ebody reborn & Kupra, Kupra Cups.


Hair By Doux @ Level Event

Bianca necklace & bracelet by Orsini

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New Release @ Brillancia !

Brillancia NEW RELEASE Viola

Oo something sparkly has arrived at Brillancia – this could be your perfect outfit for Valentines days or any day ! This is “Viola” and comes in an array of colours – but I chose red, the colour of love to share it in. The Glittery edging on the dress is optional as is the sparkling bra & panties.

Brillancia NEW RELEASE Viola 2

Adore the ties at the side and the darling creases that lift the dress ever so slightly upwards – its a winner for me ! Fits include: Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Ebody Reborn, Kupra, Kupra Kups.

Thanks Brillancia ❤

Brillancia Store

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Starting Monday on a High ! (Promo)

ArisAris PROMO $99L with Hud

Im trying to forget about the football last night *sigh* and this cute dress is helping . A limited time promo from ArisAris for just $99L, the “wasp waist dress” is so damm cute !

ArisAris PROMO Hud

You also get this Hud included giving a total ten texture options! Something for all occasions . Fits inc:  Belleza Isis, Belleza Freya, Belleza Venus, Maitreya – Lara, Physique, Slink – Hourglass, MB.Legacy, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine.

Promo wasp waist dress

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Promo For Monday – 70% Discount!

Fantastic 70% discount on this fatpack from ArisAris ! This dress is called “Distinguished” and its a real beauty. You get two versions of it, one as above with both shoulder straps up and one with a single strap down.

The Hud is awesome, it allows you to change patterns and colours on each piece of the dress. So a dress to a skirt and blouse with a few clicks.

Here is the hud – as you can see you get such a HUGE selection of fabrics to play with, at $99L.

Sizes inc: – 2 For Belleza Freya –
– 2 For Belleza Isis –
– 2 For Belleza Venus –
– 2 For Maitreya – Lara
– 2 For Slink – Physique
– 2 For Slink – Hourglass
– 2 For eBODY Curvy
– 2 For M.B Legacy
– 2 For Tonic Fine
– 2 For Tonic Curvy

Market place listing


Hair by Kuni – Minha

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Wedding Guest

coldLogic NEW!!

Looks like I’ve arrived at the church early…or I’m really really late…Oh well luckily I find churches interesting and don’t mind hanging around. When I first saw this new dress from coldLogic I loved it. Its called mcKay and comes in a really lovely selection of colour patterns. I chose the smokey version as it went so well with my Mina Monique hat & hair Id been dyingggg to wear ! (It has a HUD so you can alter the veil and hat colour from black to white – handy.)

coldLogic NEW - Mina hathair


What I so enjoyed about this dress is the styling isn’t contained to only the front view, it continues to the back where there is a daring slit in the fabric that goes from the beautifully cut halter collar. I love love LOVE surprise details ! The dress id just perfect for this time of year, smart enough for a party or occasion but also sweet enough to fling on a pair of sandals and get out and about. Demos and all colour ranges available freely both instore or on the market place – thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

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voxxi girl

voxxi NEW!


Lots of new items from the market place based store voxxi this week. Although this outfit looks to be in two pieces it is in fact all one garment. It made me think of Springg ! Lovely selection of colours, so take a look at the options.

voxxi NEW

I also chose this slinky dinky dress to share with you, isn’t it foxxy? ! Slash cut along one thigh, with a lovely shaped neckline that felt a little retro to me. The belt is an option, and I really liked it, looks equally as good without it though. Check out the market place store, there is a ton of free gifts to be had !


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Breakfast at Tiffany(s)

SFD Group gift_003

Great news ! Its time for a new group gift from SF Design.(and if you’re not a VIP member WHY not !)..and this month its this black & white dress called “Tiffany”…I havent worn a non mesh dress for simply ages…and this was such a pleasant surprise. Its twirls and sways as you move…gently and subtly….there are delicate layers of lace along and underneath the hemline that peek through when you move or dance…I have to say, it totally stole my heart this morning when I tried it on. I came over all Audrey Hepburn !

SFD Group gift

It comes with a belt, two options resize or not…plus a really well made “balconette” piece for the bust area that finishes the style off perfectly…you also receive the long rather glamorous gloves…ohhhhh musnt forget to tell you…I took these photos at a new little club that’s opened…such an atmospheric place outside and in..its called “Club Noir” and caters for the Jazz & Swing crowd…it was not the right time of day when I visited for a jiggle but I think I’ll return another time and give it a whirl !

SF Design

Club Noir