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A Different Style.(Freebie).

I’m just killing time before a new Gacha event opens which should be sometime today so yesterday I had popped over to Dench Design to grab the gift Faith blogged about (and yes Ramona it is free for all and not just group members and you will find it just outside the entrance to the main shop).  Turns out it’s as cute as Faith described.  Also while I was at Dench Designs I splashed out on a lot of greenery for our sim so while I’m waiting for a gacha event to open I will be sprinkling more magic over our sim.

OK this is an odd Freebie but it’s come from a shop I’ve not visited for ages called ::K:: but as soon as the shout out for this freebie was sent out I TPed over. It’s an over the shoulder jacket.  OK Since I’m someone who doesn’t bother to wear jewelry, bags, knickers etc in SL I’m not really going to wear this draped jacket but people DO like to completely accessories themselves and it is nice to come across something as new and different as this.

You do have to join the group but it’s free and in the pack you get his and her options plus 2 shades and one is obviously the pink I’m wearing but the other shade is I believe gray.


It’s not a glitch! (Freebie).

Mutters “I hate Windows 10 and the damned blue screen of death!” anyhow time and cursing at my computer seemed to have done the trick and I’m back.  PS You can tell I’m no teccie!


Keeping this a really short post as my OH is now off for Christmas and I want to get this done before he gets up and starts hinting for me to join him for a jog. You see those dots?  they’re not glitches they’re actually the snow on our sim.   I’m actually stood inside my caravan with the side dropped down so I’m sorta inside/outside.


Now the snow is looking more natural but you should see it inworld it’s so amazing.

Anyhow a lovely simple floral, velvety winter coat from  The Vintage Touch.  Comes with the black tights/leggings in a tat and Omega layer and all the mesh sizes for the coat.

PS Costs a linden to join the group but I can’t remember now if that’s sent back to you, tbh when it cost a single Linden to join a group it usually is returned to you but it’s really just a token amount esp for such a lovely item PAY IT!

The Vintage Touch

Knickers are a must! (Super bargain).

I told you I’d not use that backdrop again lol but as it happens when I had popped over to Junbug to see if it still had its FLF offer out, it does but I wasn’t tempted this time,  I couldn’t but help admire the sim setting so once I’d grabbed this 30Ld Saturday offer I decided to just use the shop as a backdrop.


Because of the sim setting I had to use a body light and then I edited the piccie BUT this is well worth 30Lds and more.  It is slightly let down by that raw edge look to the hem but the texturing and quality of the exaggerated collar and sleeves are pure Junbug and for the asking price a great way for people on a budget to get their AV paws on a piece of Junbug.

PS because of the balloon bottom knickers must be worn at all time lol but of course this coat over socks, leggings, even a pencil skirt will look even better.


More Primark than TK Maxx (Dollarbies).

I wonder if Primark is just a UK shop or if it’s a universally well-known one?  If you’ve never shopped at a RL Primark what it is is a shop that sells bargain priced clothes and accessories sometimes they can have some really great styled clothes and sometimes they’re DUDS but I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t at least stocked up on socks, undies and in my case most recently wooly gloves.  So this Dollarbie coat from Vitrimi may not be TK Maxx quality and more Primark but it will make a great basic.


TBH once I’d put on a pair of thigh length socks and boots it started to look even better and as I was rummaging in my invent for a scarf to cover up a very basic collar I suddenly realised that this coat is perfect for wearing with hair down.  This is one of my Mina mid length hairs and as you can see no collar poking out and I think it ended up looking great.

You will have to log into the SL Marketplace for this but I think most people are happy to use the MP now.  Hmmm now that I’m looking at all the Dollarbies from Vitrimi I have a sneaky suspicion that I might just have shown you this coat before and if so that was probably last Winter  so sorry if it is a repeat BUT then again this coat pack, you get 3 colours in the pack burgundy, light brown, black, is going to be a good addition and check out the other Dollarbies while you’re at it because I know for sure I’ve shown you the Skater Skirt set as it’s  turned into such a handy basic to wear.


Hippy Chick (Freebie).

It’s all go today, work and play means my SL time is seriously limited but I’d picked this little beauty up yesterday and although in my haste this morning I managed to delete all my pictures I managed to recover one of them and my sanity.


I can do Granny Squares which is one of my saddest and yet proudest achievements but would I ever make a RL coat out of them, Hell No but then again check this out!

You actually get more than just this long crocheted coat in the same pack because you also get the jeans and as soon as I spotted the SLink Flat Sandals amongst the other Group Gifts at Gaall’s I snagged them.  Sorry no close up of them but they’re excellent.

If you have some Lindens to spare the Mina hair I’m wearing is perfect for this look.  I don’t wear this hair much as it’s just so hippy and not me but when you have the WHOLE look it rocks!

OK folks I have to rush, RL is calling my name.  Have fun and remember it’s FLF and although I don’t know whats on offer I’ve got some Lindens to spare and I’m looking forward to checking that out as soon as I can get back inworld.

PS the Group Gifts are in the room to your left.


Weekender (Freeness at the bottom).

FINALLY! Even though Faith and I rent our own sim we still use others as backgrounds and one of them is an extremely popular Baja Norte sim which is owned and run by Lauren Bentham, but she now has added a second rental sim to her estates, called Baja Cove and I have finally managed to rent myself a small beach cabin here…WOO HOO.



In all the time I’ve been a visitor to this sim I had yet to see a vacancy so the opportunity to rent was just too good and I really hate to tell you this but all of these new beach homes got snapped up in a heartbeat and from the looks of the rental boards, on the sides of the houses, it looks like most folks have rented for a full month.

I’ve cut and pasted this bit out of the info card about rentals..

it costs 250 lindens to join the land group, that allows rezz when you first rent on Baja Norte group join is -FREE- if you pay a minimum of 2 weeks or more at the start,
(and you are not already a group member)pay to join as normal , then IM me and i will refund the join fee straight away, if im not online or away (which is rare) just notecard me the transaction details of the rental payment and join fee by logging into SL website and go to transaction details & ill refund the join fee 🙂

NOTE: The Free Group join offer is only for people renting then joining the group & paying a minimum of 2 weeks at the start , not for people in the group already who then decide to rent only the person whose name is on the rental payment meter can rez items permanently at the rentals & get the group fee refunded,
this does not apply to friends or partners of the renter.


There is an amazing amount of cool crisp water but also as much land as you need.  I’ve taken some nice photos but also check out Lauren’s Flickr page to see even more pictures of here and also her many other builds and shops.  I don’t know if many people on the land realise that over our heads is some of her other shops and builds such as Bentham Manor, Bentham Forest.  These are her shops but they’re set out as full builds for you to walk though and admire and if you like what you see just click and buy.  Again if you check out her Flickr account you will see these builds as well.  The best thing about this sim is you really don’t need much camera skills as this place is so lovely and packed with so many poses and props anyone can come here, group member or not, and take some great pictures.baja7

There are larger areas for groups to get together or smaller ones for more privacy but it goes without saying that you won’t find any naughty poses….snuggle ones maybe, rudie ones a definite No No .  In fact I’ve not checked the details but I should imagine it’s definitely a case of no jiggly bits at all, people come here for peace and quiet not for pervin, although what you get upto in private chat is upto you LOL.  If you’re here for 100% privacy then this isn’t the sim for you, a busy and very popular place for many people but you will be left alone.

I’ve been a full paided Group Member for a while now and this allows me rezzing privileges BUT of course it goes without saying if you rezz it you clean it up! and keep an eye on the prim count.  I’m not sure if there is a limit other than the ones for the home renters as to how many a paid Group Member can use but the reality is that rezzing a lot of prims esp at peak visiting times will be frowned up.  I’ve never had to rezz anything other than a pose ball or small prop as everything you could need is already provided for you.


If I had challenged Faith to find my home out of all of them without looking at the rental boards she would have found it in a heartbeat LOL.   I can’t really tell you much about the homes because they all were rented in a heartbeat and most of them look as though they were rented for a full month straight away so you will have to just strike it lucky like I did and keep on popping over to snag the occasional vacancy.  I’ve only rented mine for a week just so I can finally say “I lived there” and then move back to my own sim.crossgrenintrep

Last shot of the Freebie I’ve snagged.  Comes from S@bbia and is probably going to be the last winterish type of coat I’m going to show you.  Free to join the group and free to grab.  As I was LM grabbing I noticed that amongst the other Group Gifts there is a lovely bag which if I had spotted it at the time I would have grabbed that as I think it would have gone lovely with this coat as well.  The other thing I’ve noticed  is that this coat comes in all the standard mesh sizes but also inc a fitmesh size and I’m wearing that in this picture because although the other sizes fitted will this one fitted over my mesh trousers so it turned out to be very handy addition to the sizes.

Baja Norte

Baja Cove

Lauren Bentham’s Flickr


David Heather – two for one deal

21Shoe - David Heather

Bear with me, I’m on a bit of a roll with shoes ! Two days until 21Shoe opens its doors for another manic twenty-four hours – there are some sweet deals to be had – basically you get two pairs of shoes for the price of one at each designers store. Above I’m showing the rather decadent sandals “Homard”  by David Heather. In the pack you get a midnight blue and a black pair as part of the 21Shoe special offer. These are for Slink high feet – you need the feet to wear these shoes. My coat is by coldLogic, I found it as I was rummaging and boy-oh-boy its a scene stealing look. Great coat, you can choose to wear the skirt and shirt underneath also – “halfred” is the design name and its comes in heaps of colours.

21Shoe - David Heather NEW

Close up look at the shoes, each has a metallic scorpion climbing up your foot, really unique look. Dont forget, 21Shoe is beginning on the 21st January for twenty-four hours only.

David Heather

21Shoe Blog