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Its Secret Sale Sundays!

This week there were two items in The Secret Sale Sundays I wanted to look at – one I never found – but this one from Yugen I did ! Yugen is a relatively new store to me but its turned up some real gems that I’ve bought . The offering for Secret Sale Sundays this week is “shinobue clutter.” A wooden flute amidst petals, stars and leaves with two sheets of music. Beautifully marked with a coffee cup ring to give it some age – totally gorgeous and in my SL home already. At just 1Li its a winner and only $50L. This weeks items are a real mix of fashion, home & garden, beauty , clothing etc – check it out !

To grab your Secret Sale Sunday Hud go the HQ listed below, each week just wear it and it will update to show you the weeks items.

Easy Peasy.


Secret Sale Sundays HQ

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A random bit of clutter.(Freebie).

Yup, it’s a box with some paper in it.

I won’t blather on it’s a box and all you need to know is it’s FREE, low primmed and perfect.

PS.  I have a feeling that this is a stand left after an event as I’ve had a fly around so don’t delay as the stand owner might remember they still have this left out and go pack up their stuff.