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Breakfast at Tiffany(s)

SFD Group gift_003

Great news ! Its time for a new group gift from SF Design.(and if you’re not a VIP member WHY not !)..and this month its this black & white dress called “Tiffany”…I havent worn a non mesh dress for simply ages…and this was such a pleasant surprise. Its twirls and sways as you move…gently and subtly….there are delicate layers of lace along and underneath the hemline that peek through when you move or dance…I have to say, it totally stole my heart this morning when I tried it on. I came over all Audrey Hepburn !

SFD Group gift

It comes with a belt, two options resize or not…plus a really well made “balconette” piece for the bust area that finishes the style off perfectly…you also receive the long rather glamorous gloves…ohhhhh musnt forget to tell you…I took these photos at a new little club that’s opened…such an atmospheric place outside and in..its called “Club Noir” and caters for the Jazz & Swing crowd…it was not the right time of day when I visited for a jiggle but I think I’ll return another time and give it a whirl !

SF Design

Club Noir