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My work is done.(Dollarbie/Cheapie/New Mina).

I’ve done as much RL work as I can do so far and before I logged inworld I logged into the Marketplace and found an old SL friend.

But first the NEW Mina.

I did struggle a bit with this hair because if you look closely and you will see a tiara of Christmas light and yes they do flicker and flash and that was the problem for me.  They do cause some “light pollution” which can be great for a party, walking around etc but totally lousy for trying to take a close up picture without looking like I’ve snorted into a tub of white face powder.  Finally, I clicked just at the right time and so Voila here is Enora. The other main thing is that this hair is a GACHA! and you do have to squeeze your butt into the latest round of the Arcade.  If you’re worried about the flashing of this tiara then one of the other prizes is a classic style tiara.

BTW The one thing I noticed with Enora is she goes so well with all of my tiaras/crowns and a lot of the headdresses/accessories I own and since the tiaras, you get with her are separates you can use this hair to showcase your fav bling.

I don’t know how much this Gacha costs as I did get into the Arcade yesterday but it was too much but I think today it has calmed down and I suspect that as standard under the Christmas tree there will be a shed load of gifties for us.  I’ll certainly be checking it out later.

Then I was totally shocked by how GOOD this Dollarbie dress is!  Nope, I did not expect that at all. This is a very bright picture which has lessened the folds and stuff but I was most pleased and the textures in the hud are all very Christmassy and wearable.

Now for an old friend.

I used to blog for Mag<3.B not much but occasionally she would send me something and her Group Gifts were cheap enough that I’d just pick stuff up when I’d pop in.  Sadly the inworld shop shut down for a long time ago and I never thought about the Marketplace and it turns out her old stuff is still for sale there.  So I have an excuse to show you one of the old and yet fav pairs of shoes I used to wear a heck of a lot.

You can wear them with or without the socks but TBH I’m not even sure if these are mesh feet fits, I’ve just looked and no not for mesh feet which is probably why I wore them so much as I don’t think I bought mesh feet for a long time.  They’re only 5Lds.  Some super bargains and I can totally recommend the wearable knitted bags…so freaking cute.

Mag<3.B is a bit like S@bbia, homespun clothes but with a touch of Kawaii.  OH and don’t bother checking out the link to the inworld shop as it’s a LIE!

Mina’s Mainshop (Demo is out)

The Arcade (Good Luck)

Passion (Dollarbie, Marketplace)

Mag<3.B (5ld Marketplace)

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Lounging around

SO much newness to share my little blonde head is reeeeling! Pretties from Neve @ Fameshed. I’m wearing the new Magnolia top and Layla shorts – really retro vibe going on with both of these, mesh body fits and a whole range of patterns & colours. Damm fine fit on the derriere I have to say, even when bending and moving about – verrrrry bottom hugging! My delicious lounger, table , parasol and decor items are from Chez Moi @ the latest round of  Cosmopolitan. Each item is for sale as seperates with a PG & Adult version up for grabs. Simply divine retro pink tone – I love it. The loungers are suitable for both males & females, positively oooodles of great poses. Oh oh oh – I almost forgot – the vintage camera prop is by Fin – gawd I lurve that store. Everything is 50’s inspired and this camera is awesome, lots of poses and you get a whole pack of sweet colours. FREE hair is by Murray – huge fatpack of every colour imaginable, you can find this at the SLB14 event.

Neve also have a romper out @ Fameshed – yes indeedy, and naturally I chose to show the plaid version because – well – I adore happy plaids! Mesh body fits heaps of other colours and florals galore. (record player and distant flamingo are both from Fin btw)

Last up, my new shooz the “Gaiety Clogs” are by ArisAris, on promo at the moment for just £99L. Ohmaigawd the Hud is just fahbulous – SO much choice it made me dizzy. Preset patterns and the option to personalise nearly every.single.bit!



Fin relive the fifties

ArisAris (market place offer)


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I have pets (inc a Freebie).

I have a few shops in SL, just like RL, which I have a fondness for Follow Us is one of them, Mina’s of course and you will have read me going on about and  Magritta shop Mag<3.B. You just seem to get the feeling that they like to offer moneys worth or just give a little bit of themselves in what they sell so I love it when a notice comes out about new stuff, I love it even more when a notice comes out about new free stuff LOL.

Working from the top down.  I’ve spotted these filly tops in other shops but since I’m a meanie I’ve resisted them hoping that at some stage they would work their way down to either being less pricey or come with as a Fat Pack which makes them a lot more tempting and one thing Margritta does with most of her stuff is both things ie affordable & Fat packs so I now have the top I wanted.XXXpets3

At only 100Lds and a colour Hud which gives you a generous 10 colour options for the frill and 10 for the top a bargain.  All in the same pastel shades and perfect for jeans, skirts and shorts and although were still in the cooler Spring months if you’re a Summer Babe a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Goes without saying that the mesh sizing is just as generous ie all the mesh size, fitmesh and mesh body options.


These shorts are a Freebie.  I just did a post not long ago about CuCu Clothes and I knew there was Freebies that I hadn’t shown you so I dug these purple shorts out of the Freebies I had picked up and I knew they were a perfect colour for this top. I’ll put the Link to the post about the CuCu Hunt item but these shorts and other Freebies are actually on the counter and I do believe they are a gift for all so you don’t even have to be a group member.  The one thing I will say is that these shorts are actually part of the PJ set and they don’t come with an Alpha for just wearing the shorts on their own but most of us have plenty of Alphas in our invent so easy to find one to fit.


Love these pastel boots, again not only a bargain price but again they come with a 10 colour option Hud which allows you to change the shoe, soul, laces and lace holes and again all in the same pastel shades as the top and only 100Ld for all of that.  You do also get small and large boots and a non rigged pair, which means you can edit them for a better fit if you need to.

One of the reasons I adore Mag<3.B is not just because all of her clothes are very reasonable priced and packed with colour options they’ve all turned out to be keepers for me. Apart from a sweater/shirt combo which I accidentally deleted I think I’ve actually kept everything from her shop.  Lots of tights and socks for mesh bodies and cute Kawaii items but not childish or sickly sweet designs.

As always there is all of the old and new GG’s and super cheap bargains filling a corner of her small shop but as I was LM grabbing I noticed a board with some SALE items on it and the Spring Clogs which are one of a pair of shoes I own from here which I use an awful lot and they’re only 30Lds.


CuCu Clothes

CuCu Clothes (Previous post & Freebie)

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Sooo bad!(Freebies)

I sometimes find items that are so brill or are on offer for such a limited time I blog them quickly and then I have items which I know will be available for quite a while or maybe I just want to keep it till I can find the right accessory to show it off and that’s exactly what happened this morning.  Magrritta the owner of Mag<3.B sent out her new, free to join, Group Gift of lovely clogs and as it happens I already had this Group Gift in my invent just waiting for the right time and that time is now.


A simple mesh dress, apart from a great texture and fit  nothing really exciting until you team it with her new GG of these clogs.

shoesJust plain lovely, non SLink which is great news to a lot of people.  Mesh clogs with mesh socks.


A simple and lovely look and all for the price of ZERO.  I tried these clogs on with jeans, shorts and then this dress and they just go with everything so really handy for your invent.

A small shop packed with lots of Kawaii items but not so much  that if super cute isn’t your look you will still find lots to tempt you and at her prices more than affordable.  I especially like the sexy workers costumes that come with helmets and tools I resisted buying one of them but I did grab a pair of “bloody” shoes for future use.

Check out her Marketplace shop because although the Group Gifts aren’t in there she has plenty of items starting at just a Dollarbie.

The bad is for 2 reasons firstly I not only managed to hit all of the Arcade Yardsales I even managed to get into the main event so basically I’ve overspent and I’m not a sorry broke assed girl so I’m going to try and find only really cheap, free, dollarbies or hunt items for the next month.


Mag<3.B  Marketplace

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Clippity Clop – wear those clogs !

ArisAris clogs NEW!

Had to shoot a post out about these fabbo new clogs from ArisAris… not a huge range of colours (yet), white, black,camel,wine and brown. I’ve been stomping about in them for dayssss ! Lovely tie detail around the ankle with summery bead work, fab stitching around the foot section really makes the whole design POP for me…go treat yourself !


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Cool Blondie

This will shock both Faith and Steve because for once I have gone all blonde but I simply thought that this lovely cool summery dress simply deserved to be topped off with an equally cool hair colour.  It is called Hibiscus and only for 2 weeks can you get it at the promotion price of 99lds.  Comes with matching mesh clogs and mesh skirt, different sizes in skirt, clogs, shoes and belt means a fit for everyone.  Shoes and skirt are mesh so it also comes with 3 choices of Alphas to suit.  OH I almost forgot this outfit has it’s cheeky rudy side to it because it comes with a yellow bra  which you can see in the picture but for those with a little bit of nerve without it you can flash your boobies at the boys or girls.

You can pick this up from the marketplace if you can’t make it inworld


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Purple Moon Rising

We’ve got a special guest on the blog tonight (added by Faithless because I CAN-its DAY for me & zan aussie boy ). Our good mate Zan Beck has been on the prowl and picked up a couple of items you girls might be interested in from PurpleMoon Creations and Duh!

Now you all know how untalented I am at describing female fashion. Fortunately for me, Zan has given me a hand and so I’ll turn it over to her.

Getting back into the swing of grabbing freebies and group gifties and was seriously chuffed that with my first foray back I scored!

This Floral blouse comes from PurpleMoon Creations and is completely free. It is seriously sweet, especially when teamed with shorts, jeans or a mini skirt. A wide ruffle over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. Wide lace texture on the bottom but the main body is a lovely green, blue and red floral pattern and has an excellent subtle satin sheen to it. I’m going to be keeping this one for sure.

I definitely have to agree with Zan on this, this is definitely one pretty blouse but it’s not all she managed to get!

These are the Golden clogs from Duh! I’m so happy that this shop is still going as it offers not only good honest, wearable clothing but affordable! Their prices are so reasonable. These clogs are a great example of their quality. They just go with everything! Awesome little details on the side and buckle of these shoes. They are like that pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you always pull on when you can’t be bothered to totter around in ridiculously high heels or don’t want to put on boring flats. I’m happy to see that they have added a few accessories to their line as well.  Pop along and I dare you not to buy something.

So there you have it from our own Miss Zan, a couple of sweet items that you should grab for yourself. Thanks for being a sport while I was taking the pics Zan!

Get the gear here:
Floral Blouse: PurpleMoon Creations
Golden Clogs: Duh!