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I’ve been fiddling about with the new range of hats by Eclectica for a little while…whilst I simply adore vintage and retro homewares, I’ve never really tried much in the way of clothing or accessories. However…when I tried this new cloche style headwear on, I was sold ! Each colour range comes with three versions, I’m wearing the blue pack. These are unrigged mesh, so you can re-size using either the inbuilt menu or by hand. You also get an amazing five hair colours to choose from or, handily you can opt to not show the hair and wear your own..clever huh?! The hat itself is a felt fabric, with a silk band and gorgeous metal brooch attached, two choices of metal for this. Pro-tip…Tiffy has left the base of the hat pretty neutral…and if you read the blurb on her market place store, she explains how you can also hand tint this slightly to better match your clothing if need be, brilliant! There is a demo instore to grab and play with. Btw my dress is a release from coldLogic from last year called Christie…lovely range of retro tones in this that I feel compliment the colour palette in the new solaria hats from Eclectica, check them out.

eclectica and paris metro_004

New in yesterday is Flora jewelry set…ohhhh I was so chuffed with this. Id been hunting in my inventory for something that would suit the warmer weather clothing that’s coming out voila ! Just look at the realism on that big central rose bloom…looks like you could stroke its tender petals doesn’t it? Tiny daisies cascade around either side of the central flower…and you have gorgeous daisy earrings . As is usual with Eclectica’s work…you get SO many choices in the menu to personalise these items its unreal. The strap, clasp,leaves, gems etc…this range is unrigged mesh, meaning if you prefer to edit by hand on a pose stand, you can. Thanks so much Tiffy ❤

Eclectica mainstore (demos are here)

Eclectica market place store

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store