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The Challenge goes to Morocco

The Challenge - Cleo Designs

This moths them for The Challenge is Moroccan. Think sun-baked landscapes, and vibrant fabrics. Above is some of the set from Cleo Design. You really need to go to the store and take a gander at the whole thing ! Low chaise style couch, with rich patterned cushions, also a pouffe, everything is loaded with poses galore.

The Challenge - Cleo Designs NEW

Heres some more bit n bobs from the set, as usual high quality and fabulous to scatter about and not worry too much about prims.

The Challenge - bauwerk

22769 – Bauwerk have this Moroccan inspired set up for grabs also. Again those lush jewel tones for the upholstery, and a sun worn wood frame. Included is a really lovely Turkish style table with teapot and cups. It has eleven single and nine couple sits in the bench which is also materials enabled. The whole set is SO low Li it made me smile (that doesn’t happen often!)

Moroccan Theme Prefab - comeplete with outsie water, indoor fire,rugs etc 49L

I also treated myself to a Moroccan themed home to act as a backdrop, only 49L ! Inside is a round fire and rugs, outside it has a feature water basin and a planter (which I removed) It’s all modify so you can change it to your hearts desire, and remove items you don’t wish to have out.


22769 bauwerk

Cleo Designs

The Challenge blog (for all other participating stores)

Clock House (House)


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The Cookie Jar – Spring Festival (Freebies)

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Finishing Touches FREE fence with poses

Hopped over to The Cookie Jar to scope out the Spring Festival Hunt and came away with sooo many prizes ! This darling fence with bird boxes is the gift from Finishing Touches, it has lots of sweet poses in it  and a little puddle of spring tulips at the base .

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Zinias FREE

I also managed to find the prize at Zinnias, Zinnia is prettttty good at hiding and I’m not usually lucky ! Beautiful bench and hat rack, with sitting poses. Such a cozy feel to it.

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Cleo Designs FREE

Last up, I collected my prize from Cleo Designs, which is this hanging couch, table , scrummy tray with goodies on it andddd two vases of flowers ! All prizes are 100% free, all you have to do is land and then wander around the stores to find the little red tulips. The stores that aren’t participating are clearly marked btw. Happy Hunting !

The Cookie Jar



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More Kitsch – The Challenge sweetens up

The Challenge - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tiled Oven brown22

The Challenge is off to a flying start with its Kitsch theme this month and I’ve got the goodies to share! Bauwerk have this frankly astonishing range on offer, its mahoosive and warm. With its bench style seats that are crammed with charming poses galore and its crackling fire – its sure to delight and make your home ultra cozy. Not only good-looking but low prim too !

The Challenge - Cleo Designs

Cleo Designs is in this round, and once again Cleom has surpassed herself. The lounger is just terrific and if you touch the shadow beneath you have a huge selection of textures to choose from. The poses are many and varied, for both males & females. If you’re looking for a sweet tree to adorn your space, check out the one above – it’s so quaint it won my heart.

The Challenge - Cleo Designs - cups & cookies !

Close up of the mugs and cookies ! Everything is set up for sale and once again super low prim so you can scatter all the treats around to make a gorgeous scene.

The Challenge - UR Kitsch Kitchen NEW!

If you want to get shabby , chic & kitsch go visit UR, they have a vast new range including the above cooker,fridge, table and stools, O.o and some really lovely bottle styled light fixtures! The croissants are mine but don’t they look sweet?  The stools have a nice set of poses in them , suitable for both males & females. Love the old wheels on them! Take a look at the full range – url below.

The Challenge - Follow us

Last up is one of my fav’s. This set is by FollowUs and by Jove it’s a corker. I know I know I’m a sucker for a rocking chair, but these are almost edible! Lovely poses, beautifully crafted & textured, with a casually thrown garland over the side, I love! The table is packed with wintry treats and hot drinks,perfectly complimenting a cozy scene.



22769 – bauwerk

Cleo Designs

The Challenge Blog for all info & participants

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Free gift everyyyyyday!


One Advent calendar you really shouldnt miss is this ! Cleo Designs has one in store – no group to join – no fee to pay. Just rock up and hit the button on the door of the day. Yes, it really is that simple ! Todays gift is this lovely chair, a place setting and a steamy just-outta-the-oven Turkey. Thanks SO much Cleom ❤

Cleo Designs


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Winter warmers

Cleo Design House & Garden Designer Warehouse

Cleo Design has a brill set out for this round of House & Garden Designer Warehouse and as usual its a flippin huge box of pretties! You get two comfy big chairs, a rug, two stools, the sideboard that has opening cupboards (and is colour change too!) a framed picture (couldn’t fit it in !) the food decor items andddddd the chalkboard wall decor *phew*.

Cleo Design - decor detail

I really appreciate the use of good realistic poses in my furniture, and they are always sooo good in Cleom’s pieces. Plenty for females & males, some with props and so fluid. Go check this set out at the venue and have a play around, you’ll see what I mean. Above is a closer view of some of the little details in the set, each piece is so pretty and also low in prims.

Cleo Design - decor detail NEW!

Just so you can see the dirty big fried breakfast ! Id love to be chomping my way through that right about now – but can’t *sigh*, lovely detailing and check out that gorgeous looks-like-you-can-touch-it throw ! Thanks Cleom ❤

House & Garden Designer Warehouse


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Ding Ding ! Round nine

The Challenge - Cleo Design NEW! Love Marquee Mesh Text by coby 1L !!

The Challenge round nine is midcentury modern, loving it so far. Cleo Design has a very large set out, retro feel tables & sideboards. My fav piece by far is the sofa ! It comes in a range of colours and has customisable pillows and throw – so you can really match it into your home. The L-O-V-E sign was a dollarbie that I found on the market place, nifty huh?

The Cahllenge - sofa Cleo Design

I’m using the Cleo Design sofa in my own SL home – here’s a snapshot of “The Dagostino’s at leisure”. I just love this particular pose in the couples section , it’s SO us.

The Challenge Cleo Design ! NEW!!

Back on track, here’s the other components of the set above. The sideboard is so much awesome, it has music ! Ohmaii the songs are just brilliant. The doors open and shut, the turntable drops down on touch so you can choose which song is to be played..ohhh musnt forget the groovetastic lavalamp thats packed with different colours to swirlllllll around.

The Challenge buawerk 22769 chairs & lamp -Kuro in the woods prefab !

Bauwerk have quite a few pieces in this months round, classy as ever – I’ve picked out these chairs and the steel lamp to show you. The texturing on the chairs is superb, it’s that real 70’s sort of nubbly felty fabric (I have NO clue what it’s called), with pinned in covered buttons. One chair also has a bright tartan throw which is a lovely touch for the coming Winter months. They also have a round bed on offer which is definitely worth checking out. If you’re wondering about the home I’ve shot a lot of these photos in, its by Kuro and is called “In the woods”, Li of just 63 and 100% all mesh. Lovely build with plenty of rooms and space . I adore the red walls and wooden floors, plus the slated wooden dividers really gives the place depth and warmth.

Cleo Designs

22769 – Bauwerk


Coby Love decor panel

The Challenge

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Have a Traditional Christmas

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas”…I know you will when you see the goodies on offer from Cleo Designs ! They are in the “Traditinal Christmas Hunt” and this is the gift you will find…as always so so SO generous…you will receive the tree (which lights up and blinks and flashessss) the holly chair…and a stunning fireplace. On top of the fire is a santa mug that gives out a wearable cup..a wreath & pot plant plus the sweetest plate with sweet snacks on it….oh and underneath the tree are two wrapped up parcels…yay! Thanks Cleom xx

Cleo Designs

Web site: The Traditional Cristmas Hunt