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Its Advent Calendar time !


Its time to start to remember that each day you can receive a lovely gift from all the Advent calendars that pop up around SL. One of my favourites last year was at Cleo Design. There were gorgeous pieces , novelties etc. You just have to go to the store and touch the right door for that date. You cant go backwards, so don’t miss a day ! Thank you for doing this Cleom, its a real treat ❤


Cleo Design


Home & Garden Expo part deux

HGE Cleo Design - Shabby Tabby Autumn mantel decoration

It wouldn’t be the Home & Garden Expo if I didn’t get to share something from Cleo Design would it?! The lovely Cleom Bailey sent me some of her items over and I adore this brand spanking new bench. It’s just so pretty and cozy, perfect for Autumn. It has single and couple poses included plus a working little cubby hole underneath. Ohmai gosh….

HGE Cleo Design Shabby Tabby

…the fabric on the pillows are gorgeous! Cleom always seems to have textures in her work that make me want to stroke them, I usually spend an age just eye-balling them.  The fireplace is also by Cleo Design, a good solid classic piece that will keep you cozy right through to winter . On the mantle is a lovely item from Shabby Tabby called “Autumn mantel decor, its only 4Li and is sooper pretty, it really looked at home up there. Actually I’ve got a few more items from Shabby Tabby to show you later – patience !

Cleo Design @ The Home & Garden Expo

Shabby Tabby @ The Home & Garden Expo

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Rocking the day away

Cleo Design The Challenge - Rocking chair NEW!

I’m a sucker for a great rocking chair, I seriously own SO many ! The one above is new from Cleo Design and its won a place in my home already! It has both male and female poses and comes in a selection of homey patterns and colours. I plumped for the beige one as it fitted in with my bedroom décor so very well. I really like the wood on it, it looks a little worn as if someone has enjoyed a peaceful sit in it for some years. Touch the foot part of the chair for the rocking motion btw. Cleom also has some rather luxurious chairs out for this round of The Challenge and also a retro styled cabinet with opening doors, get your skates on a grab some pretties!

Lingerie by

As you might be able to see I am also wearing some new lingerie woot! I can’t stop buying things for my new Slink Physique body and when I saw this sweet set by chocolate atelier (called  fragile love) I just had to have it. It’s currently on offer at The Cosmopolitan Sale room event – just 70L ! In the box are also appliers for Lolas bewbs, phat azz and of course old-fashioned clothing layers.

The Challenge Blog

Cleo Design

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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Renting a Home in Second Life (Part 4)

Fairy Unique Rental -House by Culrpit

I love doing these rental posts – it’s a real treat to scoot about looking at homes & spaces. My fourth port of call was Fairy Unique Rentals, only a couple of vacancies when I arrived so I used the rental board to teleport up to them. After uhmming & ahhing, because they were all SO pretty, I chose this one above. It’s really roomy and spacious, with a wrap around balcony downstairs, a conservatory and a brilliantly enormous bedroom area. (This home is made by Culprit btw , link below if you wanna buy one – its called Dragonfly cottage) I stumped up the rent for a week, read the notecard that I was given and waited for a group invite. The group joiner bot thinger was on strike I think, so I dropped the landlady a note – next day I got the invite AND she added my lost day back onto my remaining time – sweet ! The rental layout is unusual and I liked it. Each home is on its own grassy platform thats suspended in the sky, abundantly decorated with gorgeous flowers and plants. You also get 150 prims for your own gear. When you pay the rental board down at the store level , it’s automatically covered up , so no one should really bother you. I didn’t notice a way to lock the doors and to be honest I would’ve preferred that option , as the rental agreement says “no security orbs”. I know I know privacy isn’t really applicable in Second Life, unless you own your own Sim etc…but I do like to lock my doors, it just makes me feel better?! Cant say I’ve been bothered at all, and I’ve hung out decorating for the last three days.

Fairy Unique Rentals collage

I popped over to Cleo Design and nabbed a few treats for my new space , the couch I’m sat on is sooper cozy (and has pattern change options) I seem to recall it was just 55L ! As you can see above the house also has a large conservatory space, it’s just begging for some benches and plants. The rent per week for this home is a very low 250L, I think, but I’m not sure that all the homes are around this price point. Big thank you to Happyholly Grigges who is the land owner and landlady , such a lovely welcome ❤

Fairy Unique Rentals

Culprit Dragonfly cottage – market place link

Culprit Store

Cleo Designs

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The Cookie Jar – Bargains & Gifts galore!

Cookie Jar 10L sale and Free gifts

By chance I found out about the anniversary sale at The Cookie Jar, headed over there ASAP and pounced on the treats. There are heaps of 10L items to spruce up your space plus if you join The Cookie Jar group (free to join btw) a whole raft of gifts also ! I grabbed up the sweet butterfly house from Lok’s for 10L, it comes in three variations, plus this sweet bench from Zoe’s Garden which  was one of the freebies. See my bigass cake?! It’s also a gift from The Mustard Seed, yum.

10L sale & Free gifts

My pretty pots of flowers are from Lok’s, you get both sets in the box for 10L, scatter them about for a low prim effect, they are just 1 prim per grouping.

FREE birdbath

Finishing Touches gift is this magnifico verdigris bird bath, I think it was only 5Li, a really sweet addition to any garden .

Bumbershoot Saigon Kitty -

LVS had this sweet bicycle with rose planters out as their gift, my sweet kittycat was 10L from Bumbershoot, miaowww!

Cleo Design 10L !

You simply MUST grab this gorgeous lounger up for 10L from Cleo Design, it’s just SO summery, the texturing is superb. Lotsa poses , some with props that rez. The small cushion is also texture change.

Cleo Designs Free GIFT

Cleo Design also have this retro record player out as a gift, gawd some great tunes! Touch to open the doors, and the control buttons give you a pop up menu to choose your fav songs.


The Cookie Jar 10L Garden & gifts

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The Challenge – its the wild wild west !

The Challenge

New month, new Challenge, this months theme is “The wild wild West” –  yeeehaw!  I was dead impressed with this build by [hate this], its pretty clever and comes with a HUD that enables you to change the signage, the wood colour and the shade of the plaster . Also included are some decor items such as a ladder, cactus plant,barrels, coffins, even a counter for inside. Very atmospheric ! Its worth noting, that not only do you get the store in mesh materials ready, but for each piece you also get the option in mesh NOT materials ready – now I’m no expert, and why you’d want it not materials ready I don’t know – but CHOICE is good right?! Zan found the horses I’ve got mooching about at United Inshcon, absolutely marvellous and only 1 prim, they also make sounds which you can opt out of if you find them irritating.

The Challenge - United Inschon Horses

Little montage of the  items and of course the Horses.

The Challenge Cleo Designs

Cleo Design has two wagons on offer, this one has a cushion inside stuffed with couple,single and friends poses, love the wood effect, there’s also…

The Challenge Cleo Designs_

…this one, that is all set to go with pots and planters full of flowers, ever so decorative.

The Challenge - Sway's

Sway’s is in this month too, and the [Tuari] bench is just edible. There are three designs to choose from, this one is called “foliage”, lovely poses included as always.

The Challenge - hate this

Montage of the bench and some of the decor items from [hate this] – if you’ve got a hankerin for a wild west style space – The Challenge has everything you need this month. Blog site below for information on all participants this round, and stores featured links. Thanks everyone ❤

The Challenge Blog

Cleo Design



United Inshcon




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Spring time Garden (Hunt)

Strawberry Kube hunt - Cleo Design

Time to get outside and enjoy your garden. Even if you’ve got a limited amount of space and prims, you will love this set from Cleo Design. It’s a whole garden in a box ! This is the  prize for the Strawberry Kube Hunt, each gift is just 5L. Boy-oh-boy is this worth hunting out, you get the table and six chairs, food items and also the beautifully paved gazebo with optional flower bushes to plant around the border. The chairs are only 2 prims each and have so many poses for both boys & girls. You also get the food items, plus wearable props are given for certain poses. The hunt blog has prize previews and urls, which I’ve given below.

SF Design NEW! Mesh capri pants & mesh shirt

Also new out are these scrummy Capri pant & shirt sets from SF Design. These come in a variety of colours, but I just loved this bronzey brown ! The pants have a muted swirly pattern all over and the shirt is plain cotton, great together, great as separates ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

The strawberry kube hunt blog

Cleo Design

basket with 3 poses – POSEbility