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25L Tuesday Arrives

$25L Tuesday skirt, top & cardigan Cleo Design

Some great offers on 25L Tuesday this week, including this sweet outfit from Cleo Design. This is “Sharon” you get the skirt (more of a belt!) the lacey bralette and fluffy cardigan all for just $25L ! There are modesty panties attached to the skirt, which is very very short and revealing. I bought this mainly for the fluffy cardigan, it will look awesome with jeans or shorts. There are four colour packs to choose from with fits for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Isis and Hourglass.

Cleo Design

25L Tuesday Gallery

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Free gifts @ Energy Weekend Price

Some really lovely free gifts for this weekends round of Energy Weekend Price ! Each week there are a host of gifts to take from various stores as well as the bargain priced deals at $50L. This week I nabbed myself this shorts set from Leninha sizes for: Belleza, Freya, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass & Slink. I couldn’t resist the potion bottles free at Cleo Design, you get four colours, each one with or without particles and a hold pose. Perfect for V day ! You can see allll the gifts and alll the offers on the blog linked below.

Energy Price Blog

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Home Show – Cleo Design

Home Show 2017 has begun and runs until the 29th July. Stop by and check out a whole heap of pretties from Cleo Design. Lots to see and play with! I just adored this sweet little bench with a shell print blanket and cushion, heaps of poses built right in. The waterfall decor is also on sale at the event.

You can also find this perfect beach retreat at Home Show. Drapes blowing, pretty lights and cute half-open windows. Perfect place to shelter from the sun or hang out in at sunset. Quite a few decor items to fit around it too !

I really enjoyed lolling about on this shabby chic couch, single pringle poses plus couples. I’m just showing the smallest glimpse of whats for sale btw – you’ll need to go take a peek.

Home Show 

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Garden delight – The Challenge Stone round

This round of The Challenge is really inspiring – I wanted to share the pieces from Cleo Design today – they are simply dreamy ! The fountain has the following:9 single sit anims..2 couple chat anims. It comes with the bamboo plant & stones, which are SO lovely. Please note because Iam dopey, I rezzed this and neglected to use the teeny little birdy that sits on the bowl – but I’m sure you wont forget it!

Love this bench – handy-dandy for courtyards,gardens, patios etc. Such lovely poses for singles and couples ( male,female anims..and 3 couple  chat anms.) Bench is just 3Li, plus you get the greenery with it. Don’t forget the prices are just for this current round of The Challenge. (Bench & bamboo $75L – Fountain & bamboo $100L)

Cleo Design

The Challenge Blog

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Its all sushi to me

The Challenge - Cleo Designs NEW

Cleo Design is in this round of The Challenge, and has a fantastic set for you to try. The cabinets come on a few colours, I was dithering between the traditional black lacquer or the gorgeous green to be honest. Theres a tea set, a stunning bright red parasol for décor and of course – food !

The Challenge - Asian theme Cleo Design

The table and chairs are really beautifully done, poses are just right for the furniture, eating, drinking , chatting etc.  You can just see the screen on the right hand side and also the floor standing lamp which turns on and off.

The Challenge - Asian theme Home 10L

I set all of Cleo designs items up in this rather opulent Asian themed house I found on the Market place – for just $1L ! Mmmhhmmm a single Linden and its all yours, hanging lanterns and all. The whole home is 108 prims, but its huge space for that with interior rooms, sliding doors and the fabulous shaped roof.

Cleo Design

Dollarbie  Tea house

The Challenge Blog

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Dogs and Parks

The Challenge - Park bench - Citrus thrift shop bell bottom jeans and jacket NEW

This is the offering from Cleo Design for this round of The Challenge. When I saw it I thought Cleom (the owner of Cleo Design) had been to my dog walking park, cause these are almost identical to the ones I sit in after I’ve huffed and puffed my way round jogging with my dog ! Really lovely poses and you can also change the texture of the shade via the menu. Singles & couples poses btw. On the side is a nicely detailed park map for added realism !

The Challenge - Park bench - Citrus thrift shop bell bottom jeans and jacket - various colours available !

My outfit is by Citrus and this is their items for the upcoming “Thrift shop” event, it opens on the 6th – so no sneaky teleporting until then! As you know I’m big into all shades of brown at the moment and I only opened this colour because of the name, I thought it WAS brown ! However, it snapped me out of my obsession and I totally adore this soft blue denim tone. The jeans and jacket are sold separately, not sure on price as it isn’t mentioned in the note but as it’s The Thrift Shop its bound to be a right good deal. The shade I’m showing is “creek” but there are several other colours to snap up. Little hint of Boho in this ensemble huh?! (Btw you can also wear the jacket on its ow without the top)

Cleo Design

The Thrift Shop

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Spruce up for free

Cleo Designs- New Year Gift FREE

I had a lovely New Year Gift from Cleo Designs the other day, a truly splendid set for your home. The package has two stylish vintage chairs that are full of poses for males and females. I love the delicate antique blue colour of them and they fit into my new home perfectly. There is also a dresser/sideboard, the drawers open and close which is a lovely touch. Plusssss a cheeseboard and a cake stand full of little treats !

Cleo Designs - FREE gift

The tree with candles is also in the box, I think its meant to be free-standing but I kinda liked it up on the wall. Heres a closer look at the chair just because I adore it. Ohhh btw all the items are transferable – so if you’d like to give some of the items, or all of the items to a friend its possible. To get this set, head over to Cleo Design, join the subscriber, then touch again for *history*, you need to choose item 1 and it will be delivered to you – thanks Cleom !

Cleo Design