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Got Boobs? (Freebie).

Be kind to me I have a double whammy of a cold and toothache! RL is sucking badly at the moment.

I’ve been tottering around in SL with this very night clubbing, date night, stylised outfit from Braham Design or the past 2 days but I’ve only had the nounce to finally be able to show it to you today.


OK I did have fun with editing but this outfit didn’t need it.  Obviously the main body of this mesh dress is a matt black and that exaggerated red fold is very dramatic, you can also see that even the lining of the dress is the bright red which is a nice finishing touch but not as nice as the bows on the back.


I don’t do nightclubs, dancing or dating in SL but I do know of people who love to take their AV dancing and do a bit of inworld flirting as well and this dramatically coloured dress will get you noticed for sure.

OK a maybe a bit of a downside.  Boobies, this dress comes with a very generous boobie cup size so even though I’m wearing the XS size my little pimple sized boobies don’t fill the cups BUT I do keep my boobie slider in the pretty small setting.  Although I love to wear my Tangoes on the whole I keep my boobies petite but if you’re the sort of girl or even boy who loves a pneumatic cleavage then perfect for you or of course with a simple slide you could make yourself a busty AV.

Going to be honest my brain is moosh so I can’t really remember much about the Braham shop so I can’t tell you much about it but once I’ve got my sh*t together, in other words the pain killers I’ve taken have kicked in, I’m going to have a wander around.

DOH I’ve just realised, red n black perfect Valentines outfit! So grab it now as it may not be there next month and hide it away till the big day (all rhyming is completely unintentional)

UPDATE, This Freebie/GG is on the wall just outside of the entrance to the shop and I highly recommend you GO INSIDE!  I’ve just spent a very pleasant half an hour trying on quite a few demos as there is some really lovely items here, even the simple knitted off the shoulder dress impressed me with the crispness of the texture but there seems to be a bit of everything from casual summer to cold wintry wear and it’s the same with the pricing.  Lots of things are just 55Lds but even at the higher prices of 99-150+LDs if I had a unlimied budget I would have bought at least 2 things and thats only what I spotted on the ground floor and there is even more upstairs and I believe across the way is the mens dept as well.  I did also notice with the demos I picked up they came with not just the standard mesh sizing but also mesh body sizes and fitmesh so this is definately a place to check out properly.

Braham Design


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Golden Girl

PinkCherry - Hot Chica deep cut jumpsuit NEW! Crysral Line free jewelry !

New release from PinkCherry babies…always look forward to those. This is a deep cut jumpsuit that exposes oooodles of cleavage…its called “Hot Chica” and we can all see why ! Very alluring…great style. I went for classic glam but you could really go to town and accessorize this to a million bits. Available in eleven smashing colours and just 259L per tone.

Pink Cherry

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Fun & Puffles


Newwww releases from FLG to increase your Saturday happy quota ! This is just one of the colours of the new “puffed” top…beautiful styling on the sleeves and ohmaiiiii such a cleavage popping cut out in the front . It shoes off your assets for sure.


Here are the newwww Fun pants…yes, that’s their name “Fun” , have to admit they did make me feel like twirrrrrrling. Various patterns available in these including some really fab striped black & white. I got a superb fit around the waist  and  a great look to my bum..rounded and pert. These are on sale at the Pure Sales room event and at 70L per piece a real steal.

Pure Sales room event

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Hello cleavage

coldLogic petit NEW!

Funny old world isn’t it? Only two days ago I was enlightening Player to the alternative slang for breasts. (Think puppies,baps,the girls etc) and coldLogic go and make a release all about showing them off hurrrah! A whole wardrobe full of baptasticness…this is “petit” in the blue tone. Heaps of dots which I lurve, I slung on some olddddd fishy-strawberry leggins (not sure if they are even still for sale) and took a chance to strut my stuff in my new *ohmaiiii* NEW shoes…by GOS and called “Marilyn”. (If like me you havent explored the new skin tone matching system by GOS, you really should, its marvelous for people like me who really can’t get skin tones matched properly!)

coldLogic NEW! Simon dress

There is also this retro feel dress called “Simon”, ooodles of patterns and colours to choose from so dash over to the store (or market place) and check them out. Its got a reallllllllly low cleavage boosting top half, even my tiny girls looked *enhanced* in this, you also get a choice of belts in the pack.

coldLogic NEW! Babin dress - Gos Boutique Grace sandals

Last up for today is this flirty little frock called “babin”, there is also a plain non patterned version but the delicate swirls and flowers on this made my heart scrunch with happiness. I was hard pressed to choose which colour to show, but my pink addiction won and here it is ! You could really glam this up with a big floppy hat maybe or heaps of jewelry, but I enjoyed its simple charm as is…just added another of my GOS purchases into the equation *grin*, yes ok ok ok, so I bought two pairssss ! These are called Grace and graceful they are. Brilliant style for the warmer weather, and with that new skin matching system a real breeze to fit and get a perfect skin tone.  Get yourself over to the coldLogic store and take a gander at the lovelies, thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

GOS  (btw, if you join the new Boutique group at GOS, its just 50L at the moment and you get a cash back on each purchase ! My shoes were 795L and I received a rebate of 79L on each pair.)


Plastik…vinyl..very 50’s

Taste of the 50's hunt gift from Plastik & BDR Houssine outfit

I do, as you can imagine, a lot of hunts…I enjoy them and its a great chance to see new stores, try out new designers items etc..every once in a while I come across something that makes my eyes “pop” out..might be the sheer generosity of the designer, the awesome quality of the gift,or that its JUST what I was looking for…this skin , given as a gift in The Taste of the 50’s hunt by Plastik , nailed all three. ohmaiiii..not only is it just an absolutely beautiful skin but also you’re given it in sooo many shades and options. Freckles,cleavage,plus tattoo makeups for lips and eyes plussss eyes also..Im wearing the Ataciara skin in the “hymm” tone along with the lighter lip tattoo and also the “VaeColl beauty eyes”.  The body is incredibly detailed,dimples above the butt cheekies, the hands are the best I’ve seen….Just devine..thank you Plastik .

Beautiful Dirty Rich Houssine outfit 0L

If you’re wondering where my outfit is from (if you’re not tough cause I’m gonna tell you anyway) its off the marketplace from Beautiful Dirty Rich, for the princely sum of 0L. I adored the slightly washed out pink shade and lush satin fabric..comes complete with the top, sculpted skirt and slithery shiny black leggings..all great as seperates and has a simpledimple resizer for the skirt …you can grab it here :

Happy Monday !

Go get skinned: Plastik