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Trust me if I had these in RL I really would hum in happiness. I would never wear them as we all know shoes like these look amazing but as soon as you walk they go flying off your feet or you have to clench your toes so much you end up with toe ache, it’s a real thing.  That’s the joy of SL in that you can dress your AV the way you would love to dress in RL plus you never have bad hair days or chipped nails and if you wanna dress like an inflatable sex doll with trashy clothes I say GO FOR IT…I’ll remain cheap but classy LOL.

G&D again! This shop constantly gives you a great monthly GG and for FREE!  The 3 main mesh sizes and you even get a hud to change the sole, base and even the pearls just not the straps.

G&D The Italian Style


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Well SL is still hating me at the moment, I will resist moaning too much but it was a surprise when I managed to stay in world to be able to grab some shots of these goodies.

IntrepidNot only new shoes but new Donna Flora shoes.  Because I’ve not been able to keep upto date with how the big Donna Flora even that has has been going I decided to blog about these shoes which came from Donna Floras own shop and are a prim example of her craft.  A soft silver  satin sheen, very retro with an easy to use hud.  Can be worn without the bows as well.

RaptureThe soft feminine look is hardened by those wicked spiked heels.

FurI even managed to have time to pop this tippet on.  A fur collar with strands of pearls draped down.  The one shown in the shop is worn over a jacket and looks great.  A handy accessory to tart up a favourite outfit.  This comes from Coco which I know for a fact has some excellent free to join Group Gifts (I have them) and I managed to meander around all the lovely new stuff and checked out the massive discount section before SL kicked me out again.  As soon as I can get back I’m picking up a delightful cropped jumper with a lace collar and  a good look at the new stock.

Donna Flora (shop in the sky)

Squinternet Larnia

Coco Designs

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Sweet Relief

Rain has finally broken through the incessant heat so I’m sheltering inside not from the heat but the rain but it means I can finally blog the Maitreya Sale.  A massive 50- 70% off everything from Top to Tail (hair and shoes and everything else in between).

Mait2Wasn’t an easy shot to take because this comes without a top or even panties! How rude! What it does come with is a more than reasonable amount of stocking shades a total of 12.  One of the great sale items going on at Maitreya the first they have had in 3 years so of course being a massive fan of their clothes and esp their hair I TPed and then TPed back out because “the world and his wife” were there.  Happily now the crush has died down I was able to grab myself some bargains.  This Girdle and stocking set is only a  100Lds of retro satin sexiness. The waist is a seamlessly blended sculpted slightly flared belt.  A beautiful salmon colour with the sheen of satin. Maitreya’s texturing is one of the best.

Mait1A simple body suit but those darker patched on my hips are actually resizeable ruffles which you can wear with or without so it’s a stand alone outfit or a top for jeans or skirt.   It maybe a standard bodysuit but because it comes from Maitreya it’s more than that.  Beautiful texturing, the ruffles are a lovely touch and easily tweaked to change the size.

Both of these items are non mesh and if your still not into mesh then this is the place to pick clothes up which have the quality that stands up so well against mesh.

NolitaThis however is one of Maitreya’s mesh dresses and this as well as another one of theirs is the first mesh dress I owned.  Even at the time it wasn’t the cheapest but it is such an elegant timeless, ageless style that it was worth the Lindens.  Reduced to 225Lds which may still be pricy to a lot of people but of course the mesh items come with demos and trust me grab this one and try it on.  I of course picked a more subtle colour but there is a whole range of shades for all items.

HAIR HAIR HAIR Shouting that out because you must not miss the hair.  Prices slashed to 75 for packs of shades. Amazing hair with hats or scarves, great colouring etc. Not wearing one of their hairs in this photo but I swear I think I now own them all.  LM given for each shop however they’re all together and within easy walking.

Maitreya Clothes

Maitreya Hair

Maitreya Shoes

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Classy To Trashy

Of course this is the Classy new hair shop to me, Burley and ok so I will admit that the hair is not the “up do” I’m looking for but yet again I was led astray by a simply great hair.  Alicia is the name, and it  is scooped up on one side with hair down the back and  a big fat ringlet draped down the other side.  It is elegance at it’s finest but with a more unstructured look and the so cute little bit of ear that pokes though on both sides gives this a softness, so it can be worn as casual as well as formal. It hurt me not to splash out and buy the fat pack, but there were so many styles there, I’m saving my lindens for another visit to this great shop.   And at 285 Lds for 7 shades of brown it’s a beautiful bargain. Lots of young modern mens hairs as well and a lot of styles come with extras you can buy to change the look without much expense.  Easy to resize, just click, and then you can remove the script.

Trashy, did I really have to tell you that?  As soon as Faith saw the clothes in this shop for some reason she thought I might like to try them. I have no idea why because I’m a SL Saint, I really am!  OK lets admit it SL is a place to reveal your inner naughtiness.  A shop of the rude and sometimes crude sort of clothing a lot of nip flashing groin gripping naughtiness.  Lethe Scar (scarlet.felicci) was so kind to send me some samples of her wares and I’m pretty sure she will agree with my description of the looks she is aiming for.  So this dress is called Naked Fear and it’s so sheer that it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  In this pack you geta choice of plain or patterned which is nice.  She also sent me a Peekaboo Bra called Bow To Me and it is grey, grubby, pink bowed and rudely cute , also a pair of  Burlesque shoes which have shockingly bright red roses on them and heels so thin they could take a person’s eye out if you used them in a cat fight!  Only a small selection of mesh items at the moment but of course not everyone wears mesh and even if you just want to gawk at the wares on show. You could also have a peek around for the hunt items that her store is involved with and check out the Lucky Chairs…Happy Hunting you little T*rts

Burley (classy)

Rockoil (trashy)