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Get Digging

The Mine Hunt - poche FREE

First of all may I say a big thank you and give a hug to sparka milo ! I met up with sparka on our home sim Dreamworks the other day, shed popped over to nab a few of our gacha unwanted items, and bless her heart she gave me some of  hers in return. Naturally, as she knows we love a bargain or five, she also mentioned a hunt shed been doing – The Mine shaft hunt. I was intrigued, it sounded a boatload of fun. Its one of those participation type things, you get a HUD, you get given a pick axe and you have to go wandering underground and dig dig dig at the rocks. (pro-tip, don’t hit the rocks , hit close by to them) Sooooo you collect items, then go make recipes and you FINALLY get given a key which you can trade for a prize in any of the stores. Sounds confusing I know but it seriously isn’t, once you’re there you will easily get the hang of it. Anyyyhoooooo once sparka mentioned poche had a prize , I was SO there ! I adore poche and had to get it. So I lumbered off with my pick axe and dug away, collected wood in the forest and after about 20 minutes of industrious work I got my gift, phewww.  The little soup set above is it, actually gives you a bowl and spoon to wear and animated yourself with, sooper cute.

Poche gacha 30L

In the poche store I was lured by their gacha machine and had a whirl, won this clam chowder soup set, just 30L a try !

The Mine shaft hunt start

The Mine Shaft blog