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Zanzo – its Fate

zanzo dress FateSTEP chucks NEW

I bought a pair of the sooper dooper new FATE step nylon chucks last week and was on the look out for something adorabubble to wear with them. After browsing SL Universe  last night and reading about a new-to-me store Zanzo, I sped over there to take a look around. Great stuff for men & women, plus skins and some home décor. I was lured by this sweet mesh “summer buzz” hoodie dress, aint it darlin?! I’m wearin it over my slink physique mesh body and its a really perfect fit – no tweaking – no fiddling, worn straight off the peg. Go check it out, lots of other designs and styles to grab up – I was particularly impressed with the mens skins, a bit different from the usual stuff you see around.

zanzo dress FATEstep Nylon Chucks NEW

Here’s my chucks, how very slurpable…these are by FATEstep, Damien Fate’s new line of male & female footwear. Yeh ok, I didn’t just buy these – I hold my hands up and confess, I bought a few more. Anyyyyhoo back to the chucks, there are actually two designs of these , one is more plain but I just loved these snazzy babies. The designs on the HUD are original art by Nylon Pinkney, it’s SO hard to select just one to wear – I keep on changing mine every five mins or so ! The box is vast and contains the following:  The Nylon Chucks come with 46 texture options in the HUD (23 normal and 23 dirty). Works with default avatars, Slink Male Flat feet, Slink Female Flat feet, and Maitreya Flat Feet. Unisex yay! Btw you dont have to wear the ankle socks , its an option too.

FATEstep HUD nylon chucks

Heres the HUD, you really can make them your own and customise them, or if lazy like me – go with some of the designs stashed in the HUD. Brilliant !

Zanzo store

Zanzo market place

Zanzo Blog

FATEstep store

FATEstep market place

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Scrambled Eggs

Citrus NEW! Rip & cuff mesh jeans - dots mesh top - group gift chucks - [CIRCA] Egg Hunt wearable basket & antlers - doorstep bargains plant shelf & tool supply box 55L

I’m rapidly running out of time to share all the Easter goodies on offer before I go on vacation, so bear with me as I try to cram it all in ! I’ve got fabbalicious newness from Citrus…oh yes…I do…juicy colours and with those handy-dandy HUD’s that mean you have options for colours yay! Above I’m wearing the new rip & cuff mesh jeans…super fit and very summery…great thing is, each pair comes with a hud, which meansssssss you actually get THREE pairs in one …good huh?! Naturally as I’m in such a zesty mood…I choose to show them in a mouthwateringly lovely citrus green tone…and of courrrrrse…the new mesh dots top in a matching shade. The dots top comes in a zillion different colours (well ok, not exactly a zillion but a LOT) , such a handy little thing and definitely a wardrobe essential. I nabbed these chucks in the mainstore, group gift, group is free to join…result ! The absolutely MAD Eastery antlers are from [CIRCA}…love them to death …my wearable basket is also from [CIRCA] both are gifts in the Nest Egg hunt…so dash over and grab them up ASAP. The easel style shelf unit is a real peach…lovely wood tone, very organic, there’s also a matching Gardeners tool tray which is sooper cute. Both of these items are part of the Doorstep Bargain and can be found at the [CIRCA] mainstore (until the 28th so hurry) …both items for the princely sum of only 55L.

Citrus rip & cuff emsh jeans - Dots mesh top - group gift chucks

Incase you’re not a juicy colour kinda gal…I just wanted to show you the new Citrus jeans in a more trad colour…this pair is from the dark pack, so you get three shades of jeans, this,a classic blue and washed out…pretty nifty. Thanks Sejher & Cherelle ❤


The Nest Egg Hunt


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In Her Shoes

Hello Zans feet *waves*…Im just the typist…zan’s done the legwork for this in her own words…and those of the designer..

“”Welcome! All the items I have made at: In Her shoes and Hair @ Vignette     are Free WHY!!? After years of loving Second Life and the creative freedom it brings, I’ve decided to give back. So young or new avi, rich or poor…I hope you enjoy the things I make.
Rachel Boram”

And I for one not only applaud her generosity but I wear it.  This store has been in SL for as long as I have but I’ve just rediscovered her treats through her new projects, she builds shops and homes for a SL living and hair and shoes for pleasure and freeness.   I compared her sneakers to my expensive ones and they were identical apart from price.


Everything in her store is for FREE.  She has everything a girl would need from sexy stilettos to cute flatties from statement shoes to understated shoes.  She’s not forgotten the men folk either as there is a small selection for the boys.

But there is more.  Hidden in the corner of the store is a small door and that leads you to a treasure trove of free hairs.  Male and female. Quickly snatched up a cute short little bob for myself but coming back later to check out the rest and fingers crossed it’s as good as the shoes.

All footwear: In Her Shoes

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Santo Claus

No, that title is not a typo. Santo is a store that’s new to me, Faith dropped me the landmark and said I should check it out and so I did. What I found when I arrived was a veritable Santa-sack full of free goodies. I picked out a couple to show you.

The first of these is this awesome camo field jacket. It features the grey t-shirt you can see underneath and the camo pattern is superb. This jacket comes with sculpted cuffs, jacket bottom and hood. All these attachments fit really well and even though I’m generally not a fan of hoods, this one looks very cool.

I also picked up these unlaced Chucks while I was there and they are lovely. You get a pair for both guys and girls in the pack, I chose the black pair for today but there are other colours you can pick up as well. The shoes are resize scripted and didn’t need much in the way of editing at all.

As I mentioned, there are many more wicked freebies to pick up while you’re there plus some cool looking skins to purchase. It’s definitely a place to visit.

Get the gear here: Santo

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Varsity Kicks (& I couldnt resist)

So ok..I couldnt resist…the temptation was tooo much ! Once Id been lured back to nyte n day..I really had to buy something…its only polite right? *laughs*…this natty denim set called “Malkin” caught my eye..lotsa choices of denim tones, sooper  useful for your SL wardrobe..Im thinking in the cooler days to toss on a shrug or cardigan…love it! At just 195L its a steal….and and and ohmaiii…check out my newww MIEL kicks ! *breathless*…arent they to-die-for???

Unbelievably these are on the fifty linden deal…there are two packs to choose from the naturals as above and the brights..uhmm…I got BOTH ! Ohhh cmonn…50L for these??!! Its gotta be done..nowww the technical stuff..the usual resizing on them etc..but but but..soooo many colours in each pack..and you can colour each part of the shoe…main,front,buckles etc..plussssss…see the “F” on my ones? and the wee heart? You can customise them also!!! Oh my lord..I adore these…oh btw..because they were a little late in being put out..they will be on offer at this lowwwww price till sometime Saturday..I wouldnt risk NOT getting them…haul butt now!

Go gettum: Nyte n Day       MIEL



Ohhhh Lawddd…I love my collection of sneakers & chucks …and I’ve got one more pair to add hurrrah! See below for how to get your mitts on these rather fabulous ones…click the pic for a closer view!

.::Freedo.0m::. Puuiki Shoes jamaica

These shoes comes with resizer options (they come pretty big for guys, so I easily resized for me !) and also two with the sock, one without..I just lovvvved the socks ! Really well made and BRIGHTLY coloured… I ❤ them verrrry much.

Want to go get them?

Head over to the main store , join the group, slap the board at the top of the stairs for the group gifty (you REALLY cant miss it ) and have them. I had a bit of a snoop about, very varied range of clothing for guys & girls. Full outfits from around 200L, singles, neko and just plain pretttty! Loved the look of the guys casual shirts…go see ! (there’s heapsss of MM boards too..naturally I slapped ALL their bottoms )

Go get sneakered: .::Freedo.0m::.