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Holiday wishes !


Merry Christmas!

Well it’s that time of year where I head off on my travels and get to wish you all a very Merry Christmas ! Its been a fabulous year (so far) with so many new innovations within Second Life , sometimes making my head spin! I’ve yet to embrace the whole mesh head craze, but I guess its only a matter of time before I succumb right?! Id be interested to hear from any of you who have got into mesh heads , what was your experience and how did you choose? Ohhhh – big thanks to all of you who came and dropped a note to Santa – hope you got what you wished for!

Got to stop rambling and get off my butt to pack my suitcase, Happy Christmas (if you celebrate it) take care of yourselves over the festive period – see you the other side.


Faith ❤

outfit by Goji mainstore

Hat & hair combo Decoy @ The Winter gacha Festival (only $25L!)


A word from all of us

Merry Christmas with love !

Hello everyone ! whoaaaa the big day is almost upon us and as we make that final dashhhh to the finish line we all just wanted to add our seasons greetings to all of you ! Its been a FANTASTIC year..Pure Eggs & Spam has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we’re so grateful to all who have supported us, the designers who have trusted us to show their creations and to everyone who reads our wafflings…*big squidge*. Its been a rollercoaster ride for me this year and just about clung on by my fingertips ! I’m really looking forward to 2011 ! Take care over the festive season, be safe and have fun, I hope the new year finds you in good health , wealth & happiness – Fai x

From Player : I wish you…
More than a lot of gifts and colours,
a heart full of love,
and the serenity that lets you notice
those little but nice things that happen around you:
Those, in their simplicity,
give happiness to those who catch
and appreciate them.
Merry Christmas by PD.


Zan :

Just remember that behind our perfect AVs are real people with all the flaws and worries and joys that we all have.  Don’t let SL become a plaster for what ails you in RL but a place to explore the unlimited boundaries of your imagination.

Be well and be stong.


Steve: Merry Christmas to all

I hope you all have wonderful holidays full of a love and laughter and may you find yourself under lots of mistletoe.



Drivin: My hope is that you  draw close to your circle of loved ones.  Nurture them, and your own soul will be nourished.   My wish is that next year, and every year, that circle may grow.

with love from all of us @ Pure ❤