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$50L Who can resist!

Ride With Santa- wearable, gestures & poses inc. $50L !

If you know me, you’ll know I cant resist a wearable item ! So this “Ride With Santa” is right up my alley. Just wear it and off you go, walk or run speeds, or fly. Of courrrse it has many options on most parts for textures – because that’s what Ever Green does beautifully ! There are also gestures that animate you. Cant believe this is just $50L – that’s my transport sorted for Christmas week at events !

Night Before Christmas book - Audible & readable $99L

If you love Christmas you’ll adore this. Rez it and read it, or choose between a male or female voice to read it aloud to you – touch the book for info – I set mine to automatic so the pages turn and the voice reads me right the way through – so soothing & relaxing…its just SO lovely! Only 6Li and costs just $99L – this is something you can bring out year after year, a real tradition maker. Go take a peek at the Festive area as there are a lot of new releases and all at very reasonable prices. Thanks Luna ❤

Ever Green

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The Elves & The Shoemaker

Ever Green Ginfer Bread Tree - 2 Prims Discunted!

I am really enjoying wandering around all the festive markets that have popped up. This one is just adorable andddd Ever Green have some treats and discounts for us yay! Above is the Gingerbread tealight tree, its so whimsical. You get three sizes in the box from table top to full tree, all with the great Ever Green menus to alter many many parts. If you buy it at this event you get it at 50% discount – just $75L.

Ever Green Ginger Bread House Discounted!

There is also this rather fantastic full size replica Gingerbread house – its for décor not for living in. Super pretty with a ton of options for most parts. Again buying at this event saves you cash – 50% discount – so just $175L – if you’ve got a festive area this would really fill up a space. Take a look around there are heaps of other items – I especially love love love the sleigh bed ❤

Ever Green @ The Elves & The Shoemaker

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Same LM, Different Post.

I knew there was a reason I had to call into the “The Artist Shed” shop and it wasn’t until I was wandering around inside trying to find at least 1 of the 3 free hunt prizes I rembered and it’s this perfect little tree, not free!

Now that my home is smaller I couldn’t rezz the big bold tree I had out last year, it was a case of “understated or nothing” and this tree fits the bill perfectly.

Only 75Lds and 3 prims, even better is once Christmas is over I’m moving this outside into my garden.

As mentioned there are 3 hunts going on inside the shop, and if you’ve read my last post you will know there is a lot more going on outside of the shop as well.

The Artist Shed.

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The Creative Spark – Holiday Cheer !

New round of the Creative Spark begins today hurrah! I really loved this sweet item from Insanity’s Owns. Its called “Christmas in a bottle”, and it really is ! It’s a large size, as big as a traditional Christmas tree, there are little snow flurries inside around the tree. The Li straight outta the box is 2Li, I made mine very slightly smaller and it went to 1Li. You can get your paws on this for just $50L during the round.


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This is “IT”.(35Ld Saturday)

Every year I try to dress our Christmas tree (in RL)differently, NO I most certainly am not one of those people who can afford to wastes a ton of money on new decorations but I often find with a bit of imagination and a whole lot of glue, paper, tinsel and a Pinterest addiction I can knock something up and this tree from Simply Shelby has totally inspired me!

It sent me scurrying to my craft supplies because I know I have fake flowers and other random stuff which is what this tree is made of.  Check out the shape as well as the branches are just randomly placed.

I’ve literally just grabbed it slapped it down, zoomed and snapped with no editing because as far as I could see or rather not see there isn’t a demo set out but I know Simply Shelby products so well I didn’t need to see a demo.  This is the 35Ld Saturday offer and it will be there till next Saturday.  Simply Shelby is one of those shops that has lots of bargains set out for us and I’ve never been disappointed.

It is 27 Prims which is actually ok when you see all the stuff shoved in those branches.  Since there is no demo I will rezz a copy of this at our LM so you can pop over to our sim to see it before you make your mind up.

PS.  Forgot to say the lights all flash and change colours.

Home Sweet Home. (to see the demo)

Simply Shelby

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Lucky me but NOT Free GG’s.

I had a really nice surprise because I was actually going to join this PAID FOR group just to grab these group gifts only to find when I tried to join I was already in that group, woohoo.  I think I remember joining when for a limited time the group was free but now it’s gone back up to 100Lds and even though it turned out I was already a member for what I scored I was actually going to join just for these are the tops.

I just slapped em all down, you get 4 little uns and 4 big uns and those Pumpkins as well.  The larger ones are 5 prims and I think the smaller ones are 2 prims and of course the Pumpkins are just a prim each.

An excellent mix of branches, bare and lit.

I spotted this one which you can’t really make out in the first picture as it’s out of the frame but it shows off the detailing to perfection.  Because this is a paid for group I’ve just used my Nams setting but they look amazing in all lights and this quality and the prim count will last for many Christmases to come.

Because I didn’t linger in the FB (Fashionably Dead) shop I’m only going by memory but FB is a fashion shop so the Christmas trees are probably just a one-off for Christmas but this top, however, is a prime example of the clothes you find here.  It’s just a cropped vest but with all that natural detailing which makes it look so real, the creases, hemp line and yes the nips as well.  This comes with a colour Hud, 5 shades in total but all in the same palette ie white, grey, greyer, greyest and black LOL.  There is another GG which I remember is what I blogged previously at the same time the group was free so I will leave that as a surprise for you but the design/styling of it is pretty well known and it also comes with a Texture Hud.  All 2 group gifts are on the table at the entrance.

Lots of the groups I am a member of are ones I’ve actually paid to join and chances are you too have joined a few but because I get sooooo manyyyy notices I probably miss out when new Group Gift have been set out.  So check your groups and even if there isn’t a notice in there about a Christmas gift still think of popping over to the shop to see if there is a Group Gift you’ve not been told of.

OH Drat! I logged out before making a note of the sizes but again from memory all standard mesh body fits but I’m sure you will see on the pictures in the shop what they are.

FB(Fashionably Dead)

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Go now! (FLF 50Lds).

I’ve found it I’ve found the thing which makes my cold Winter heart skip a beat.

I’ve never TPed so fast and I would have elbowed every other AV out of the way to grab this.  This is now outside of my house and with that superb twinking tree I purchased from a couple of posts ago, I think the outside of my house just screams CRIMBO IS HERE!

I just slapped it down and clicked 1 picture and then logged out because I just had to get this post done asp as I have a feeling that the “ANHELO” shop might just be one that only has them out for 24 hours but I could be wrong but I’d hate it if you missed this offer.

Yes, it’s about 32 prims so I’m going to have to pop back inworld and delete something, we like to keep a certain amount of prims free, but damn it’s worth every prim.  Taken in the sim setting I’ve chosen for Winter, till I change my mind again, it’s stunning not just in the texturing but those lights on the tree flash brilliantly.  You do get a menu so you can choose to have them on or off and how much they flash and I, of course, have jacked them up to full flash mode LOL.  I bought the red version but there is a blue one if you want.  Don’t TP out until the item is delivered to you.

I have visited ANHELO a couple of times and not just to buy their FLF (Fifty Linden Offer) but it’s not a place I like to visit as their builds/decor are unique and stunning and I am weak in the face of “unique and stunning” if I remember correctly they have a retro car with stunning poses that I’ve give my SLink Physique right arm for but so far I’ve resisted lol.

PS Just in case you’re confused, I reread my post, you’re buying the car with that Christmas tree the other tree isn’t in this picture.