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Chug, Chug, Chug, Day 9. (!g0 Advent gift).

I have so much to do today and so little energy to do it.  So I will chug my coffee down and work my way through my “to do” list and of course first thing on the list was to log in and grab todays !g0 Advent gift.

Yes it’s the sweater and yes I am wearing those jeans again…SL is imitating RL, don’t judge me.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

SEE!!!! I TOLD YA! (!g0 Advent Gift & Freebie).

Yes, I did I logged inworld before my second cup of coffee but I wanted 2 things, to grab the new !g0 Advent Gift and to wait for the heating to kick in and warm my house up because it’s FREEZING.

Not the skirt!

The skirt was yesterdays gift and sadly once the day is over the gift has gone never to be seen again but I just wanted to show you how the clothes are designed to complement each other and also as you can see in the next piccie can be worn on their own.

So the oversized jumper/sweater is today’s gift and it’s a wow.

That’s it, for now, I will just leave you with a quick reminder that it costs 50Lds to join the !g0 group and you will probably recognise the hat as a Christmas Gift from Argrace from last year.  I don’t know if it’s still out but it’s so worth a check.  I picked this green colour for the hair, I have to say I LOVE that shade, but you do get a large palette of standard shades.  The fact I’ve kept it all this time means it’s quality…of course.

UPDATE: I popped into Argrace and not only is this Santa hat still out as a FREEBIE there are 4 styles, which might have been out last year as well but as you can imagine I don’t pop into Argrace often.  They’re marked as “Group Gifts” and “VIP Group Gifts” but actually just click on them and they’re sent to you.  You also get a male version as well.



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Today is the day to join.(!g0 50Ld Advent Gift).

This is today’s !g0 Advent gift and it alone is worth the small joining fee.

Sorry I’ve not been keeping you updated with the daily !g0 gifts which is naughty of me as once the day has passed you can’t get them but as soon as I put this on I knew I couldn’t let another really good pressie pass you by.  Taken in my sim setting so you can see it as I see it, look at the knotted belt and just the quality. Best of all for me it even fits over my fav pants (sorry not free but if you want to know they come from Faiths fav shop, Neve).

Not only is this a “keeper” a lot of the !g0 clothing range just lasts and lasts and lasts so once this christmas is ove it will be packed away till next.