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The Elves & The Shoemaker

Ever Green Ginfer Bread Tree - 2 Prims Discunted!

I am really enjoying wandering around all the festive markets that have popped up. This one is just adorable andddd Ever Green have some treats and discounts for us yay! Above is the Gingerbread tealight tree, its so whimsical. You get three sizes in the box from table top to full tree, all with the great Ever Green menus to alter many many parts. If you buy it at this event you get it at 50% discount – just $75L.

Ever Green Ginger Bread House Discounted!

There is also this rather fantastic full size replica Gingerbread house – its for décor not for living in. Super pretty with a ton of options for most parts. Again buying at this event saves you cash – 50% discount – so just $175L – if you’ve got a festive area this would really fill up a space. Take a look around there are heaps of other items – I especially love love love the sleigh bed ❤

Ever Green @ The Elves & The Shoemaker

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Hopping and Popping. (Freebie(s)).

I hopped over to KIB to see if there was any, new, freebies and there isn’t.  There are some Dollarbies in the main shop which I remember blogged and they do have a certain charm so I will leave them to you to check out. I also notice in the distance that there is a little Christmas Market going on and so I popped over to that.

This is off the KiB Design stall and it’s a very nice oversized sweater with a good hood on the back and a hud of colours.

As I said this is a very small Christmas market and I did see some other freebies but as far as I could tell this was the only item of clothing.  Now I’m LM grabbing I can see that there are a lot of shops on this sim so I think I will loiter for a while and check them out.

KiB Design. Main shop

Lost Dreams Christmas Market

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The Cookie Jar – Freebies & good shopping

If youre looking for some GREAT Seasonal shopping, a hunt and free gifts – get yourself over to The Cookie Jar! its got the lot – I will leave the landmarks below to each location and let you have the surprises. Above is the giving tree gift from HJM Designs – gawd I adore it, it plays a lovely Christmas song too, the snow flurries look realistic so you could hang this on a blank wall to get a real seasonal effect.

Of COURSE I had a few turns of the gacha machine for HJM Designs in the Christmas market durrr – I won exactly the scenes I wanted hurrrah !

Then I snapped up the free gift from HJM Designs at the market – and got this sweet little sleigh – it comes with a light switch for twinkling lights etc.

Im not entirely sure if I picked this up from the tree or at the market – but it was from LpOca, you get two o these dear little reindeer candles, the flame effect is especially lovely.

Anyway have at it – use the LM’s below to navigate around and enjoy your shopping ! There are free gifts at most stalls in the market. I didnt have time to do the hunt – so let me know how you get on!

Holiday hunt

Winter Market

The Cookie Jar giving tree

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Tiny but gorgeous free gift

Now there’s a name to conjure with ! Kusshon – haven’t heard much from this designer over the last few months – then BOOM free gift and a Christmas market. 1929 plate with cookies and a darling little mouse nibbling them – you also get the plate without the mouse making it just 1Li (2Li with the mouse) touch for a cookie ! The market is outside the store and I dare you not to buy something – I couldn’t resist! You will find the free gifts right at the back of the store on the left hand side – no group to join. Thanks Kusshon ❤


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Ghee Christmas Market

Dead chuffed with my Christmas cutie dress ! I found this at the Ghee Christmas Market for just $50L (other colours available) , it also included the rather marvellous antlers head-dress woo! All the usual mesh body sizes included and it’s just SO Chrismaassy! Take a wander around the booths and there’s a few free gifts and also a “lucky dip”, you can touch it once every 2 hours to receive a gift – I won some dead handy tights ❤

Ghee Christmas Market 

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Yes & No.(Freebies and Cheapies).

First the Freebie.  Sorry but branches for horns is just one of those things which aren’t my cup of tea but these are pretty decent and in the dark, those lit bits really light up and people do love them.  I picked them up from a shop that is new to me or should I say a “sim” as this home and garden shop is spread all over a whole sim so when I get some SLing time I’m going to have a nice wander around.

There is another GG out for us at the Love Home LM which are stars for you to scatter on your land or wall.

“The Cookie Jar” Christmas Market, where I picked up the wreath, is neat and tidy little event so if you’re short on time then it’s a nice little pop over and since all the freebies are on the table at the LM then it will take you even less time but I did have a wander around and spotted this super wreath for 50Lds which is just my cup of tea.

I actually haven’t had the time to open any of the Freebies so I have no idea of whats there but there is plenty of them to ensure you find some keepers. The wreath is on the DD (Dreamland Design stall) and I said it cost me only 50Lds and is 3 prims.  I actually love Hellebores and have them in my RL garden and as soon as I spotted this it was in the bag as we say.  What you can’t see is that it does come with a delicate sparkle but there is a copy of it on the stall so you can check it out for yourself.  My only grumble is that it’s non-mod because after Christmas I’d like to keep it up and it would look better without the bow.

PS.  GIVE BLOOD! Ok, I’m not after a pat on the back or anything because it was only a couple of years ago that I finally decided to man-up, or woman-up, and go give blood.  Yes, it’s 2 pricks (they prick your finger for a drop to test for iron first) and pricks hurt! BUT it’s nothing, it’s a couple of seconds of “ouchie” and especially at this time of year when people are busy doing stuff the blood banks run low.  AND at the moment in the UK, they’re so short of O & B Negative blood that if you have this blood type you can just walk in, you can do that in any case but it’s better to make an appointment, and they will DRAIN YOU as they’re desperately short.  So check out the nearest blood donation service to you and just go because one day it might just be YOU who needs that donation. PS They give you biccies and a drink afterwards so it’s not all bad.

Love Homes

The cookie Jar Christmas Market.

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Rezz in Edit. (Shhh not “Free Tree” but a single Linden).

TreeeeeeSo poor I decided to cling onto my remaining Lindens and go hunting instead.  I chose the Christmas Candy Cane Hunt because there is so many shops involved including some I love so I thought I’d be almost guaranteed to get  some Crimbo goodies.  A big plus is a comprehensive list of LMs and Hints which for idiots to me is always appreciated.

OMG I actually walked past this tree and although I noticed it because of its unusual design and great colouring I didn’t even prim check it because I thought that there was NO WAY this was going to be as low primmed as it has turned out to be.  So with a little hunting I found the CCCH item (what you’re looking for is a cupcake with a candy cane sticking out of it and the clue given is “Sweet fairies guard me”) so when I’d picked up a couple of hunt items I TPed back to my platform and was more than pleasantly suprised that this is the actual hunt prize. So chuffed with it. The colours are bright and primary, the lanterns with the candle flame are old-fashioned and not only that but a total of 11Prims means this can be rezzed anywhere…as long as it fits LOL.  As you can see this is a big un and because it’s actually animated as well you cannot resize it but again at 11 prims this is not primmy at all.

Lots of really lovely and unusual indoors and outdoor decorations at this Christmas Market.  Special mention to the excellent 3 tiered Christmas tree style Village scene which would look really unusual instead of a traditional Christmas tree and amazingly enough for all the detail only 13Prims.


“Rezz in Edit” is something you may have heard of but not really sure what it means. Simply click on something and go into edit, I’m in edit mode on that plain prim,  and then whilst still in edit drag the item you wish to rezz from your invent and rezz it and you will now see that is now in edit mode.  This is very useful for items which have unlinked bits to it. Most of the time if you forget to do this then it’s easy just to edit the pieces back together but sometimes you may find that there are too many bits or you’ve broken something such as an animation because you should have rezzed in edit.  Not too sure if I’ve made it clear but practice makes perfect.

Candy Cane Hunt LMs and Hints

Christmas Market (Hunt Item)