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Cheap, Cheaper & Mention of Freebie(s) & Hunt.

One of the events/hunts I like to do is the one outside of “The Artist Shed” shop. Everyone will know this regular event and on these stalls is a lot of cheap, cheaper and a few freebies as well to tempt us.

I find this event & the sim wide hunt so relaxing. I just love how the whole sim has been changed to fit the theme, so much so I had to log back in to take a couple more pictures.

The icicles you’re looking for are very easy to spot and each one costs only 2Lds. I picked a couple up and then I found this free outfit.

One of the sponsors of this hunt is a shop hidden in that cave behind me, I think it’s “The cupcake clothing company”. Spotted this full “Nerdy girl” outfit on the wall inside. It only comes in the old standard mesh fits so it’s a bit more basic but I think it works as a “nerdy girl” costume.

The Artist Shed & “The Long December Hunt & Cart Sale”.

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Bailey’s and Belle Epoque.(10Ld Hunt).

I’m on my second glass of Baileys which is probably why it took me so long to find some of the Baubles you’re hunting for at Belle Epoque.

There are a total of 20 Baubles and each costs just 10Lds and since this is a paid for hunt at the entrance to the shop is a picture to show you what is in each bauble so you can buy just want you want.

A really nice mix of some accessories and outfits so in this picture the headpiece, dress and basket each cost me 10Lds.  Heads up though because Belle Epoque doesn’t do SLink fits and everything I picked up only came in the 1 fit inc the shoes which are probably the Maitreya as that is the fitting favoured by Belle Epoque.

The basket comes with this nice pose but is actually just 8prim so a pretty nice decor item as well.

Belle Epoque

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A(nother) Hunt. (10Ld Prize).

This hunt is to raise money for a worthy cause, “Parkinsons Research”, and each prize comes with a 10Ld price tag.  No picture or anything to suggest whats inside of the prize but often you find the sort of shop it’s in gives you some sort of indication of what to expect ie a furniture shop won’t usually have a dress as a prize.

So, for example, this skirt/jumper combo comes from the Entice shop which is well known because of the clothes you can buy and the quality of those clothes so it wasn’t a shock to open it and find this really good outfit.  The colours have slightly changed in the picture but the purple skirt is the only shade I quite like which is a “royal” purple and the gold accents are really good.

What you’re looking for is a Christmas stocking and I think a puppy in a basket?  Also I did notice in the shop next to Entice that along with the Hunt prize there is also a freebie so there maybe freeness scattered around.  So this hunt has sorted out how I’m going to spend my lazy day off work.

Winter Festival & Hunt

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Winter Wishes Holiday Hunt

Loved doing the Winter Wishes Holiday Hunt! Totally free and so many gifts to find, something for everyone from clothes to home decor. This dress came in a load of mesh sizes and with a pair of suede boots – couldn’t get the boots to fit perfectly for my Slink body but your mileage may vary – they do match the outfit and look really cute.

The home & garden prizes are fantastic! Heaps of trees, mushrooms, and lanterns, a dining set, seating – I found all but 4 of the boxes ! The hunt is set over the entire sim and the sim is beautiful. It’s not hard work hunting when you also get time to play. I sped down the hill on a sledge, had a whirl round on the carousel, and then did a little shopping in the market area. All in all a great way to spend an hour or so and come away with tons of goodies! You are looking for little wrapped gift boxes – they aren’t terribly hard to find but you DO need to look over the whole sim – even the little fairy village – I might go back and wander a little more, great place for taking snaps!


HINTS: Look mainly in obvious spots. Go where people might congregate like a building. Or look near a landmark like a fence, bridge, or bench. We will not try to fool you with boxes embedded inside something or up in hard to reach spots. The boxes are bright and easy to find – similar to the ones at the landing. Check in each shop and in corners of buildings. And for some really obvious gifts, look under Santa’s tree!

WE WILL SWAP ITEMS OUT AT TIMES. Please feel free to come back with a friend to enjoy all the gifts and more! All prizes are either wearables or decorations, and all are for both men and women! More being added and switched on a regular basis!

NOTE: If you collect all the “Holiday Hunt Gift Boxes” numbered 1-25, you will have an entire log cabin plus all the decorations for it both inside and out!

Winter Wishes Holiday Hunt

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Lazy post, lazy lazy lazy post.

I’ve just done a post about the Blah Blah Blah Hunt which is just spread over a small part of a sim and the 2 shops on that sim and I mentioned about a pair of low riders which I particularly liked but just didn’t have the time to show you, well now I have a bit of time and here they are.


Again although there is sooooo much going on and it’s hard to even scratch the surface I’d really recommend trying this hunt as the little Christmas tree’s are so easy to find and each comes with a hint for the next one.  I’m still hoping to get back there and find out what else has been hidden.



Good Morning, yes I did that top picture just before I logged off last night and this morning when I logged in I found this equally as lovely top but unlike the other top in the top picture this top is FREE (enough with the tops!).  Comes from Zaara which basically means it’s “top” quality, sorry couldn’t help myself LOL.  Simply click and join the free group board which is right next to this too.  Sweet, simple and wearable.

PS still wearing my Blah Blah Blah Hunt pants and I’m off right now to get the rest.

Blah Blah Blah Hunt

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