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Not too (Shiney) Shabby. (Freebies).

Shiny Shabby has opened its door and everyone has flooded in, not too sure if it’s for all the new designs of clothing, furniture, skins etc or the FREEBIES!

For me, it’s the freebies of course and there seems to be oodles of them as from a quick scan around I could see a gift box on all of the stands.  So in this picture just from I’m wearing a FREE Valentina E dress and standing in a FREE The Bearded Guy backdrop/room but I’m not wearing the FREE Lipstick, lol.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly bold in colours, it just didn’t suit the dress so I’m sticking to the subtle shade I already had one.

The place is heaving, which does mean that for me the Winter Shop & Hop event may have calmed down so you know where my next TP will be too.

PS.  The dress comes in just the one fit, guess which, but shockingly it’s not a bad fit at all for me.

Shiny Shabby

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Just warming up. (5Ld Hunt Prizes & Freebies).

I almost forgot I’d visited an event called “Winter’s Hollow” and picked up some of the 5Ld hunt prizes.

The top is the hunt prize from Les Sucreites de Fairy and although it comes in the one size it’s a one size fits all.  Those “floaty sparkles” ie the big white balls are the hunt prize from Astara and although you can’t see it they do float around you.

This is what you’re looking for.

There are FREEBIES which you will find under the Christmas tree.  This is a bigger event than I had expected so I’ve just done part of it and will have to return at a later time.

AND yes I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but in about half an hour I will have had enough and I will have done some work that needs to be done and I will be raring to go.

Winter’s Hollow

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Second Chances. (9 Free Shoes/Boots!).

You may recognise or even own these Mosquito’s Way boots as I have blogged them before.

I popped into Mosquito’s Way which is always so generous with top quality boots/shoe as Group Gifts and now she, Camilla Limondi, has been extra generous and put out 9 shop quality shoes and boots!

This is a pair I already own and I did recognise a couple of them from past gifts and some I don’t remember.

PS.  Yes I did think about editing the breakthrough out but we all know the struggles of trying to match your fav long jeans up with ankle boots so I just left it as you can see it’s nothing plus if it did bother me I’d just change my jeans.

Mosquito’s Way

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OMG It’s DECEMBER! (!g0 Advent Calendar & Full Advent List).

Finally, I may just stop being a Grinch and start to embrace my inner “Ho Ho Ho” and a great start is the !g0 Calendar Event.

Sorry, not really, but not free as you do have to be in the !g0 group which is only 50Lds and us old-timers know we get that given back to us in spadeful through the year with Group Gifts alone but even if you just join for the Advent Calendar you won’t regret it as each day you get a fab item of clothing or accessorie which has, going by past events, is designed just for the Advent Calender and are mix and matchable.

Sadly once the day has passed you can’t get the old gifts so it means you have to pop in each day but I don’t know about you lot I enjoy my daily visits.


Seraphim Advent Calendar List

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Christmas ISN’T OVER! (Freebies).

You might have to be very quick though.

Popped over to the Cosmopolitan event and spotted someone else grabbing the Christmas Advent gifts from the Christmas tree so I quickly joined the Cosmopolitan group and started clicking on the “Stockings” hanging from the tree.

Although the dress I’m wearing is one of the gifts there are so many I basically unpacked the first thing I knew was going to be clothing and I’ve left the rest for when I log back in to sit and unpack at my leisure.  I don’t know when this round of the event is over but I’d go NOW because I have a feeling it will be over very soon.

Cosmopolitan Event

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I’m sad.(Freebies).

I’m sad for 2 reasons I’ve finished my last Baileys and I don’t have these in RL.

I stomped my way back over to the “Holiday Shopping Event” which I’ve just done a post about, one of our readers pointed out that there are actually 5 not just 3 full sims of shops with just sweet discounts also some quality FREEBIES and these shoes from Ingenue are just gorgeous!

Called Cream and Rose. I do believe you get 3 mesh feet fits and knowing the Ingenue brand and looking at the picture I know a lot of their SLink shoes are for the med fit..which of course I have because I have all of the SLink feet.  Again they’re free so it does no harm to pick them up and even if you can’t get them to fit at 1 prim such pretty decor items.

The LM takes you close to the Ingenue shop but to get to it look for the Mossu shop on the corner then Apple May Design and next to that Ingenue and remember those shops will also have gifts.

Holiday Shopping Event