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I bought Lindens so I could buy these.(Freebie ‘n’ silly).

It’s just been one of “those days” a day of stupid little niggly annoyances so I’ve locked the front door, turned up the heating, poured myself a very large Baileys and there is even a brand new Judge Judy on TV and so I logged into SL and out of RL.

Go on guess what I spent my Lindens on????

I don’t know why but these feet just tickled me, or the Baileys is stronger than I thought, but at 45Lds I feel just like stomping around SL.

The sweater is a Subscribers gift from Luzifee and in fact, this is the second one in 2 days they have sent out.  Yesterdays one was really nice but today’s just so happens colour coordinated with the leggings and the beanie I was wearing so I’m just showing you this one but when you go to Luzifee slap the sub and check the history and get note 1&2 for today’s and yesterdays lovely gifts.


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Intimately Exposed

Just in time to treat yourself for Christmas – who needs an excuse ! This is the new package of intimates from Neve called “Exposed”, ad with the options included in the Hud – you can or will be exposed. Soooo many options its amazing, from frills, to topless, sheer or not, top rate fiddling powers with colour options to get a really totally unique look.

The textures are truly divine, patterns and plains, lacey and sheer, it’s all there to choose from. Mix and match the frills and flounces, bows and trimmings to your heart’s content. I’m showing the option for no bra above…but with a single click…

You can be down to just your knickers…well hubba hubba. So feminine and so sexy – say Hi if you see me around strutting my stuff – cause it’s not coming off anytime soon, you can grab your own at the latest round of the Seduction Fair – thanks Neve team ❤

The Seduction Fair



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Back with class.(Freebie & Freebies & Bargains).

Aw no I was so excited when I grabbed this and then so disappointed when I found out there wasn’t a fit for my SLink body in the pack.

You do get the Maitreya Freya, Isis, Venus fits just not my SLink however as I always say you might have that mesh body or simply don’t use one and have an alpha which will work with this super gift.  You also get a really lovely 10 colour hud.

Because this like so many other gifts might be changed in a couple of days I would go ASAP but once you’ve grabbed this from inside of the Asteria shop go back outside.  I’ve blogged the excellent freebies and bargains that are actually outside of the Asteria shop before.  As you walk towards the shop the ones on the right are freebies and the ones on the left are cheapies.  When I have more free time I might just check again to see if there is anything new myself.

Again sorry for the MIA in SL, my OH is off work and is binge-watching all those box sets….it’s driving me mad.

PS Yes I did change the title because this is deffo class.


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A fun waste of time.(Freebie).

Spent the best part of my SLing time trying on mesh heads demos, rezzing furniture, eating mince pies and reading a good book…the last 2 things were obviously in RL not SL lol.

“Hec” is a name I remembered from previous posts.  I know I didn’t keep the previous outfit as I knew I wouldn’t wear it again but I do remember well the very interesting Hud that it and from what I can see the whole range of Hec clothing seems to come in.  Anyhow this latest Christmas Group Gift also comes with a Hud so although it comes as a complete outfit (not the shoes, hair or candy cane) and using the Hud you can wear as little or as much of this outfit as you want.

Because I was stark naked when I grabbed this I TPed over, snagged and ran so there may be other GG’s esp as this is to be found in a room on the ground floor market as “gifts” so even if you don’t need a new Christmassy look check out the shop in any case.



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Lil bit of a catch up! (Free things too)


Hiya! I’m back from my holiday and ready to roll right into something you might miss out on. Winter Trend finishes on the 23rd December so you will have to dash to get the new goodies from Neve. I’m wearing the deedee leggings that come in a vast array of colours and patterns along with the pep top.Love that you can remove the scarf and of course each pack is in four colours so you can fiddle about with your look. For more photos and info check out the blog listed below.


I haven’t had a chance to show these boots off yet, I had them from Player for my birthday and they are just gorjuss! By KC Couture and come with a Hud containing 36 colours – that you can choose for each part of the boots! Brilliant value at $149L.


Last up for today, a lovely Christmas gift from Neve , it’s a real beauty. Just join the VIP group (its free) and touch the photo et voila this pretty little frock and cardigan is all yours. You also get a nifty Hud with more colours and combos! Thanks Neve ❤ Ohhhh and yes, I had to rush over and grab the D!va hair that Zan showed the other day, it’s a freebie and so versatile. I fiddled about with it and removed the front strands, but later noticed you can also wear it as an “up do” too – brilliant! My chunky winter tights are by Sweet Tea, I love their woolly tights – in my opinion best tight maker ever !

Neve Store

Neve Blog

Winter Trend


Sweet tea

KC Couture

Fashiowl pose/prop “my deer”

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Advent gifts round-up – so far!

Snowy! ba

Had a notice come out from the Virtual Vagabonds group today, a place where you could pop in and collect a list of stores who will be having advent gifts for you! Some have a cost or you might need to join a group, most dont or a very nominal one. Theres something for everyone by the looks of it ! The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the advent list – its just a photo of my home looking all Chrismassy! Anyhoo, list below – so far, Id imagine more advents and seasonal gifts will be advertised as we get into December. Have fun ! Fai ❤ (HUGE thank you to Victoria Bazylinski who took the time to compile this list !)

Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia – Advent 2013

Viviane Fashion Mainstore – Advent 2013

The Vamp Realm  – Advent 2013

USC Textures – Advent 2013

Twisted Trinkets – Advent 2013

Timeless Textures – Advent 2013

Sway’s – Advent 2013

*Nerdy Girl* – 2013 Daily Gift (12/14 – 12/25)

++MRSTYLE++ – Advent 2013

Moonstar – Advent 2013

Miss Darcy – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Mieville Christkindlmarkt! – Advent 2013

Leri Miles Designs – Advent 2013 (0L – 100L daily)

LeCock – Advent 2013

Larnia Kids Mainstore – Advent 2013

~Lantian Flox~ Advent 2013

::: Krystal ::: & Kouse’s Sanctum – Advent 2013 (10L-40L daily)

❤ JFC bikes – Advent 2013

Isis Boutique – Advent 2013

Hunt & Hunter Resource Center – Advent 2013 (1L daily)

GINZA jewelry Kohime – Advent 2013

Gatsby’s – Advent 2013

freebiecosmos – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Eternal Dream Poses – Advent 2013 (Group Only, *150L* Join Fee)

:: envi ::   Advent 2013 (12/1 – 12/9)

Dressed by Lexi – 12 Days of Xmas Hunt 2013

Drama Libre – Advent 2013

DMC DarkMoon Creations – Advent 2013

DeVicious Mainstore – Advent 2013 (0-99L daily)

[CIRCA] Living – Advent 2013 (Group Only, $1L Join Fee)

CHOP ZUEY COUTURE – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Charisma’s Designs – Advent 2013 (Group Only, OL join Fee)

Beyond the Mists – Advent 2013

[][] beach street [][] home and garden – Advent 2013

Baby Monkey – 12 Days of Xmas (Group Only, 250L Join Fee)

Artistry by ~ E ~ Advent 2013

Akaesha – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Aileen’s Shabby Chic – Advent 2013

22769 – Casual Couture – Advent 2013

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Advent 2013


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Who says Christmas is over?

It doesn’t have to be over, no, not when you can still pick up Christmas gifts like the one I’m showing to you now.

Aoharu has this amazing ribbed collar sweater out for free at the moment and it is sensational. The texture on it is gorgeous and the sweater itself comes in two styles, the one I’m wearing above has the nordic pattern on it and there is also a plain red version included, both coming on multiple layers. You also get sculpted sleeves, the collar and the bottom part of the sweater and I only had to make the slightest adjustment to the bottom, everything else was perfecto.

I don’t know how much longer this gift is going to be out there so you’d best get down to Aoharu fast and pick it up.

Get the gear here: Aoharu