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Two for under a Tenner !

This sleek little number from Zoom comes with a hud with quite a few more colour options included. For just $10L its a real bargain.Love the slight sparkly sheen to the fabric and its a great fit. Plenty of mesh body sizes included in the box.

I headed over to Blonde Queen as part of a hunt – but what ended up taking my fancy were the group gifts instead! The group is free to join and there’s plenty on offer at the front desk. Maitreya had slightly more of a win than my Slink body – but I’m still chuffed.

I snapped up this sweet piece – more for the warmer months but I’m guessing it might work with jeans – haven’t tried it yet. Mesh body fits and just the red colour , perfect for Christmas – the belt is part of the outfit btw.

Blonde Queen


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Something different

Lunar Seasonal Designs has released this scrummy “Tentacle” Gown – it really is lush. Standard sizes included – Medium fits over my Slink Physique body perfectly. This is currently for sale at The Bizarre Fair event – popped over last night – not every one is set up yet ! (Lunar is tho yay!)

For just $150L, you get the Hud  and dress complete. Love being able to fiddle with colours! Thanks Lunar ❤

New hair “Zariah” is by Wasabi Pills – for sale at the new round of The Chapter Four – gorjus!

The Bizarre Fair

The Chapter Four

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Green Envy(Dollarbie).

JuicyI stumbled upon this retro dress from !Soul in the MP(Marketplace).  Because the texturing is so good this took the minimum of editing and it was a perfect alignment of the texturing.  You don’t even just get the one item even in her gifties you get much more.  In this case 2 dresses, this one which you can wear with or without the belt and another with 2 tones of this lime colouring (and with the belt of you want to)..

I’ve got my fav LBD from here (little black dress) but as I’ve said you get more than just the outfit you get the FULL outfit, sometimes it’s blouse, trousers and boots set or bikini with sarong and hat or a corset with matching skirt and boots and on and on.  Demos come with everything included to you don’t have to take a chance.

SnowHA HA so there I was sat there outside of her shop typing away in RL and wondering what was flickering on my screen and I realised that the snowman she has set outside actually follows you and chucks snowballs at you so I was a sitting duck.  So what the heck I took a piccie of me trying to avoid being splattered.

At the moment she has a gift vendor in her in world shop which has a very Christmassy red mesh dress with white fur collar.  You do have to join her group to grab it but that seems to be only a token 5Lds.


!Soul Marketplace

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artME baby

Christmas always catches me out…I’m never prepared…I scoff at those who shop in July…then wish I was them come November ! Sooo in an attempt to activate myself in real life…my SecondLife is getting organised *bugeyes*…so all things Chrismassy…heres the latest hot off the press dresses for the festive season. I showed some garments from artMEfashion hmm last yearI think, very unique designs, good quality, and no messing about with prims it all just fits yay! Above Im wearing the artMEfashion “xmas gown 2011” very traditional print on the fabric and exquisitely put together..I especially loved the gloves, great texturing on them for a realistic appearance…

Next up a shorter version of the gown…sweet, endearing with all the fab details of the full length one..

You can also snap up a super accessory pack  for just 300L containing all the jewelry you could possibly need plussss the shoooz! (two versions by golly) I adore the necklace…and not being an earing kinda gal..I was surprised that I totally fell in love with those also!

Last dress of this collection is the “Empire”, it also happens to be my favourite…simple but sooo feminine…you have two choices of over skirt, white or red…it reminds me very much of a dress I had as a child (with less bodice exposed obviouslyyyyy) Easy to wear…and the shoes look terrific with it..(they come in a white version too)

Has to show off the shoes…glorious huh? The dresses start at 400L up to 500L…on the counter are three free gifts for you to collect also …thanks Moonstone !

All dresses & accesories : artMEfashion


I know I said…

I SO wasnt dressing up as Mrs Christmas  etc…BUT..well…its those norty girls at CandyMetal..they sent me thisss dress..and umm its got fluffyness on it oh anddd it comes with BOOTS..and..heapssss of ..well..justtt for you I had to try it on !

awww cuteness!

I adore the satin bodice of the dress sooo much, and the boots are FAB! It comes with the bracelet & necklace, even the fishnets (which can be worn as I have them or the lower part seperately) Your Christmas outfit in one box voila! It’s all yours for the princely sum of ONE linden dollar – thank you ~CandyMetal~ xxx

go get ready for santa: CandyMetal