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Failing badly.(Freebies).

I’m trying to find free clothes but failing badly, mainly because I keep on getting sidetracked cos I TORE down my old house and finally went crazy and rezzed my Apple Fall Hardwick Manor house and boy is that stunning and primtastic at the same time!  That also means I’m scrabbling around for the lowest primmed decor items I can find and these baubles hit the spot.

Just a simple unadorned box n baubles for just a prim.  I actually grabbed the other gifts, the “winosaurus” which is a wooden bottle holder in the shape of a dinosaur…I didn’t like it, and a simple rustic sideboard with a cloth draped over it which I did like but I wanted to just do a quick post so I slapped this one down and Voila and now I can go back to eating all of our sims prims.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

It’s started! (10Ld Group Gift’s & Mention of a Freebie).

I’m talking about  glitter pooping and protest dry heaving, anyone with cats will know that as soon as the decorations are up they have to try to eat them which results in some very interesting poop.  The dry heaving is my oldest cat who doesn’t like any sort of change, God knows a new cushion is enough to make him heave so can you imagine what he’s like at the moment with all the decoration that is going up…Oh, Joy!

Oooo I love this Group Gift from Belle Epoque BUT you will have to join the Teleport Hub group and that costs just 10Lds.


Just makes such a great decor item.

There are 4 gifts at Belle Epoque at the moment and I know I’ve shown you the umbrella before but not the lovely fat hair bow so you might want to check them out.  The Belle Epoque group costs 10Ld to join and you will find those GG’s on the wall in front of you just to the left BUT if you wan this lovely Candelabra then you will have to join the Teleport Hub Group which is also just 10Lds and the group invite is right above it.  Next to this gift is another gift and it’s a dress, you will have to join yet one more group but this is a FREE one.  Again the group invite for the dress group is above the picture.  These Gifts are to be found on the wall to your right when you go into the Belle Epoque shop.

Why am I not showing you the Freebie?  Because it’s LAVENDER! Urgh one of my least fav colours in the world so as soon as it rezzed on me I stripped it off. It’s actually a very stylised Kawaii dress and pretty it’s just the colour!

PS These gifts are delivered in super cute little jam jars with no floating letters above them and the make super 1 prim decor items even though they have 10prim quality.

Belle Epoque