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Put your best boot in! (49Ld Gift).

I almost TP’ed out of the Remezzo shop for two reasons, firstly I thought it was a pose shop, it’s not, and G knows I do NOT need any more poses and secondly because although I liked the Group Gift as you can see from this picture they’re just too Christmassy for me.

I still picked up the demo as I could see that other colours were being used in the picture and it turns out you get a bloddy good Hud with them.

The most obvious thing is you can remove the lights but the unobvious thing is you can colour everything from the boot in all one colour to multicoloured, right down to the zipper.

As I mentioned the group costs 49Lds, you pay 1Ld to get the gift and that 1Ld is returned to you.  So for 49Lds you get a rather good pair of all year round boots.

PS. There is a set of these boots for men and I think it was 3 other gifts but they were jewellery so I basically totally ignored them.


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Hunt them boots !

Pink Label has snapped up a store at the new Lemania Indigo location and have also entered into the Christmas spirit by joining in with the Bizarre Behaviour hunt yay!

“Two pairs of boots have been divided up into pieces. Each piece is 1L each. There are nine pieces in all (the shoe form and alpha layer are in the same piece and the same works for both pair) Find nine purple masks, buy each one for 1L and grab the boots!”

I’m wearing the red version above, there’s also white.

A Xmas release in at the Lemania location also, as above…dahhhling plaid jeans and a candy cane top…sooper cute ! Also available in a white option. You can buy this as separates which I love. The Trish shoes are just 49L, jeans 10L, candy cane tee 25L. Talena has also made a really adorable sparkle outfit, comprising a skirt and tank that would look awesomely fab with the hunt boots..just 10L ! (and only at the Lemania Indigo store)

If you wanna swing by the Pink Label main store, the VIP group fee has been slashed from 100L to just 50L for a very limited period as a gift, once joined you can snaffle up all those gifties at the VIP club house outside the store oot oot !  Also there are some lucky presents – so check those out under the tree. It’s all at Pink label! Thanks Talena xx

Lemania Indigo location for hunt & sparkle outfit: Pink Label

Main store for VIP group join & Club House: Pink Label