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Have waited for ever to try out a mesh corset…and yay! CandyMetal have them in stock and waiting to leap onto your bones right now..stuffed full of funky details…buckles…zips, straps…and only 199L..two versions available…scrummy huh? (demo is there to try) Medium was a great fit for me..but theres plenty of smaller and larger sizes to wriggle into. Cant stop wearing this hair I found at base and high topped it.

I slipped the 2nd style on with some gorjuss new mesh trousers from SF Design…cant believe these are just 130L a pair ! Squillions of colours..the bright red is just you go into SFD look up up mesh goodies are there…also showing my dollarbie shooz from choooz…grab a heap from the 1L section at the rear of the store…to be honest…all of the shoes there are extremely affordable…love love LOVE my new bowler hat lights from LISP Bazaar..just 10L for all three colours..steal !

Corset: CandyMetal

Mesh trousers: SF Design

Hair : Ronsem

Shoes: Choooz

bowler hat lights: Lisp 10L bazaar

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I cant ChoOoz

I spied another 1L bundle of goodness from ChoOoz…hard to believe these are almost free…great boots…fab stylin and all yours for virtually nuthin *faints*, go ahead and take a peruse on the market place..there are others for 1L also…snuffle these babies up, they are a wardrobe keeper !

Harlow boots 1L: ChoOoz market place


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CHoOoZ !

oh oh OH girls! I found the scrummiessst pair of boots for 1L…yes indeedy, ever the intrepid market place explorer and look what I dug up…gawd these are deelish..they come in a dusky claret shade and look almost aged..this is how they looked straight outta the fiddling hoohahh! I noticed they have a coupla other pairs on promotion make sure you take a peek !

Vendetta boots: ChoOoZ