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Lovely – Overall

Get the pun? Oh well – I  tried to raise a smile ! Neve are in the latest round of Tres Chic and lordy you have just got to love a classic set of overalls. This little darling comes in SO many options, checks, stripes, denims and more ! You can wear the overalls alone or with the top or sleeves – brill. For added versatility you can alter colours & patterns independently on the top and the overalls.

Naturally I managed to slip a lil bit of pink into each choice I made – well it wouldn’t be moi without some pink. Mesh body fits only girls and over my Slink Physique body the fit is superb. Thank you Neve team ❤

Special shout out to Noir who made the choker I seem to wear a lot lately – it’s called “Satine” and you get a Hud to change the colours – I totally adore it and it goes with so many looks.

Neve @ Tres Chic

Noir Satine choker

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CandyMetal Dollarbie & Finesmiths

Yummy new dollarbie from CandyMetal..mesh tank (it comes with a bra for the more modest amongst us – I’m not one of them!) and a snug leather skirt, all topped off with some perfectly indecent ripped stockings…thanks Emychan xx…Like mah jewels? I know I know they are really supposed to be worn with evening wear..but somehow..I just thought the red extravaganza would pimp out my outfit…*winks*…The set is called “Lovely” and comes from Finesmith..the whole set has a magnificent bangle, earings and what you see me wearing here (choker & rings)…670L for the lot..go look around the inworld store..its stuffed full of some totally magnificent items..SO different.

Outfit: CandyMetal

Jewels: Finesmith

Poses: Diesel works

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Rainy not Fine

I was woken up in the early hours this morning by such heavy rain…but as they say “every cloud has a silver lining”, I decided to go and investigate a store I had been hearing a lot about lately called Finesmith. The dress I’m wearing above is called “white tornado”, rather fitting today as it sounds like one is RIGHT outside my window! Layers and layers of white tulle fabric wrap around you, amazing splayed sleeves adorn your arms…it also comes with a chunky white necklace…dress is just 55L at the moment, as is the necklace.

Wondering bout those shoes hmm? Wellll “Mary Jane Shoes” has them out as a group gift…they totally rocked my boat, well made, great HUD, with the option of having the strap visible or not, group join fee which is rather splendid hurrah!

Nabbed the group gift at Finesmiths of this very couture looking frock. Plush black, with a self patterned fabric…tres chic, and comes with the jet necklace too!

Dresses & jewels : Finesmith

Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes

Poses: marukin


How complete do you want it

Sometimes “complete” means jeans and a tee..sometimes it means jeans a tee and sneakers..but at Pink Label it means a whole bunch more! There are new goodies on offer and boy-oh-boy the “complete” outfits are seriously…stuffffed with gear ! Above is one of the looks packed into the Azure Leopard box,shorts,tee,shoes,dress,bracelets,choker,earrings *phew*..

Sweet little dress with a snug bodice & flared skirt..both outfits look fabbo with the matching Dana heels…lotsa options on the shooz for metal colours,skin tones etc and sooper easy to use. The co-ordinating jewelry is lully..I so love the Azure colour..summery and fresh..

Another option in the new range of complete outfits is the “Snow Leopard” set. Very crisp and cool…great shorts that cling to your derriere…

Personally I love the Snow Leopard set..but uhm…well the Azure blue is also hot…plusssss I kinda loved the other colours too..but you know what? If you’re as indecisive as moi, it’s not really a problem..each set..the complete thing from shoes to just 89L *faintsdies*…

Other news..Talena has hidden two shades of her rather splendid Dita heels in her store for only 25L! Your job is to find themmm -my fav ever shooooz from Pink Label! If you’ve got grabby hands over the jewelry sets above, there is a one-off set in black & gold placed out for sale at an incredible 10L..stop gawping and get shopping !

Go be complete: Pink Label


Jewels & Shoes working in harmony

So Id been looking for some summery sandals and new jewlery..Id searched the market place, gone to all my usual haunts…nada,zilch..quite literally in under 2 mins, Player had located a new-to-me place and found the most incredible sandals AND jewels *squealsssss*..Im not gonna bother looking next time I need something, Im just gonna ask him *laughs* anywayyy enough of me blurbing on..After finding the sandals (see below) we popped over to the in world store,I fell in love with this ” love tribe” bracelet and bought it..I adored it so very much I bought the matching necklace ..the totally fantabulous thing is you can change the leather cord colour and the jewels plus pendant,both are made by La Forgia Jewels – bracelet is 150L, necklace is just 220L..but but but theres more…

Joined with La Forgia Jewels is another sore called Anuda, who makes shoes…and guess what? You can also change the gemstone colours on this pair to co-ordinate with your necklace & bracelet.(actually you get like 10 pairs of shoes with the diff gems on them phew!)..The shoes are called Journey I have them in brown but they also come in black..they look so comfy and casual and cute. (I dont really teeter around  in killer stilettos all day in real life, so why here?) Suitable for capris,jeans all those boho maxi skirts youve been buying and heaps more ! The HUD allows you to get a great colour match on your skin, plus oodles of french pedicure & nail colours for your tootsies..simple and a breeze to use. Very reasonably priced @ 590L per pair…

Go get happy feet: La Forgia Jewels & Anuda