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Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt

Zinnias NEW! - Oaxaca Daybed for Epicosity Market

I’m so glad I have time to share this news with you before I head off to the sun..Zinnias has a new release andddd some gifts to help you celebrate Easter . You’ll find this classy daybed at the Epicosity Spring Fling & Market..its in the market area. Sooo low prim and positively stuffed with cracking poses for singlepringles & couples..Here Iam writing in my diary…it even gives you a stylish retro pen to do the job!

Zinnias Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt  free gifts

If you’re in the mood to hunt after gorging yourself on Eastery Eggs…you might want to sniff these two prizes from Zinnias out…they co-ordinate with the daybed..which is rather handydandy… pretty floor pillows with heaps of poses and a mesh floral rug….you can hunt for these at the Spring Fling event, same place as the daybed is at.

Zinnias Free easter  chiminea

Dont forget to pay a visit to Zinnias mainstore and snap up the Easter gift that’s out for you…its this glorious Chiminea… such a lovely crackling sound for the fire, touch for the flames on and off….I have one of these out in my SL home alllll the time, it creates such a restful atmosphere. Thanks Zinnia ❤

(o.O I just went over and did the Egg Hunt – its such FUN ! Not too hard, so if youre rubbish at finding things like moi, you’ll be fine – heaps of gifts and that wily Zinnia has hidden her gifts verrrry well !)

Zinnias mainstore

Epicosity Spring Fling & Market

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Easter is happening…soon !

Zinnias - NEW Releases !

Easter always creeps up on me…and its almost arrived…guess what I’ve got to share with you? Eggs yay! These darlings are new from Zinnias…and only 7 prims unusual with some lovely ethnic designs around the broken shell. Sat inside is  a plump spiky cactus ! There are four designs…and happily they are on special offer this coming weekend for just 75L…Im also showing just one of the new collection of  3 different hand-painted chiminea’s…I adore these and already own an older version , it’s on my porch for those chilly spring evenings. They have a soft crackle as the logs burn and give off a gentle glow…also low prim.

Zinnias - The Nest Egg Hunt prizes!

More news ! Zinnias has expanded and opened a satellite store on The Nest (one of my favourite places to lurk) Starting on the 15th March there is an Egg hunt…little eggies will be hidden around the whole sim, and YOU have to search them out to get your paws on the prizes ..Zinnias has four eggs hidden…and if your hunting goggles are all clean & shiney, you’ll be able to grab up this collection of pieces. The gardeners bench (with a beautiful pose that looks as if you’re having a well-earned break), the bowl with eggs, and pots of Eastery flowers…perfect ! Ohhhh almost forgot to mention, if you pop over to Zinnias new location there is a little gift out for you to celebrate ! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Zinnias mainstore

Zinnias at The Nest (Hunt location 15th March)

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Caught me washing His smalls !


First off big squidgy thanks to a fav blog of mine “virtual vagabond“, tsk tsk tsk you made me spend my pennies !! I always take a peek at V.V and see what goodies she’s found…and today there was this sooper cute gift from The Spring Festival Hunt, which runs from March 3rd -31st, 2012. Each item costs 1L. Fahhbulous gifty…of a laundry table, wash liquid bottle and animated washing tub..all from Zinnia’s ! When you sit at the wash tub it hands you the laundry to wear also. (For the curious, Players boxers are sized medium waist, bigboy front!) The little pot of flowers is also a freebie you’ll find in store.

Had a wander around while I was there and just fell in love with some of the new items, I HAD to buy this set for home, it’s called the “Mexican chiminea courtyard. The warm sunny colours made me smile, it’s also pretty low prim always a bonus! The coat rack with sombrero and cloth is also a free gift at the moment ! Its made a really pretty spot on our patio. The items are not transferable but its not linked, Ive dotted a few of the chiminea’s around our home…lovely fire effect.

Also snapped up the “La Mexican bench”, wellll I had too ! Such gorgeous textures ,it has couples & singles poses..even gives you a sombrero to wear for the “siesta” pose … Purrrfect. Courtyard set is only 199L and the bench just 125L steal!