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Lazy Sale Day.

Yesss I know I’m wearing the same hair but I had decided to quickly pop over to the ChiMia 50% discount sale, I’m not sure how long it’s been on or how long it has left to go, and because I didn’t expect to be taking any pictures and RL was calling me and I’m not even sure what I’m going to treat my home to so till now I’ve just taken a few snaps of whats on offer.


I’m not buying this but only because I already own too many fires but damn I’m so tempted.  This one stands out because the fire is almost roaring out of it.  I changed the sim setting to my Nams but I did spot that in a darker setting it GLOWS! and as I’m typing this I’m almost talking myself in grabbing it when I LM grab.


This free standing log burner is another thing I’m not going to buy but damn it at I believe 50Lds and 3 prims I am going to check my invent and if I already have something similar then I won’t be buying it either but if I don’t then this is mine!


Nope not buying this either even though it has some cute poses in it some for women, men and unisexed.  I had posed hopped on a few items and these good poses seem to be in all of them.


Yup you’re right another item I’m not buying till I’ve invent checked.


This is the last thing I’m not buying LOL.

I WILL be treating my home to something from this place and if I’m extra lucky it might just be one of the Lucky Chair wins there.  I’ve left myself at the  ChiMia shop so when I rezz back inworld I can spend a little bit more time looking around as I can’t imagine a nicer way to kill a little SL and RL time in a shop with some quality home decor items a small selection of socks n nail and a little bit of this n that all in a nice compact shopping section.  I did buy what I think is a couples pose, holding coffee cups, for only 1lds but I had to log off before I could check that out.

To make it easy then there is a cute TP figure, I think it’s a cat, for you to TP directly to the different departments.

CAUTION! OK I did notice that the door dressing table in my last piccie has 2 prices, the price tag on the door is full price BUT you can just about see the white notice board above it and that is set to the discounted price of 75Lds.  This is probably just one of those little glitches/oversights that happen in all lives but I’d recommend you check both price tags and boards to make sure you’re paying the lower price.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Warming up

Zinnias New release

Looking ahead and wishing the days were warmer and the nights longer , I’ve been searching out some brighter decor for my Second Life home. I simply love to have a place to curl up…alone , with friends or a lover…and this new set “Sol” from Zinnias ticks all the boxes for me. Plenty of poses for both genders and the add-on decor pieces are just sooooo lovely. Its got a contemporary look but with the lush fabrics and textures it has real depth and warmth. This new collection is available at The Designer Warehouse curently…50% off this week !

Zinnias Decor detail - cushions

Heres a few photos to show the quality of the smaller items. I thought the upholstery, especially the plump & rich looking cushions are really well made..this set actually has 40 custom created textures used in its build !

Zinnias New cactus detail

All parts are available to buy you can have as much, or as little as you wish. Because I was a little slow posting this (sorry!) there are only a few days left to grab this collection at the 50% off sale price…so hurry along!

Zinnias New - decor detail pot

As you can see…everything about this set screams quality…and thats why I have so much of Zinnias work in my own home…thanks Zinnia ❤

ChiMia sandwich board FREE!

I did cruise on over to take a look around and noticed this cute sandwich board out as a gift from ChiMia, so I grabbed it up and place it by my coffee bar at home..sweet!

The Designer Warehouse