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Breaux Willow Free Gifts for 7 days !

After receiving the free gift from Breaux Willow at the Gacha Garden event – I was so enamoured of it I decided to visit their inworld store. Jump off the platform you arrive on, follow the path and you’ll find a sign about 7 gifts for 7 days. Now I missed day one but I took day 2 (no group to join) and its this seriously lovely glamping bed! You get a child version and an adult version in the box – and its only 3Li. I’ve decided its a keeper for me and will use it in the garden at home as a sun bed – the textures are super sweet. Right beside this is a stay at home gift of a floating drinks dispenser – also V.Lovely ! I did also notice a hunt is happening until the 22nd May – each store on the sim has 2 crisp packets out to find, more info about it on the sign in the entrance to Breaux Willow – I found the prizes in Granola which was a sweet child’s outfit and a wearable puppet – the stores are primarily child orientated with some adult items in the mix.

Breaux Willow

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Impatient Me.


Nommy bunnies in a basket.  I was so impatient to get my paws on this that even though Noel Rhyann Deluxe is still doing the finishing touches to her shop, Little Closet, I actually dropped her a note because the Group Gift giver wasn’t working and so sweetly she’s sent me a copy and hopefully the board has been fixed because this is such a lovely decor item.  You may still want to wait a day or so or pop over and grab this but make a note to come back because soon there will be a Dollarbie set out for all and it’s a Piglet in Wellies and it’s adorable.

Have to admit I almost walked out as soon as I walked in as this is a children s clothing shop and basically I know nothing about AV children s shapes and clothing but what I do know is quality.  The clothes are just so adorable and such good quality.  They’re not too sickly sweet or adult clothes that have just been sized down they’re smart and cute boys and girls clothes.

However and it just goes to show that you should never dismiss a shop even if it doesn’t sell something you think you would be interested in because she has a Gachas out with  some adorable items in including a child sized trike which would be perfect as an item of decor even for a non child home.

When you’ve finished ooing and ahhing over the cute clothes pop outside because Little Closet shares a platform with another shop I won’t say too much because I’ve actually got a number of items already from this shop so it’s time to get them blogged but since I know you will be going over to check out Little Closet you may have well check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Little Closet

Little Closet Marketplace.