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Pumpkin Patch.

pumpI was searching around for a place to take photos of a  new cheap outfit when I stumbled on The Royal Crown Pumpkin Patch and it was so lovely I threw away the piece of clothing I was going to write about and threw on one of my fav !gO outfits (a lovely baggy mesh pair of dungarees).  A small island in the middle of the sim with a couple of shops, Petitie Bowtique, with some seriously cute items in especially for children but also some home decor items. The whole sim is themed around Autumn with oodles of lovely top class sitting areas, tents, food stands, ponds etc from some of the best shops in SL so if you want to hang out with friends or a loved one or even just sit alone and enjoy the place then come here.

shoesNow check out these gorgeous sneakers/trainers and so so pretty.  Not only do they come with a size rezzzer but a price tag of only 10Lds!! WOAH  I picked them up from the Marketplace and only bought the one pair because although the picture looked good I didn’t think they would actually be as good as they looked but they are excellent.  Mesh and a variety of colours so I’m going back and buying them all.  There are also some lovely Dollarbie tops which I would have worn (no they weren’t the cheap tat either LOL) but they’re mesh and drapey so didn’t fit under my dungarees.

Royal Pumpkin Patch

Skull Candy (Marketplace for the sneakers)


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I have a Boo

Boo - light- mesh toddler NEW!

I’ve done a lot of things in Second Life, but only once for a few hours have I experienced it as a child. I’ve been curious, what can you do? Where can you go? What is the world like when you’re so small ! When a notice came out in one of the blogger groups I’m in about trying a mesh toddler, I was in ! I went over to  ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes and took a look at the range of “cuties” and loved this one called Boo, I choose the light version, there is also tan. For the more adventurous there are coloured & drow types too! Sooo…I tried it all on, a really simple procedure for such a big change…alpha on and add full body mesh toddler, voila! In the pack is a diaper to get you started, eyes, and three heights of shape. I scoured this all over, and found it to be well made, I especially loved the chubby knees, the face is such a peach, how can you not fall in love with it ❤ I used a hair from D!VA and resized it very easily.  Btw, their hairs have such an innocent style to them, I loved how they looked.

Boo light toddler - wearing star coverall complete outfit

My next quest was to find some clothing. After epically failing to see three sections of clothing behind me whilst perusing the avatars at  ND/MD (doh) I headed back and snapped up this natty little set for just 79L…bargain deal ! Mesh clogs,hair & bows and of course the adorable overalls – the hair im wearing in the last photo is one that came with this outfit. I nabbed myself a free childs AO from the market place and I was ready to roll.

ND-MD  -   Skins & shapes - Boo light mesh toddler NEW!

I utilised the search bar and used terms such a “Kids,children,play park” and found oooodles of fun places to hang out. Boogers store had some totally lovely play items & furniture to fool about on…and the many parks I visited were well stocked with swings, slides for child av’s of all sizes. It felt different being a child, everything seemed MASSIVE ! I did find that most of my adult poses for blogging were fine for this size child, although some werent wholly appropriate, I snooped the market place and there are sooo many child & family pose stores now, well worth a gander. Thanks for letting me try this out Alea !

 ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes

Free childs AO


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Everythings Gone Pop or Adopt A Noob

Rummaging through my invent I came across my Popart folder and in this folder is enough furniture to furnish 3 houses and fully stock a Yardsale and yet if I sat down and added up how much that lot cost it would have probably all come to the same price as my best pair of shoes and the reason why is because this stuff is CHEAP.  If I told you that most things are priced at 1ld, 5ld or 10ld (and a few more at 30lds etc) then your going to think high primed carp but you will be so wrong.  As good a quality as I’ve seen in a lot of shops that charge a heck of a lot more.  This is an example of their quality. The bed is 20lds, curtains 10 lds, plant 10lds and a rather nice mirror 1ld so total cost is a massive 41lds! They have everything from naughty menu driven beds to showers to outside furniture, kids rooms and I am particularly impressed with their artwork, one seriously ass kicking David Bowie picture.  The furniture is in 3 shops next to each other and don’t forget to check out the garden stuff behind one of them.

So now you’re wondering why am I posed in the nuddie with nothing but bubbles and a smile (you have to admit it will have caught your attention) it’s because much to my JOY the lovely Fionna Cale has added to her portfolio of household goods, skins, shoes, dresses, hair and on and on and LOADS of Mesh items priced of course from as little as 1ld to 30lds.  Check out this dress it’s so cute, a hippy smock lovely texture. Everything I tried on I loved and although the clothes do not come with Demos at those prices they ARE demo prices but you just get to keep them.  Although I loved the bags I snagged for this particular outfit I chose a bag I found quite recently because I just thought it suited it better but the bags she has are cute!

Now as a hardened SL shopper and Fashion Victim I will be honest and I’m not keeping everything I bought but this is mainly because I have either so many copies of the same thing or maybe something with a texture I prefer but I am keeping such a lot of it but the Adopt a Noob bit is you must LM this place and at their  prices you could be so sweet and treat a poor Ruthie to a compete make over (only a shame there isn’t a Free AO) and they will thank you so much and I bet if they remain in SL in a couple of years like me they will still have PopArt items in their invent.

U.One Mode (Pop Clothes)

PopArt Furniture